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Disable the movement of Mushroom

Hey SMW central =)

Could I ask you guys how to disable the movement of mushroom?
I know that it has something to do with hex editing (I'm not a hex editing n00b so don't worry lolz).

I've been looking through the Rom Map for a while but I couldn't find the answer.

It would be awesome if you guys could answer this question :)

Thanks ppl! =D
Open translhextion, press CTRL+G then type this address: x0C62E

Then change that to: EA

Not sure why that's not on the ROM map.
Originally posted by everest700

Nonono, that'll screw up some other RAM. Not a good idea. Put 80 09 there instead.
Edit: Wait, I misread that. Instead of increasing an unrelated address, it'll jump to an invalid address. Still not a good idea.
Put EA EA EA at x0C62E instead. That should block all vertical and horizontal movements.
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Okay thnx for the reply :)

And how would I enable it?
Yeah.. I actually wanna enable the movement...
my bad :'(
Change the hex edit back to what it was before to restore the movement.