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What are you playing?
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I'm surprised there's no thread for this already (I saw a similar thread a long time ago, but users would just list games).

Similar to "What are you listening to?" in the TV/Music/Movies forum, talk about any game, new or old, that you're currently playing. Of course, don't just list the game. Share your opinions on it and whatnot.

Obviously, I'll start:
Game: Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space
Platform: Wii

This is an old-school-styled point and click adventure game, similar to the ones of the early 90's. Originally, Sam and Max come out as episodic games broken into "seasons", with around 5 playable episodes released periodically. I prefer to wait for the Wii releases, which contain all the episodes from the season to play at once.

Overall, I'm enjoying this compilation. It's a tad on the easy side, and the humor can be pretty random, but this is one of my favorite game genres.
Sin and Punishment: Star Successor
Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Tales of Symphonia
Super Street Fighter IV

And I just beat Muramasa. Will be playing Arc Rise Fantasia and probably Dragon Quest IX soon.
Game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Console: Wii

It sure is fun to turn on your Wii only to find that your Brawl data has become corrupt and you have to do everything all over again.

Well at first I was pissed off, but I am actually having more fun with the game now than I ever had playing it when it was 100% completed. It really makes me want to do more than just random fights since I actually will gain something from doing other things rather than just playing them for nothing.

I'm also going through Metroid Prime at the moment, and afterwords I'll probably be going through a Harvest Moon game (Either Magical Melody or DS).

Follow me on Hermitscape for random bits of game design talk and pixel art, or even request something for me to draw.
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Yoshi's Story. I just beat it. It's for the N64 and is DEFINITELY an under-rated game.
For SNES: Chrono Trigger, I am about to start it, Anonimato recommended that game...

For PS1: Metal Gear Solid VR Mission (HELL YEAH!!) Completing it yet another time.

For PS2: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Completing it 100% (Currently 88%)

For DS: Trauma Center Under The Knife 2, Obtainig XS Rank

For Xbox 360: Assasin Creed 2, Completing the story

For PC: Touhou 12.3 Hisoutensoku & Touhou 9.5 Shoot The Bullet

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I Fell Alive Again!
Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside story.

You know its a kazio hack when theres munchers involed

Originally posted by MasterMario96
Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside story.

Originally posted by Jacob
Share your opinions on it and whatnot.


Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Console: GameCube

I'm rather enjoying this so far. I'm up to Chapter 6, and while it seems to be easier then I expected (I used to have problems in Chapter 1, but then again, I used to suck at video games), I really like the plot despite I'm starting to get to a point where I'm getting sick of text-heavy video games. I'm finding it to be really fun with all the stuff you can do between chapters.

... A certain female partner rather disturbs me, however.

Good fucking bye.
This should really be stickied.

Currently playing Okami. I started it back in January, but only got about 2-3 hours in before I sort of lost interest. I recently picked it up again, and damn .. it really is a very fun game once you get over the iffy controls. The art style is amazing - it's like you're playing in a painting - and the gameplay is great. It's loads of fun.
Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Console: GameCube

I'm rather enjoying this so far. I'm up to Chapter 6, and while it seems to be easier then I expected (I used to have problems in Chapter 1, but then again, I used to suck at video games), I really like the plot despite I'm starting to get to a point where I'm getting sick of text-heavy video games. I'm finding it to be really fun with all the stuff you can do between chapters.

... A certain female partner rather disturbs me, however.

Let me guess, Ms. Mowz?

As for what I'm playing right now, Super Mario Kart, since I somehow lost all my data, and I'm trying to get all of the gold trophies again as a result.
I'm currently trying to beat Touhou 8 on Normal, but so far it's been boiling down to this: if Marisa doesn't destroy me with "Master Spark" and "Milky Way," then Reisen utterly annihilates me with "Red-eyed Hypnosis" and "Idling Wave." It's rather annoying since I can actually beat Eirin's attacks with half as much effort (save for "Astronomical Entombing...which I can't even beat consistently on easy...). Now if I could only get that far...

