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epic hacks

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what are all the hacks that are coming out that are supposed to be really epic?
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My Hack XPThe Game
You just lost.
Epic is a broad term. It could probably be used to describe several different types of hacks. For example, Super Mario Infinity may be considered an epic story-based hack, and Brutal Mario may be seen as an epic ASM hack.

But if you mean upcoming hacks that seem the most innovative, I'd say A Block's Life, A Severed Freedom, Mario's Keytastrophe, and Mario: Perfect Catastrophe (yes, those are two different hacks).
Mario's Keytastrophe was cancelled I thought. Also, I'm making a hack called The Storm Project, with an implimented Save Block and Healing System, 1 button load Title Screen, custom original music new level design and great choco gfx and hdma. How's that sound? Epic or not?
Mario's Keytastrophe was cancelled I thought.

Not anymore.
Wait... S.N.N. is working on it?

YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
^ Made by Tahixham

That sounds very intresting, I'll be sure to check out how it works.
The Game
You just lost.
Originally posted by RivalNightmare
Wait... S.N.N. is working on it?

Yeah, I thought more people were aware. Here is the revival announcement. Although, it's been a while since we've heard anything, aside from the last demo.
meh, i'm talking about hacks like the wicked star story; epic as in awesome OW and levels [design]

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All the hacks Jacob mentioned (innovative). I can't wait to play those!
Good fucking bye.
Mario's Epic Adventure.
I can guarantee it will be epic. And innovative.
I just can't forget the one picture BMF54123 showed us of the Super Mario Odyssey sequel/parallel some months ago. Thats the most epic moument in my time at this site. I really hope he's still working on it... these well known hackers seem to be very quiet at times.

Also, ty for mentioning ABL:3
speaking of well known hackers not being on all the time, what ever happened to 2technogeeks?
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He'll be back in September.

Yea It's censored! POW!
YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
^ Made by Tahixham
I can't say much. What I would consider an "Epic Hack" is a hack that falls under a very serious and innovative storyline. I can't say much for some of the other hacks out there, but I can say something about a few.

Some good "I-Don't-know-the-story-of" hacks out there.
- Bonni's Quest
- A Block's Life
- SMW3: Shyguy's Desperation

Now, some "Epic Hacks" (Storyline wise would most likely be these)
Please note that some of these aren't out yet. Another note to be taken is that the descriptions I'm giving out is of MY opinion, so don't flame me if I get something wrong. I get something wrong and somebody wants to say something to me about it, do it via Private Message.

- The Second Reality Project 3:
I don't really know much about how the story is coming out. However, I can tell you that it has something to do with the Roboxx and your average "take over the world" or something like that. Supposed to be really indept, and it is most likely the final installment in the series. If you haven't played TSRPR and TSRP2, then you probably wouldn't understand the story that is involved. I recommend playing them first.

- Mario's Keytastraphe:
The theme of this hack is music; in fact, it is the first one to actually have custom composed music. Neat right? Anyway, this hack is about an island appropriately named Melodia, the land of music. Mario comes here looking for some adventure; however, he ends up mixed in a battle between two forces that really don't like eachother. Worst is, this tension could rip the land apart! That isn't all, a strange ghost named Boothoven seems to be after him... or something else maybe???

And Finally,=

- The Devious Four Chronicles Episode #3: The Crater.
Yes, my own piece of work. Regardless of the fact the first two episodes haven't come out, this is the third. Mario defeats Racter at his stronghold; however, he escapes. Before Racter disappears, he leaves a message:
"I'll be back, and I won't be alone."
He sends a message to space. Mario has no idea of what is happening. However, on another planet far away, there stand two beings. A scorpion-like one, and a human. The ground they stand is stained with the blood of the ones they slained. They talk about Racter's message, and how they'll come over to Earth to "help out". However, when they get to Earth, they have different plans... which Mario (and his new partner) figure out.
The two don't plan to destroy Earth, but instead, they are building a doomsday device known as the furnace; not only that, SCORPION has hired some of the bad-ass mercenaries to stop him. SCORPION also plans to find some relics he believes will open some sort of strange void. All at the same time, Hunter is pulling out the stops to make sure that Mario will not get in the way of his plans.
So much stuff for Mario to take of... but so little time.
Vip 5 is currently coming out soon ish. Ive onyl watched 1 boss battle, and It was pretty freakin epic.
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I'm not going to name my own hack as epic because that's narcissistic and downright egotistical, but I can say that I'm trying to make it epic as possible with the aspects that I'm capable of... But, epic is broad as Steven said, and what appeals to some may not appeal to others. So really it's just a matter of opinion. But here's mine; The hack needs to be fun, and non liner yet have a storyline that is in depth and has plenty of plot twists and unexpected turns. Also, it needs to have several tense, fast paced moments and the music needs to be almost perfect for these sections, also.

That's pretty much everything I can think of.
Okay guys, just want to tell you all to NOT toot your own horn. It's alright to suggest some hacks you feel are epic, but don't go on a tangent about your own hacks.

Case in point: Moltensnow's post.
Super land 4 is definately going to be epic
tons of custom ExGFX and music, good levels desighn, and okay plot
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