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A Block's Life (Starting from scratch)


Welcome to my thread dudes and dudettes! I'm here to present my latest creation within Super Mario World-modification technology to you, A Block's Life!

First of all I'll present this guy

Now you are probably thinking "Thats not a guy, its a regular block", The answer to that is no. This is the actual player you can controll, ain't that something!... This block guy has no spesific name, call him whatever you want and he'll for sure be very happy. Ok, enough non-sense.

The BG story is quite simple and it goes something like this:

Once upon a time there was a tiny block who struggled to be like his brother and sister blocks. Every single day he watched them collecting huge amounts of coins to keep in their bellys (you see blocks loves the taste of pure gold). The little fella wanted so bad to join them but he couldn't, or in other words, he couldn't reach most of the coins. The hight of his jumps wasn't at the level as theirs. One day he got real tired and annoyed, so he started a journey searching for coins close to the ground all alone. Miles after miles he traveled, few coins he found, but courage he got, he continued...

Hehe, and I said " enough non-sense" earlier, should wrote it here tbh! I don't focus much on the story in this prosject, I just want it to be enjoyable eyecandy.

The title "A block's life" is inspired by the old Pixar movie "A bug's life". The style of the hack is inspired by SMW2 Yoshis Island. I've drawn most of the graphics myslef, but I've still used some strawberry stuff. The music is only from Yoshis Island (Special tnx to Jimmy for amazing ports). I've changed the physics of jumping (shorter jumps) and big/super mario (has 16x16 interaction field now). I've also removed the whole status bar, that means you can't store powerups and the track of lives, time, coins, yoshicoins and bonus stars are all gone.

oh, now comes the part of the thread you all likes most, the show off part!

1) The overworld map is more like an option menu now, it still need
some more decoration. The cursor (mario) is foating up at down.

2) A picture of the first level which I actually posted a while ago in
the S&V thread. Tnx alot for the positive feedback I got!

3) Water area. All the bubbles you see is a graphic change of the
ghost celling. I got the idea from Raocow actually.

Thats about all I want to tell and show for now, I'll post a video of the first level very soon. Otherwise, I hope you liked what you just read and saw. I'll try my best to keep you updated on this prosject.

True opinions and are "most wanted" at this point!
This... is... AMAZING!!! Nice use of your 300th post by the way. =D

Like the overworld idea and the graphics are amazing!

Edit: General Echidna, damn you, you've exposed me to real ultimate power!!!
Wow if I saw the screens only this would look like it was Gamer Maker or a Multi Media Fusion game but seriously great job on the graphics.

I have to ask though do some of the bubbles hurt you? If so is there anything explaining why?

One thing I have to complain about though is that the giant turn and used block's shading doesn't really match the rest so they don't look like they fit as well.
How creative! Playing as a turn block!

I love the detailed graphics style, it doesn't even look like SNES graphics, it looks... beyond...

By the way, on the OW, it says "1-1", then "2-1", then "3-1", then "4-1". Shouldn't the numbers be switched around?
Your layout has been removed.
Using a block as a main character sure is a strange idea, and it might take a while to get used to it in-game, but that idea looks very well executed. So far I'm absolutely loving every screenshot you showed. Your graphical style is pretty impressing - the original graphics, together with the lack of a status bar, almost makes me forget this is an SNES game. It's always nice to see something different.

This might be one of the few hack I'm actually looking forawrd to. Keep up the great work. :)


What you've shown here looks fantastic. The graphics look top-notch.

Playing as a turn block is a very creative idea. I also love the new OW map. Really reminds me of Yoshi's Island level selection screen.

I only check out around 10% of hack threads, and I'm only impressed by around 5%. This is definitely one that caught my interest. Keep it up!
Impressed! This beats Azure Chaotic. It's amazing how this is SMW! Remember to focus on the Level Design.
this looks really good ! the idea, overworld and graphics are all great ! i'll definitively download this when i can ! #w{=)}

Anyway Jizz jokes aside this looks pretty awesome! It doesnot even look like a SMW hack. I hope you keep going with this idea. I hope no-one steals the baisic idea and changes it to like a used turn block...however that could make a good sequel... B)

Great Work.
More things I noticed:

1. Underwater palattes? I feel like this is a sonic game.

2. Yoshi's house birds? (in 1st shot) Neat. Just don't spam them. (Doubt you would)

3. The mid-ledge in the first shot: See how it's in front of the other ledge? There's no line showing this, unless it's one of those "lege-in-ground" things. You may want to X flip the side tiles if not.

Don't worry, Master S. I just got ninji'd, too. [url="> Adam= Stuff you don't want to know.
Earn 250 mb more DropBox free space! When SMWC was down...
Heh, I think everyone gets ninja'd at sometime on 'ere. I wish I could draw graphics like that though...

You have officially impressed me.

Some real nice work you have there.
You may want to incorporate this into the story:

Originally posted by Super Mario Bros. instruction booklet
One day the kingdom of the peaceful mushroom people was invaded by the
Koopa, a tribe of turtles famous for their black magic. The quiet, peace-loving
Mushroom People were turned into mere stones, bricks and even field horse-
hair plants, and the Mushroom Kingdom fell into ruin.

This is Nintendo's explanation for the blocks actually being alive.


Originally posted by Super Mario Bros. instruction booklet
Mario's Friends
If you come across mushrooms who have been turned
into bricks or made invisible, they reward you by
giving you a power boost. With each boost Mario
changes into a different, more powerful Mario, as
shown below.

This explains the prizes that come out from some of the blocks.

Originally posted by Master S
Heh, I think everyone gets ninja'd at sometime on 'ere.


As I said, remember to focus on the level design.

Oh my lord. This is just simply amazing.
This doesn't look anything like SMW anymore! This looks like a complete original game! At first I thought this was made with Gamemaker or something!

You sir, just won.
Nothing to put here at the time being.
Thanks to Tom Servo for the awesome new layout!
I really like this hack. It's unique, and I really think the overall idea of this hack is pretty nice. Those graphics seem more fitting for the wii! It's good to see a hack now and again without a generic story of mario finding the princess. I think a cool idea for a boss would be fighting mario XD.
I've realized this was outdated.
Wow, hands down the best graphics on a hack I've ever seen. I can beta-test if you want me to.
You know me if you know me.
This looks GREAT!!! As an idea, I think you should put coins right out of the block's reach as a joke. The block would be sad #w{=P}
Finally got a layout :D!
WOW! #w{O.O} This has got to be the FIRST EVER hack I've seen where the playable character is a Turn Block. Those graphics are outstanding and the OW looks awesome! #w{=D}

The only thing I see wrong are the level numbers on the OW screen as WYE has mentioned. Shouldn't it be 1-1 1-2 1-3 etc...

And also, BEST 300TH POST EVER! #w{=D}

Definitely gonna be watching this hack!