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Most helplessly underated game
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I have much to say on this subject since my top 3 favourite games were never sequeled because of bad ratings.

Does anyone else have any games they think are left to rot just because of its first impression?

What do you think?

Here is an Example:

Gotcha Force (NGC) : this is a game that astounded me the moment i picked it up, as most people call it "capcom's answer to Custom Robo".
This game is about a boy who finds a "toy" robot and this "toy" tells him that a bunch of other toy-like robots are coming to the earth to destroy it (or something along those lines).
Anyways the gameplay it's self is very "Deathmatch-y" but at an extremely high pase and with simple controls that will just get you hooked in seconds. The main theme of the game is to collect other robots to fight in your "force" and make friends to fight by your side (linear).
Anyways it was never sequeled due to it getting bad ratings, I dont understand this since it is by far one of the best capcom games out there and the best (imo) on the GameCube.

Here is a video of the intro and some gameplay

Whenever someone mentions "Most underrated game", I always think of Wario: Master of Disguise for DS. The game earned mixed reviews, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was mainly a platformer, but what set it apart from others was the ability to change Wario's forms, such as into an Astronaut and Dragon, by drawing corresponding symbols on the touch screen. Each form gave Wario different abilities which he could use to overcome various obstacles. This led to some very large, creative, and fun levels. They had plenty of puzzles in them, and they felt like a mix between typical platformer levels and RPG dungeons. Really cool stuff, in my opinion.

By the way, some of the music in the game was awesome. The final level music was particularly memorable.

I would agree, however, with critics' comments on the touch screen function not working properly. You had to draw the symbols very precisely in order for it to recognize them and turn Wario into the appropriate form. If there was ever a sequel or similar game, that'd be one thing I'd like to see improved.
Terranigma and Live-A-Live, both incredible SNES games that I found out about mostly because of sheer luck. Seriously, play them.
I have another Wario game to the list: Wario Land: Shake It!. It may have been short, but only if you just breeze through the game. Each level features a ton of replay value with three treasures to find and a certain amount of missions to complete ranging from "collect a certain amount of coins" to "don't get hurt" to even "don't defeat any enemies". Even disregarding the replayability, the level design is consistently fun and varied, the puzzles and gimmicks are pretty clever, the music is surprisingly good (This is one of my favorites), and the art style is absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorite games on the Wii, no doubt.
Zelda II. People don't like this game merely because it's really hard, and they usually can't even get past the 1st dungeon. Personally, I think it gets better as you go on, but holy crap, the last dungeon is REALLY difficult. Also, if you do beat it, I'd suggest playing it a second time, for you have all your spells, sword moves, and leveled up health, magic, and attack stats the second time around.
i'd say luigi's mansion. yeah, it was short, but it was fun whist it lasted.

Just about any shin megami tensei game aside from the persona games. Also, the two other games in the quintet's snes actionrpg trilogy deserve recognition: Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia (terranigma being the 3rd). Rocket: robot on wheels for n64, body snatchers and space station sillicon valley for n64 as well (both are made by dma designs, later rockstar north, the first being grand theft auto in a more straight action game, with less sandbox but still the vehicle elements, and the latter being grand theft auto in 3d platformer form). Also, wetrix for n64, one of the best puzzle games I have ever played. Lastly, Plok! for the snes, a fun and difficult platformer that probably got overlooked because it was in the great wave of awful mascot games (bubsy, for example).

Well, definitely Jet force Gemini. All the way. The gameplay was confusing, but that game was great, especially for seasoned gamers (like us, and I don't mean hardcore, just seasoned).

It's one of the only post-64 games Rareware made that is hardly even known. It has officially one of the best video game soundtracks of all time, next to Myst, Rayman and Chrono and stuff.

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Awesome video game music on my youtube channel

Post-64? It was on the n64. I guess it's pretty underrated, and I do wish that rare would give it the hd remake treatment (even though I don't have it) just so that it would be more popular. Anyway, that reminded me of blast corps. Also, most of the games that treasure has made. Yes, many of them are well-known, but they should still be more well-known than they are. If I try to talk to my friends about ikaruga, sin & punishment, radiant silvergun, or even gunstar heroes, I just get blank looks. They are a company that has been making great games for the hardcore gamer for a long time.

I say sonic unleashed was pretty underrated. For the first time, sega created a 3d sonic game with flawless fast sections yet it was shunned because people didn't fancy paced exploration in the werehog mode. What was the problem? The night stages added variety that worked and prolonged the game.
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Iggy's Reckin' Balls, anyone? Yes, it is a weird name, I know that. And this has nothing to do with Bowser's insane kid.

It had some interesting gameplay though. It was a 2.5D platforming racer where you played as various types of balls, such as a clown face, a sun, a robot, and more. In addition to simply rolling around and bouncing, you also had the ability to grapple with an arm/hook. This could be used for many purposes, primarily climbing up platform, but also for grabbing other players/enemies to smack them around and even toss them off course. Like any crazy type of racing game, there were also powerups in most stages, albeit it was mostly your typical projectiles, speed bursts, and other items that have become staples in Kart racers.

