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What are you playing?
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New Super Mario Bros DS

Because my friend's younger brother accidently erased my 100% save file by copying my other one which was up to World 5. Now I have to play the whole thing again. #w{>=(}

I can't believe that I still remember this place.
Metroid zero mission

I just managed to complete the game without the long and wave beams, the screw attack, speed boost, hi-jump and varia suit (which you somehow get with the gravity suit if you don't). I could've skipped Imago and I skipped the 2 larvae. I fought Ridley before Kraid.

I generally tried to be the minimalist and skip stuff (other than Missile/E tanks) and it was really fun. It is also a good time to practice infinite bomb jumping and single walljumping (for escaping Tourian especially).
Spent today playing Earthworm Jim HD on the PS3. From what I can tell it seems mostly to be a HD remake of the Windows '95 Special Edition of the wacky platformer/shooter, just with three new bonus stages and without the Big Bruty stage #w{=(}. I played it on Normal Difficulty which went okay until the last stage which had it's unfair moments, but then it's the last stage so ehh. I dunno though, it was fun and nostalgiarific to play, but I feel so... unsatisfied. Maybe it's because I left the new bonus stages till last and the boss at the end of them is... just plain bad to say the least.

Ehh, maybe it's just because Earthworm Jim 2 was always my favourite, if they ever released a HD remake of that I'd be in love, but I'd rather they actually, finally made a new installment to the series.


Not blue.
On PC I've been playing The Elder Scrolls: Arena, using the DOSBOX emulator, quite interesting, still getting used to the mouse and keyboard combination since I haven't played many PC games.

On the Xbox 360, I've been playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, got this game for Christmas, awesome game, best RPG I have ever played. I like being a Breton, lots of magicka, I <3 the Thieves Guild quests.

I've been playing Killer Instinct 2 on an arcade emulator, I suck at it though...dunno why I still play I get lag.

I did play a bit of Soul Calibur IV on the 360, I have no idea why though, that game is crap...
I was playing Okami, which is like the greatest game ever. Took 37 hours to complete and it moved me with the story, graphics and gameplay. Everyone play it now.

Right now, after a recommendation from SNN, I've started Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. I haven't gotten very far, just left Luin to go to the next town which name escapes me. I need to start farming enemies to level up though because I'm playing sidequests and can't defeat enemies if my life depended on it ... I hope to evolve my familiars.
I'm currently playing a couple games, more then ever actually XD

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.
Fire Emblem: Radient Dawn.
Final Fantasy XIII.
Team Fortress 2.
Assassins Creed II: Downloadable content.

And I'm waiting for Metroid other M -_-
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

Toughing it through the Metroid Prime series on Veteran. Currently just entered Torvus Bog in Echoes, and I am dying far too much.

The ambient music everywhere is just wintastic though.
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - XBOX Live Arcade

I wasn't very optimistic about this game at first because of it being completely different to other Tomb Raider games but after seeing lots of positive reviews (89/100 on Metacritic right now) and playing the Trial version I just had to buy it. It's probably one of the best Lara Croft games I've ever played and it was my first Arcade purchase. I DON'T regret buying this, I'm having lots of fun playing GoL. Can't wait for the DLC and the online co-op! #w{=D}
I've been playing Mario Kart Wii a lot lately. Really fun game, but some of the items make me mad. Especially blue shells. If you're in first on the last lap, and you get hit by a blue shell, you will not finish first. It's a fact of life. But otherwise, really fun game. If you have it, PM me your FC and I'll PM you mine.
60% of the time, works every time.

Playing a few right now, but that's about it.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days

Some of the few S-RPGs I've played, and I love 'em. I started Disgaea1 over recently when I figured out I couldn't get the best ending because I had killed some of my allies. Now I know not to throw my prinnies. I started over once I made it to Episode 9 (out of 14), so I wasn't too angry.

Although the gameplay is essentially the exact same between the two games, they both FEEL very different. I think the music, differing art styles, and story have to do with it.

faithless pile of filth
Half Life 2: Episode 1
After playing Half Life 2 a lot I decided to buy the first and second episode. As in all the games, fantastic atmosphere and gameplay.
And I started playing Metroid Prime 3 on Hyper Mode a while ago, and picked it up again recently during the time I had no internet connection. I got to Rundas, and defeated him after a few tries.
I'm playing some good old Phantasy Star Online (on the GC).

Also, I started playing Luigi's Adventure - The lost levels (still annoyed I had to finish the way inferior OSE version of Luigi's adventure to play this).
Currently playing Dragon Quest IX for DS.

It's a pretty decent RPG. I've beaten the main story, but theres still a lot more to do. Tons of quests, treasure maps, alchemy...

I have over 40 hours playing it. :v

I got my friend to play it. I wanted to try the multiplayer option. I wonder how far he is...
Currently playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 and I have gotten 68 stars so far.
PS1: Legend of Dragoon
Heard from a friend that its a great and long game (I love long games). Started a month ago and somewhat taking a break but I intend to start it up again soon

Xbox 360: Battle Field Bad Company 2
Just a fun game to mess around with when I'm Bored

Wii: SSBB (of course)

SNES: Secret Of Mana
Had this game back when I first got a SNES way back (the good old days) and my brother took the system and games. Now that I have my own i stole the game back and am now playing it. SO EXCITED!!! Oh and also NBA JAMS I challenge my room mates all the time and beat them, so anyone who wants to challenge hit me up!!

Beatin it sooo many times....but I just cant stop.
I'm currently playing through Wario Land 2 on Gameboy Colour, I've got through the main game once. But I still have to find the secret levels, and the treasures too, so still loads for me to do yet.
As of late:

Chrono Trigger for the SNES - this is the ?fourth time I've started this game, and this time I intend to finally finish it.

Magical Chase for TurboGrafx16 - man, I just can't get enough of this game, it is just so much fun, and quite possibly one of the funnest games I've ever played. Normally, I don't enjoy shooters of any kind, but there's just something about this game - perhaps the fact that it's neither space-themed nor WWII-themed, like most shooters seem to be.
i'm playing smg2 at the moment, i've got 135 stars. and i also started a new game in pokemon mystery dungeon : explorers of darkness, but i used the action replay to make me and my partner ralts <3
I'm currently playing A Link To The Past since my snes broke. I'm not very far in it either :/

Working on a hack I probably won't even finish.
I'm playing Spark World for SNES

It's a great game for those who like Super Bomberman style games, it's good to play in the afternoons of boredom or so to pass the time

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