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I want to work on JV2 in private right now. I don't plan opening another thread for JV2. If you still want to follow JV2, follow the YT channel (
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@moltensnow: This is the GFX designing phase, so there are no levels yet, but if you want, I can make a titlescreen for it.
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THE HACK HAS BEGUN! Go to the site (on 2nd post) and I put up the plot. Title screen will be done in a couple of days!
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REAL VIDEO! I got video of Jerry and Rico posing their player actions. Go to link on Post 2!

(No posters? I hope I get some from this video.)
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if you want more activity in your thread you should probably post screenshots in this thread and not on the site your putting them on. just saying.
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@Maxwell: Maybe your right, and that gives me an idea. I will make videos of the level, and post screenshots here as a teaser to the video.
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Hey fans! We got a piture of the titlescreen here!

Nope this is the real deal, no video for this.
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*Title screen kind've bland

*Advises you to give it some shading

*Will do it for you if you cant/dont feel like it, will be whenever I fell like it.
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Ok I may add shading if I can.
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Another Update! We have here the intro screen. Its not very long. so here's a screenshot:

Once again, watch the whole thing at the site.
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Yay level 1 is here!

LEVEL: Let's Go!

Relates to Life: One train station was very old and was first to that town.


Once again, video is on site.
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The palette on the bricks are bad.

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wait what.

mockingod != moltensnow
It looks all right so far. However, there are some grammar issues in the introduction cutscene:

*in case

Other than that, which is nitpicky anyway (if I'm not infamous for that around here, I should be), it looks like a nice hack.
"Lip: A Fairy's Tale" project status: Slow (Visit the project thread here!)

Yes, you could say I like Osaka.
Laughs At Weebly

But Good Looking Hack! I Will Be Playing This When Finished!

Level: Baddy Arise

Relation: Wait at the train station


Door is fixed.
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*blows of lots of dist*

Here ya go after a long time!

Relation: Some kid tried to swipe my DS pen I left on the seat (can't blame him)


Remember, video is on site!
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I hope this will be much better than the first vacation with the plott and level design, the first one had the plot jump around alot and the levels were a little uncreative right after the first battle park level, anyway, as said, the title screen looks bland, I know youtried fixing it by adding two things to it, but still.
It's weird you have inclusive pronouns, but still only have the binary options for gender. Where is Non-Binary, Agender, etc? Not a gripe. Just curious lmao.
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Link Thread Closed