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Beta Testing

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I .. was really unsure of how I wanted to do beta testing. At first, I thought of making users draw a number, and while that would be totally random, it might also mean some less-than-stellar testers might seep in. Instead, we'll do it like this:

Simply post a few sentences or something explaining why you think you'd make a good beta tester for this. Include things such as your past experiences with testing hacks, how much involvement you've had with THIS hack, and whatever else you think I'd need to know to choose you as a beta tester.

I'll give this thread a 5-7 days of being open, and then I'll close it. We're still waiting on a few more things (i.e. bosses) before this will actually be ready, but the beta testers may as well be picked now.
Hello there. I would like to beta test this hack, because well. I would like to actually be involved with something in this hack. I have not really helped with anything yet, and I was hoping that beta testing would be my chance to help. I am great at Beta testing, as i can point out cutoff to the pixel, bad palettes, and glitches that are possible. And maybe some breaks. In my post in the Beta testing for hire thread in Hack discussion, I posted how people rate me in testing hacks, and if you look at that post, they rate me pretty high. Just know that IRL stuff is my highest priority, so if something happens to me IRL, then count me out. But as for now, I think I would make a great beta tester for ASMWCP. Thanks.
I think I would be a good beta tester because... actually I have no idea if I would be a good one. I guess I'm good at finding and picking out the smallest mistakes and errors.

I can't remember how much hacks I used to test but I know that I tested SMTKO, though I don't really Dispari and Heisanevilgenius thought of it. I just know that I found mistakes here and there.

Aside from founding this project, I had no involvement with it whatsoever.

Hmm, meh. Not really convincing arguments but whatever. If you feel like picking me as a beta tester, I'd gladly do it as I've been looking forward this game for a long time already.
Well here goes.

I've always wanted to beta-test this hack, because personally I think that beta-testing always is an important part in polishing hacks.

Now I have to admit, I have done betatesting only one time, which was for Super Mario TKO but that betatesting didn't end up really well due to lack of time (although I found minor flaws here and there). Since I was a noob back then my performance wasn't that great either. But now I feel more experienced and know what a hack really needs, and so on. I also get straight to the point instead of hiding flaws, but I don't care about things like 1px cutoff unless I'm told to.

I haven't had too much involvement with this hack. Only things I did was making a boss and a small sublevel.

Of course, I expect payment in return; preferably by cash.

So uh, yeah, that was it. if I do get picked as a betatester, I'll do my best.
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Having moderated quite a few hacks in the past, as well as playing several, I have a very good sense of the mechanics in SMW, and can spot potential glitches/other issues easily. I've beta tested a couple hacks, such as Maxx's and Keytastrophe, and tend to be pretty precise. When it comes to this project, I have a single level, but other than that, I can't say that I've really followed the other levels, bosses or other elements that closely, giving me a good outsider's perspective walking into the hack.
I think I would be a good Beta-Tester because I truthfully have not seen anything from this hack, so its all new to me so my opinion on this is currently blank. Past Beta-Besting wise i sorta beta test my friends hack almost daily.
I think I qualify to beta test SMWCP because I have beta tested countless other hacks in the past and I have also looked at the hack removal logs every day, at the updates. I know quite a bit what should be and should not be in hacks. Mistakes like small cutoff land, bad balant edits, floating munchers, horrible difficulty curves, eye searing palettes, yeah I've seen and beta tested hacks that at least had one of those, and other problems.

(No, I do not expect any of the examples I gave in this hack, besides the small cutoff land example, but I was just describing that I do know what needs to be and shouldn't be in quality hacks)
I think i would be a good beta tester due to the facts of:
I can pull of many jumps with out save states
I am good at puzzles
I have beta tested MANY times before
I know what problems to look for
I do not EVER use save states (other then to test mid way points and such)I even beat KAIZO and its sequel with no save states
I sadly did not get the opportunity to sing up for the hack but did suggest things about levels to multiple people and have been interested and reading all of the forum posts with that said i conclude my post
Sorry if my English is not perfect i moved to the U.S.A from Austria and I do not always spell things correctly so please excuse "typo's" for I try to avoid them
I would like to be a beta tester!
I would like to be a beta tester. I would do good at it because:

-The playthrough would be blind.
-I am good at pointing things out in hacks.
-I would be willing to fix said mistakes if necessary.