I liked this game because it had a rather unique feel. It was platforming, but not in the traditional sense that most gamers associate it with. The only thing I didn't really like were some of the characters and their voices, which got rather annoying and prevented me from playing several of them.

Originally posted by pxhaxor
i'd say luigi's mansion. yeah, it was short, but it was fun whist it lasted.


Also, Super Mario Sunshine anyone? I've heard some pretty harsh reviews for it in the past, but I think the game is near perfect, easily one of the best for the gamecube.

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I agree with SMS and Luigi's Mansion.


Super Paper Mario.

I always hear reviews and good things about the other ones, but really SPM was fun while it lasted.

Disaster: Day of Crisis.

It was a very good 3rd party action game, expecially for wii standards.
Too bad it didn't get ANY attention.

Zero Wing.

Sure this game get's a lot of attention with the story, but many people shut it off after the intro, which is sad, because it's not a bad game :/
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X was pretty good. It's a shame that it wasn't on sale in a lot of countries.
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Mario Slam BasketBall:

Great Graphics for the DS and also it had good controls. Hard to get in some games. Lastly the music was jizz-worthy...IMO.

Super Mario Bros 2:
Honestly its a great game but people are too bothered by the fact that it was doki doki...
Willow for the NES.

It's an action RPG kind of like Zelda 1 except a million times better.

It also has an amazing soundtrack (which I'll port to SMW some day, I swear!) that had gems like this.

I'd say Lemmings, which was a game of non-describable genre (part puzzle, part RTS, part platforming, more or less) game that was released on virtually every system known to man (over 40 systems total). The object of the game is simple: guide a group of anywhere from 10 to 100 green-haired rodents to a specified exit somewhere in the level. The main problem, however, is that the lemmings you're guiding are as dumb as a rock and will, as soon as they enter the level, promptly start walking off the nearest cliff, into a conveniently placed river, or under the nearby 10-ton weight. The other main problem is that you cannot control any of the lemmings directly. You have to instead use an array of eight skills, which are given to you in limited quantities at the beginning of each level, to give to the green-haired morons to provide a safe path to the exit. The skills are:

Floater, which will give the selected lemming a parasol to use to float down large cliffs (thereby preventing death by falling)

Climber, which will allow the selected lemming to scale vertical surfaces

Blocker, which will stop the selected lemming in its tracks, and stop any other lemmings from going past it

Bomber, which after a five second countdown, will cause the selected lemming to explode into a shower of confetti, leaving a small hole where it once stood.

Builder, which will cause the selected lemming to create a 12-step staircase to get across gaps

Basher, which will cause the selected lemming to dig horizontally until it hits open air or steel

Miner, which will cause the selected lemming to dig downwards and vertically until it hits the bottom of the terrain or steel

Digger, which will cause the selected lemming to dig straight down until it hits the bottom of the terrain or steel.

Not really a skill, but the Nuke button is the last option, which will turn every lemming in the level into a bomber, effectively creating one of the most hilarious restart buttons in video game history.

This game is pretty unique in that the only enemies in the entire game are the level designs, and some of them are really brutal. It also has some of the most unfairly catchy music in any game I've ever played. If you want to play the game, the only way you can get it 100% legally is to either buy an old DOS copy of it off of Ebay, or get a re-released version for the PSP (which sadly, removed nearly every one of those catchy tunes, but included a surprisingly advanced level editor). If you don't care about legality too much, you can download the SNES (or any other console) version (which is a pretty good choice since you'll have save states and such), you can download a free remade version that is 100% accurate to the original with a few added features and level editor support, you can play an online version that's buggy, slow, and only includes about a quarter of the levels (I'm not even sure if it still exists...), or you can download the old DOS version along with said level editor at a website that I can't give away for obvious reasons.

tl;dr, This game is awesome and deserves so much more love than it gets, and you can get it for virtually any system in existence (just don't get it for an 8-bit me on this one). Also, this:

I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
Ah yes, Lemmings.

I never did beat all of the levels in the original. I cleared every difficulty up to Taxing, and most of Mayhem. The game was quite fun up until then. Some of those levels were just really mean simply due to time limits. Others would purposely kill your Lemmings the moment they jumped out of the trapdoor. I believe I recall one level where the exit was located precisely between two flamethrower traps, and if your stairs were off by like one or two pixels, your Lemmings would get toasted instead of falling into the exit.

I also recall playing a clone version of Lemmings for some time called "newlem" I think. Basically the same game, except with somewhat altered terrain graphics, harder levels (Some of them actually seemed impossible), music based off of more contemporary stuff like No Doubt (it WAS made in the 90s).

The clone might've been removed from the internet though, there was supposedly some copyright infringement issue with Psygnosis.

Ah, I always loved Lemmings. I've still got the "Lemmings for Windows 95" and "Oh No! More Lemmings" somewhere. However, I could NEVER beat the first Mayhem level. It's just far too hard!

Also, there's a Browser version of Lemmings called DHTML Lemmings. Here's the link:
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