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Poll: Does waluigi deserve his own game?
Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - Poll: Does waluigi deserve his own game?
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Just a poll asking whether or not you think the Mario series character waluigi deserves his own game. A lot of people think he does, I just want to know what smw central users think.

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I do think that.

I was even making a hack about him: Waluigi Land, but got cancelled.

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His own game? No. He hasn't had enough time in any game yet for him to have his own character-defining title. It'd be like making Super Birdo World or New Super Mouser Bros. However, his own spot in one of the platformers or RPGs I think would be great and would then open the doorway for his own exclusive title.
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
I guess it would be nice, but I don't think it will happen, I don't think Waluigi is not one of nintendo's most popular characters.

Actualy there's someone making a hack about Waluigi named "Waluigi's search for the 7 golden coins" or something like that, but it allways ends up in the removal log.
not a bit.

ehh... from what i remember about Waluigi...

...oh wait, all i know is that he's Wario's brother.
There doesn't seem to be any abilities that he has. And it would be repetitive just to have him playing as Mario (Or Wario, for that matter), and there doesn't seem to be any story behind him (Examples of what i mean:

Mario-Plumber that saves Princess Peach from Bowser
Luigi-Mario's brother that pretty much follows Mario
Wario-Treasure hunter/lover/what ever he is involved with treasure

oops, forgot to)

I would say...Probably not.
not his own game, but part of one, like the next new super mario bros or super smash bros. also, it isn't actually confirmed that he's wario's brother.
Shouldn't this be a sigpoll

I don't think so, I mean Wario is a Great anti Mario, but I think Waluigi has no personality, and shouldn't they make more games about Luigi first before thinking about that?
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
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I think he does. hes been in soo many mario games he deserves his own!
Looks like Capitan Hook;
walks like an idiot;
his jump is awkward;
he's too large and too tall;
he's thin and weak...

Probably the reason whereby Nintendo didn't make any game with him as main character. Maybe they'll do Wario as main character, and Waluigi as second playable character, but no one will have fun playing with someone like Waluigi (:/

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I think there'd be a lot of potential to put Wario and Waluigi in an RPG similar to the Mario and Luigi series, but if I recall, Miyamoto and a lot of people at Nintendo aren't too fond of him, and see him just as a filler for sports games and whatnot. Dunno, even though I'm not a huge fan of Waluigi, the RPG games have generally done a great job of expanding even Mario characters, (i.e. Bowser in BiS) so I wouldn't mind seeing it happen.
Hmm.. It could happen, but I don't see Waluigi as side-scroller material. Basing off of Mario Party 3's "Waluigi Island" I think it's safe to say that waluigi can build and/or invent stuff. therefore it could end up as a Puzzle game or something, which I don't think many would be fond of.
Nintendo really needs to expand Waluigi's character first before trying to make a game offa him. Like ST said, they could throw him in an RPG with wario or something.
I actually don't think that Waluigi would have an own game, but, as Supertails said, a Wario/Waluigi RPG doesn't have small chances to be produced.

Now I need to change my old avatar. Or not.

Waluigi isn't even Nintendo's own creation.
I wouldn't exactly want to play a game where you play as Waluigi. It's just not going happen...
Waluigi was just made as a doubles partner for Wario so that Mario Tennis on Nintendo 64 could happen.

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I'll be away from the 24th of July for a about a week.

Waluigi was never in a non-sports/party game; he's barely canon. I think they should focus on Luigi more first.

No character or personality? Why can't the new game 'give' him one? Let him rise up to something more than just a filler. (As long as it's anyone but that wretched Birdo who get's their own game)

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I'd like to see a game starring Waluigi, but I don't think he's popular enough to have his own title, since people would rather buy a game featuring a familiar character than a game featuring some random purple guy.
He was originally made as a filler for the Mario Party and Sports games. That being said, no...
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In my opnion it would be interesting to see Waluigi in his own game. However he hasnt really made it into any proper mario games. I wish he was in brawl though as it would shed some light on him.
I wouldn't say he deserves his own game but maybe a game alongside Wario. Both of them are considered enemies of Mario (Wario) and Luigi (Waluigi).

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