PM me or query me on IRC if you want to know more.
Well, ever since the dawn of the hack's existence I've never payed too much attention to it, kinda for several reasons. At first, it was that I felt I wasn't good enough to make something outstanding for it, and that still stands, but I did want to play the game through, just blindly when it came out, so I strayed away from the threads. However, ever since I first beta-tested one of SCORP's hacks a while back, I've always had interest in wanting to beta-test this, so here I am.

I feel that I am right for this job for a number of reasons. These are mainly because I am pretty observant when I'm playing, I know what I find fun or not, and I've beta-tested numerous times for SCORP, Hunter and Chikane. Despite a rather large amount of my suggestions and fixes being overlooked, I feel that I have gained the ability to beta-test a hack successfully, find problems and what's fun or not and I would be thrilled to take this job.

(If I were to have this job it would the only participation I have had in this project.)

Not blue.
Although I haven't participated in this project, I feel that my beta testing this hack would benefit the hack's overall quality and amount of glitches. I've played every platforming Mario game out there, and have completed them and all their secrets entirely, as well as found graphical glitches in those games. I myself have also been working with Lunar Magic for 3 years, so I know the ins and outs and how things in the inner working game function, so I would know how to fix the problem once I find it.

In short, though I'm not the most qualified, I'm certainly good at searching for and solving problems. : ) (smiley face)
I would be ecstatic to test this collaborative hack! I've had experience testing a few hacks; most recently "Chaotic Realm". I will test for graphical errors, gameplay issues, crashing, etc. I will also play through the entire hack, including both regular exits and secret exits (unless otherwise instructed). All errors will be described in great detail so you won't have trouble fixing it, and I will also provide screenshots of some glitches to make the fixing process a faster and less tedious task. I should have no problem meeting any deadlines either.

I've had no part in creating this hack, and I would truly like to be a part of it in some fashion, so I am hoping this may be my chance! I want this hack to come out clean with no errors, and I hope to help because beta-testing is likely to become my career choice very soon.
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Hmm, I had absolutely no involvement with this hack, I have never play tested any hacks, but I play a lot of then and end up complaining about the stuff that went wrong. This is pretty much all that I can go by.
Well, I've not really been that involved with this hack, nor do I have that much experience as being a beta tester, but I'd like to help out SMWCentral in any way possible, so I'm going to offer to be a beta tester for this hack. Why? I've been a member of SMWCentral for a long time and a SMW Hacker for an even longer amount of time. Although I've never completed a hack, in the amount of time I've been hacking Super Mario World I have seen many hacks get accepted and rejected, so I've got a good idea of what separates a good hack from a bad one and what to look out for.
If I am chosen to be a beta tester, I will do my best to try to make sure that there are no problems with this hack. Yes, and uh, thanks for reading.
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I think I should be beta tseter because I go though the still being moderated hacks and look for cutoff and other things even though I am not a moderator, and seeing all the hacks I've seen I could point out every last error there is.

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I demand a spot. :3
Originally posted by Raibys
I demand a spot. :3

Just because you're a mod doesn't mean you automatically get a spot.
(Dang edit function not working. D: I was so excited for beta testing my initial reaction was "post first, then read the specifics of the thread and edit my post as necessary.")

I want to be a beta tester since...well, I love helping out in the community as hopefully should be evident by now, as well as the fact that I have been pretty excited about the project ever since it started. I made two levels for the hack as well, and being a hack mod here, I'm pretty sure I know how to beta test well and stuff.

i would like to be a tester because whene i test other rom hacks
i don't a short cut's and instead take time to appreciate the level

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