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(Brackets Up!) SSBB Tourney
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Please read all the posts. I said if you don't have an SD card I'll try to pair you up with someone who does. If that doesn't happen then I'll give out my Wii code.
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Question do we have to register all the friend codes in the list? Also, are we going to use a bracket, like this one? or just report the standings of the tourney here?

You only need to register the FC of the person you're fighting. We'll be using brackets.
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OK I wan't to ask you guys something. Right now I have 16 signups. Do you think I should add anymore or leave it at 16 and start?
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its up to you, i personally would wanna wait a little longer because of the mkwii tourney,
I agree with Omega, having two tournaments going on at once can be too hectic.
I actually just haven't joined yet because I'm waitng and making sure there aren't like 20 Meta knights and Pits. Though I wouldn't expect MetaKnight 3 to be anyone else. also i can't decide who I'm going to be since I play as lots of people.
I'm gonna join this, but I have to find mah friend code first.

Everyone should go to #radbusiness, my epic irc channel, RIGHT NOW!
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Taking ASM requests! PM me if ya want something, but don't ask for sprites.
Also please install Dropbox It'll help both you and me! :3

quizler, not everyone here is a pro, you shouldnt have to worry about what people use, just play good and youl kick ass.
Originally posted by omegazeroINFI
quizler, not everyone here is a pro, you shouldnt have to worry about what people use, just play good and youl kick ass.

Well the thing is that its not being pro with certain charcters it is just that some people spam the heck out of them as they are easily done, (another thing is the reflection of items) mind you being pro with them would mean more skill less spam and hiding in the corner and projectile spamming the screen as pit is a great example of that I suppose since, some people I've played against have done it and cheaply won the match.

Yeah, along with that I hate when people use Zelda just to run away and use the fireball attack over and over and over and over. Sure they are easy to dodge but did I mention the whole running away thing?
somebody does that to me, there is a simple way to deal with it depending on who you use, since im using falco, i could just spam the laser then be able to 1shot them then do the same they did to me,
if you dont have projectiles, iguess thats what items are for :/ oh well, nobody knows whats gonna happen, just do whatever you want to do in this tourney.
I agree with most everyone else, waiting would probably be a good idea, especially with the MKWii tourney going on. Besides, more people would mean a longer, more challenging tourney.
Well I joined this Tourney, might as well post there...

First off, I'm quite surprised everyone is mainly fussing about the items.
I'd be fussing about the all stages. Since WarioWare inc, some of the minigames can kill you.
And at JungleJapes and bib Blue, if you fall, more than 50% of the time, your KO'ed.
Also, about items.
As Riolu180 said, it takes real skill to use items correctly.
Same goes for avoiding them and countering them.
I used to love using them. I stopped using them, since other people on Wi-Fi wouldn't brawl me if I used them. Simple as that.
(sorry for bringing the topic of items up again though)
Another thing, I'm actually surprised that no one is arguing about MetaKnight being "broken."
I'd problably get Galaxia and teach them a lesson if they said MetaKnight was broken though...
I also agree that we wait till we fill up the bracket.
(Even though I am not involved in the MKW Tournament)
Plus it would seem a bit tedious if we had 2 at the time.
Not to mention some people are watching to make sure it's not full of *insert annoying character here.*
Although you should mostly be worrying about how good people are.
I personally am not really much of a pro. (My friends might beg to differ, seeing as they always end up beaten by me in our brawls)
(I can't remember what happened when me and MetaKnight3 brawled though..)
I also understand why you added the rule of the time-limit, seeing as how you want to see the replays.
However, I do not agree with us brawling in sudden death. (if we both had the same stock)
Especially since sometimes when me and my friends have played in sudden death, it has sometimes taken over 5 minutes for a bomb-omb to strike us.
I also see why you decided to not argue over spamming, seeing as many people could bring up a good argument.
However, in my opinion I hate it when people say that I can't brawl with you because you use MetaKnight.
You'll just spam the B button and whatnot.
I barly even use that attack.
In fact I just recently started using it a bit.
(but enough about spamming)
I just felt like my opinion should be heard. (freedom of speech and all)
If you have to complain about it, you are either weak against it or bad at it. What I have thought is that, yes items are cheap but again if you are bad enough at dodging that you get hit constantly by items, then you are just complaining to get an upper hand. A true skill based tourney isn't this, but I was pretty sure that it wasn't meant to show who is the best. I thought it was all in good fun. If you get angry about losing a match you should grow up. My rant is over, Good day.
Alright I'll keep entries open. Just make sure to get them in fast so we can start soon. I honestly thought we'd have all the entries in by now...
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As posts cannot currently be edited I'll be making new posts as a temp signup until they can be:

17 - Toad8642 - Lucas - 4897-6006-7204
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Ok, just remember to change me from ike to fire flower mario when you can.
Personal note for myself to remember to change t.h.y. to ike.
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you couldn't have written it down or saved it on notepad?
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