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Hack Removal: Bowser's one Level for Mario

Hack Name: Bowser's one Level for Mario
Length: 1 level
Author: ---Jeff-Hardy--- - Submitted by: ---Jeff-Hardy---
Costum Music: YES
Costum Sprites: YES
HDMA: NO (Only Fake)

This is my first Hack after i un-ban
I Hope it's good


Place a comma after "beautiful" and "for you".
You also need an end punctuation, you'll have to scrunch it in there somehow since you have used the whole message box.

"AN" should just be "A".

Bad grammar. Try:
"In the next room, your coins are your time. You have to be fast enough so you will not die."

Cutoff on the water to the left.

You changed the music for Bowser fight, but when he comes back the first time, the original music plays again. Try to find some way to fix that to stay consistent.

One level hacks should provide at least 15 minutes of gameplay. This one only gave me ~8. :/ Expand your level about twice as much while still keeping good level design, and you should be good to go.

Have a nice day.