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Hack Removal: The Ice Floe

Hack Name: The Ice Floe
Length: 10 exits
Author: Everandever - Submitted by: Everandever
A lot of changed enemys, overworld, palette changes, elaborate Leveldesign, map16 usage, and even a custom Boss. It's still a Demo though with something like 10 Exits. Enjoy!


This level bears a resemblance of Vanilla Ghost House. Make sure you use Ctrl+Del!

Dragon coin on subscreen border. Move it up/down one tile.

Mario comes out of this pipe too low. Set the Y value of the entrance 2 less than what it is now.

A couple things cutoff against this yellow pipe.

The screen starts out too low; mess with the FG initial position setting.

There are better ways to make a waterfall. What you have right now just looks like a big block of cutoff water.

Remeber that layer 3 disappears when a message box comes up, this includes Yoshi's message.

You can barely see the cutoff at the bottom of this yellow rock when it rises to the top of the screen.

If I either loose Yoshi or feed him too soon, I am forced to die here. At least warn the player that they need to keep Yoshi until the end of the level.

Glitched Yoshi egg animation.

This level has hints of Vanilla Dome Secret. Ctrl+Del is your friend!

This Goomba has a bad palette and a glitched stomped frame. Make sure you edit that unused 5up to be the stomped Goomba.

Getting the secret exit of this level reveals a level that I can't reach...?

The music here is the athletic theme while the room with the switch is still the bonus music. Stick with one or the other for consistency.

Coin blocks are incompatible with the bonus room tileset. This makes random blocks appear whenever one is hit.

Also, beating the switch palace causes another to appear in the background.

This hack isn't that bad at all. Just fix up these things, remodel the Mansion level, and you should be just fine next time.

Have a nice day.