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Hack Removal: Mario's Quest

Hack Name: Mario's Quest
Length: 4 levels
Author: Darkness
This is My first major hack it consits of four levels.Keep in mind im not very good at this consider this before you judge. So with that said Enjoy !

There wasn't all too much to say about this hack. I was only able to access one new level, and it was only relatively lengthy as it was. The gameplay wasn't bad, but the palettes could use some improvement.

As I mentioned, I was unable to play all four of your levels. When I started the game, Mario started on this level; therefore, I missed any previous levels that could have been available.

I have no idea how this occurred. After I jumped on a Red Koopa, it jumped and managed to get stuck there. This was more than likely something that I managed to accidentally cause out of nowhere, but if you notice this happen to anyone else, please try to fix it.

Make sure that your ceilings are all solid tiles. As you can see here, I was able to jump through a corner piece of this ceiling, allowing me to sit on the flat areas of the ceiling.

The palette of that pipe is not appealing in any sense of the word. Adjust the palettes so that it fits with its environment.

This isn't a particularly important issue, but please put a solid dirt tile behind this slope so that I am unable to throw Goombas into it.

Extend the land here by one more horizontal tile so that it does not cause cutoff.

After the event plays for this level, it only reveals half of the level tile. If this still occurs after you fix your submap so that Mario starts at Yoshi's house (or the first level if you design a new map), please fix it.

And here is where the unique chain of levels stops.

Try to fix those problems that I pointed out, and we'll see how the other levels come out when you resubmit it.
Hack Name: Mario's Quest v1.5
Length: 4 levels
Author: Darkness submitted by Nao-kun
This is the full game all my errors are fixed plus there is a new castle level.So enjoy!

Throughout this version of your hack, there were not as many errors as last time; however, there were several problems that are still there from the last version that requires work.

As shown here, you still have to fix your submap. This prevents me from being able to fully play your hack; therefore, I cannot analyze your other levels. Also, that one event still cuts that Overworld tile in half.

Assuming this portion of the diagonal pipe is used as decoration, you may wish to replace it with a few walk-through tiles. I am able to stand in the pipe and jump, causing me to be "stuck" for a moment.

Despite having a palette, that pipe still looks somewhat ugly. I would advise fiddling with the palette in the center of the pipe until it gives a desired effect. You may wish to show your result to a friend and get an opinion.

You still have yet to fix this slope. Please adjust the slope you use so that items may not pass through it. There's also some cutoff where the slope object/tiles meet the dirt, so you will have to place the appropriate tiles to fix this cutoff.

At every corner of these floating land masses and similar structures, you used the incorrect corner tiles. Fix these by replacing them with the proper tiles that do not have dirt at the corners.

There is a solid tile on the bottom row of tiles that I am able to stand on here. You may wish to end this slope one Y position greater (one vertical row up) to prevent such an error from occurring.

It is somewhat strange that the concrete bar has layer priority. I would advise that you change their Map16 tiles so that they do not have layer priority over Mario.


Other than that, there isn't really much to say. I would love to have been able to play your hack fully, but the issue with your starting position prevents me to do so. Fix those errors, and we shall see how your other two levels turn out!