At least the awesome music prevents any sort of frustration...even after you've failed and restarted an attack 38 consecutive times.
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.

I am not currently playing anything.

Beginning of april I was playing Final fantasy 13 on the 360, halfway through april i was rushing with my hack for c3, so I didnt play any other games, and in may my life started to pick up, so i went out a lot more and spent time with a certain person a lot, and now I am just trying to fix things that i've fucked up, no real time for games...despite the fact that i've been moping around doing nothing all day for the past 15 days...

Oh wait, i lied, i got bioshock 2 about 2 weeks ago, spent 3 days on it, beat it, back to moping.

Bioshock two was a special exception because bioshock 1 is one of my favorite games.

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
NSMB Wii - actually, I played through the first two worlds a few months back and then just stopped playing it (I blame Oblivion for that). Picked it back up yesterday, up to world 8 now, and have to say I'm enjoying it.

Mega Man 9 - just downloaded this for the Wii yesterday (finally). It's so good to see the "Blue Bomber" back in 8-bit.

Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - started playing this during downtime at the studio just recently, and it rather surprised me. It's actually not that bad of a Zelda game, though I really do despise the restricting GameBoy controls regarding the constant menu/item swaps.

There's a number of other games I'm in the middle of, but I wouldn't say I'm currently playing them, so....
Right now I'm Playing Chrono Trigger. I beat the DS one, but this game seriously calls for several playthroughs. I'm doing a New Game+ on the DS one, and Playing through the SNES one at the same time.
Seriously I can't believe such an amazing RPG has eluded me for so long.

I'm also thinking of playing through Paper Mario TTYD again, but the last time i played through it wasn't too long ago, so meh.
Interesting how there's the TTYD discussion, since I just beat it a few days ago. Yeah, it's a great game. I love how a lot of the chapters put interesting spins on things (3 and 6 especially stand out) and there are so many sidequests too. I was able to beat Bonetail before Chapter 6 pretty easily.

Now though, I've started what'll probably be my next obsession for a long time: Ace Attorney!

Seriously, I downloaded the first Phoenix Wright for WiiWare and am completely loving it. (on the third turnabout right now) The greatest thing is, I have like four more games to play after this, and haven't really found out any spoilers. It's awesome to finally have some real surprises, and it's got me hooked.
Street Fighter IV

on Steam, good thing I got it when it was "on sale"

I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
Kid Chameleon

Genesis/Mega Drive/Virtual Console

I decided to have another go at this game which I played years back as a kid and damn it hasn't lost it's charm. The levels are great platforming and there are so many paths you can go through to get to the end every playthrough will be different. I also love the graphics for it, they're 16-bit and look pretty nice for a 2d game. The music also suits each level and never frustrates you. And there are so many secrets you'll never find them all.
Megaman Zero Collection, DS: I've never played these megaman games before till now. I find the missions very challenging, and the plot is very in-depth throughout the series. There's also plenty of unlockables to find too. This will probably keep me going for ages.

Sonic Advance 3, GBA: Just recently started playing this again. I actually think this one of the better 2d sonic games. It has varied level design, challenging bosses, and a great soundtrack for a GBA game.

Originally posted by Luigi-San
Let me guess, Ms. Mowz?

Erm, no. I haven't even gotten around to getting her on my team yet.

Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by kirbyeatsbomberman
Kid Chameleon

Genesis/Mega Drive/Virtual Console

That game is still, IMO, the single greatest platformer ever made. Man, I played that game days on end as a kid and just never grew bored of it. I remember having to make level route charts because of the countless different routes to the end. I have it for Genesis, and also have a ROM for it floating around somewhere, though I've been meaning to download it on Virtual Console. (Hmm, I should do that right now)
Rock Band 2


I have just bought "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" on the music store and it's a very fun song to play on Guitar. There are 3 Guitar solos. The final one is the longest lasting a whopping 5 MINUTES. I have been loving this game since I got it and can't wait for RB3 to come out! #w{=D}
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