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Force Credits

Hey i was wondering if you can force credits with Levelasm after beating a level cause when i use the OW thing it doesn't work for some odd reason.
The level that displays the end sequences only work if you beat a boss in that level (Reznor, Koopa Kids, Bowser, etc.). Have you tried that?
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Hmmm well is there anyway you could make it play after you get the goal?
Sure just use this LevelASM Code and set the End Sequence event in the OW Editor to the level
	LDA $1497
	BEQ Return
	DEC $13C6

If you wondering what $13C6 is.
Originally posted by RAM Map
$7E:13C6 | 1 byte | Misc. | Used by SMW's cutscenes. It's from 1-8 and go in the order of the boss battles, e.g. 01 = Iggy's castle, 02 = Morton's castle and 08 = Credits</pre>

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