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Blue Flamingo

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yeah feel like a moron for not posting this here.

real quick GIANT thanks to Mockingod for making this thread work due to right now no quoting posts so he did that for me. thanks again

its been a while since my last update so figure i might as well, break the news to you guys. the hack Blue Flamingo is not cancel but somewhat being changed. this will no longer be a Exploration game and will go back to standard Super Mario style gameplay. also i might not have made this clear i hope i did. this hack is NOT vanilla it has hex edits asm blocks sprites music all that good stuff. the only thing making this hack different is the graphics will stay and remain vanilla(my view on vanilla) now enough talking about things some of you already know.
Level: 1-1
Music: Sonic CD some sonic i dont feel like looking up
Name: none yet
just your standard level 1-1 and this brings the mini marios into the game. ill explain them another time.

yeah its 1-1 not going to be that hard.

next still WIP
Level: 1
Music: World's end by Jascha or GammaProject
Name: Chucks mines.
yes i just reused the mines from the exploration part of the game. but added details new palette music and what knot.

Last again still WIP
Level: 1-3
Music: Lavender town i think
Name: WendLand wisp
This level has an emotion tie to me i made it while grieving over a friends death. its sad and something i dont like talking about much.

yeah kinda depressing to mention the story behind this level. also on a brighter note i have something to work on and YOU can help. see these?

yeah i want those gone. the bonus stars showing up when you beat a level and the score and time bonus showing up. i have seen it done so dont say I cant do it. but yeah any help on this would be great. well yeah this hack is looking better and better lets hope i can keep up this progression. oh and 200th post}
Looks good as usaul TYH. The pallettes are awesome and your current avatar is funny. Im sure Ive seen that guy before... ;)

2D11B	$05:CF1B	3 bytes	ASM	Change to EA EA EA and the player will receive no bonus stars at the end of the level.

2CE85	$05:CC85	1 byte	Misc.	Change to 00 to disable "Course Clear" from appearing.

Hope that helps. :P
Layout by LDA during C3.
u r copic4t litevani

Look at the end of your thread in hack discussion.

Oh, and the Minis are Keys.
There was a signature here.

It's gone now.
@1UPdudes thanks and that avatar might be in the hack im not all to sure yet.
@Lightvayne the HEX edit to remove the bonus stars at the end did not work for me. but im kinda horrible with HEX so it might just be that. thanks for your help regardless
@Shellface yeah the HEX thing i guess i was not clear what I was asking with it. and yes they are Keys just a simple edit that they player might never understand.

okay ill try and be more clear i think? im not to sure why that hex edit does not remove the bonus stars but oh well.

the things circled in blue i want to keep and in green i don't want to keep. if that helps

Go in transhelilationa dn "jump to" the stuff above. Just copy it. It worked for me as I had to disavle bonus stars. Back-up before doing any hex, no matter how minor.
i tried it and it did nothing for me so i might be doing it wrong or its just not working for other reasons.
Looking at the OP- gah awesome palettes.

1-1 Screens
I really like every palette here. I also like the texture in the underground area there, it looks great. The trees are a nice touch as well.
Seems pretty solid for a first level, so nice work.

1-2 Screens
The things that stood out, after the palette, that is, were the sign that says 'Mines' and the TNT box at the edge of the 6th screen.
Again, it looks really nice.

1-3 Screens
Now this is sweet. A haunted forest is somewhat unique, and you pulled it off pretty well with another fitting palette.
Good tileset mixing with the ghost house ledge, too.

Cool stuff.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
@Kristian thanks i always like seeing people enjoy my work.

minor update uh... i got SMG2 so im not hacking all to much right now, so update will be less often.
I have just added the BG to WendLand wisp and made faces in the trees.

also a demo-ish thing is out its only level 1 and the start of 2 so its not worth posting for hack subbmission
demo of level 1 and start of 2
if you play it please let me know even if you think its bad i need all the criticism i can get.
started a new level the other day andam alost done so i figured the time to show it off is right.

Level: ?-?
Music: uh... no idea what to use
Name: none yet
yes it somewhat of a water level. not to sure where im going to use this level yet.

I played the demo and it's simply amazing, i love the palletes all the little cool details (i love how mario stomps when he enters to the cave) and the grafics.

Keep the good work man! =)
WIP Thread

not so NEW progress! (56.25% done) [18/32]

... Why the first level of like every hack has a shooting pipe.
Jesus, Leo, I'm loving this. Awesome psuedo-vanilla style here. Were you influenced by lyynes' stuff? :P
Anyway, I don't have too much to say other than it's awesome, and keep it up.

And i love the style of the level in the newest post, by the way. It's awesome.
<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
@Leo137 thanks im glad you liked it. I hope to get a world 1 demo out before the summer ends.
@Carsr4carpeople1 sorta yeah at C3 i liked his idea so firgued i would try it out and the levels where good so i started this hack not to long after.
@ Cars4carpeople1 I thought THY made this...
@Kazio right that THY guy yeah i kinda know him you know where pretty close =P
No I mean he said Leo not THY.
so yeah might as well, update on my hack its been about 2 months or something? anyways here is The first video of BF (those old crappy videos don't count =P)

<object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></embed></object>

I haven't really looked into this hack up until now, but checking out the, quite impressive. I love the creative FG/BG combinations in all areas, you're using objects very cleverly. The only thing I would suggest in regards to the tilesets is that the rocks in the cave area stand out too much as their color contrasts with the rest of the FG. I'd make the rocks' colors more consistent with the actual FG color to make them look like they're part of the FG.

The mini Mario concept is cool too. It's really nice to see how you can create something interesting out of one simple graphical edit (assuming it's an edit of the key).

Really nice job! =)
Holy raptor jesus this hack's graphics are amazing. I love the way you merged the tilesets to create a unique feeling, and the backgrounds are spectacular. My only suggestion is that the music doesn't really fit the levels, but that's just me really.

Great job! I'm eager to see this hack released in the future.
i play videogames
This is beautiful... It makes me cry every time you play michael jackson in the background... making me test play it. :')

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