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World Community Grid - SMWC Team: 7 years of processing

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Team Page & Statistics

Ever wanted to do something good for the world, but would rather sit on your computer chair all day than go out and volunteer or donate money to charities (who end up taking large percentages anyways)? Well, now you can: With the BOINC Manager and the World Community Grid, you can download and install the program, and (at a low priority) it will utilize unused CPU cycles to perform processing and calculations that assist scientists in doing their work to cure diseases such as muscular dystrophy, cancer, and AIDS.

Large distributed network grids such as these are more effective and less costly than using large super computers, by spreading out the processing to be done among thousands, or millions, of computers.

I've been using it so far, and it's pretty good. Since it runs at a low priority, it doesn't hamper any of my activities (though if I needed to, I could suspend processing, or change max CPU usage while the computer is in use or idle).

More info here and in the menus:
Wiki article:

The World Community Grid keeps track of how much processing you've done, and allows for "teams". As such, I've created a team for SMWC, and you can join and register here:

Note that registration requires e-mail.

Date (23:59:59 UTC)Total Run Time (y:d:h:m:s)MilestoneRank
7/9/100:010:02:38:0710 days(#20,089)
7/23/100:025:15:21:5525 days(#18,275)
8/1/100:052:01:04:4650 days(#16,450)
8/10/100:075:21:13:4275 days(#15,369)
8/23/100:100:19:43:44100 days(#14,420)
9/10/100:150:09:23:34150 days(#13,012)
10/4/100:200:06:37:29200 days(#11,965)
10/28/100:252:07:54:20250 days(#11,170)
11/22/100:304:13:00:01300 days(#10,511)
12/20/101:003:11:19:051 year(#9,861)
5/28/112:000:03:41:142 years(#7,589)
11/8/113:002:04:05:043 years(#6,400)
8/15/124:000:01:27:394 years(#5,965)
3/12/135:061:14:50:515 years(#5,448)
4/15/136:003:03:40:496 years(#4,985)
5/21/137:016:00:59:42 7 years(#4,566)

I'd like to be a totalitarian ruler a la Big Brother/Stalin/Palpatine/Lotso, but if i had to save the world...
Yes, that seems to be a pretty good idea. I guess i'll support this.
i just lurk sometimes
Seems like a good idea. I'm not an outspoken human rights activist, however I would honestly like to see an end of these diseases that plague our world. Cancer being one of them.

*Signs up, and joins team.*
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I for one like this idea *signs up also*

Yay! *signs up like the above*
This does seem like a good thing, it would be nice to help fight horrible things like cancer, AIDs, and parcinsons.
Yay I finally got a layout! I feel like I am officially a member now, so this being the case, I don't know to much about chocolate hacks, but feel free to let me beta test any vanilla hacks.
Yeah, it's cool to have your computer do processing and such for the sake of science.

As for the SMWC team, statistics can be found here:

or alternatively here:

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
Hate to seem negative, but I installed the BOINC download manager on our family computer about a year ago, and it fried it. I can't bring myself to trust it on my own computer.
Never had nor heard of such problems. If the processing was too much, you could always lower the max CPU usage, but whatever, it's fine.

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
I'm a little skeptical--not about the motive, but about the product. I might try it on this computer, though, since it's old and is only used for essays and gaming.

I might try this.
It won't work I get an error. I really wanna sign up! #w{:<}

EDIT: NVM I got it.

EDIT2: Im running it on a laptop so it doesn't get much time out of it. Until I can use my home computer I'm dropping out.
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by Ultimaximus
Never had nor heard of such problems. If the processing was too much, you could always lower the max CPU usage, but whatever, it's fine.

Not that, it was a brand new PC with significant processor. It just broke down and had to be replaced entirely.

But eh, it's just my distrust, it shouldn't stop everyone else.
Since I explained the whole thing to Leod in greater detail than I did here, I thought it might do good to post the logs here:

And with that, the team ought to have it's 13th member. 15 days of processing has just been reached, I look forward to more.

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
Yea, I had my sleep now :>

Anyways, I guess I'll let it run while I use the PC too, because I don't notice any slowdown etc. right now where it still runs.

I've even set it's max CPU usage higher and I still notice nothing.
That may be because I don't use any CPU extensive (Right word?) programms, so meh.
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Most fast PCs have loud fans and their CPUs get hot: I wouldn't recommend running it on them.

My PC is loud, and my other PCs are either too old to run this or too slow.
layouts suck
I took a closer look at the statistics, and noticed that I have performed a disproportional 12 days of processing out of the total 16 days that SMWC has. Looking further, I see that only 5 members have been counted as having done processing. So this either means that computation is either turned off, either due to a bug, manual selection, not running at start-up, or a laptop on batteries, or the statistics have been failed to be reported, due to long term internet disconnection starting as soon as the client was installed, which I doubt.

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
Harhar, 2 days of processing, 2 and a half days after I downloaded it :>
Your layout has been removed.
Well normally I'd silently edit the topic title or something. But I can't. And I think this is worthy of a post anyways.

We just passed 100 days of processing! Woo for milestones and such.

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
Haha, I totally forgot I had this thing installed but have the highest runtime.
Your layout has been removed.
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