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Beta Testing
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I think I would be a good beta tester for ASMWCP because I have OCD. If I see the slightest thing out of place, my conscience will keep bugging me to take action, or i'll be driven insane (the action in this case would be to take a screenshot of the error and tell the creator to fix it). I look for concrete errors such as cutoffness and glitches in hacks i'm testing, but I also concentrate on the abstract things such as fun factor. I've only officially beta-tested a single hack in the past, but many times I've been asked my opinion on a friend's hack. I was going to create a level for this hack but dropped it.


Who knows when I'll have
something to put here.

Credits go to Counterfeit for the bitchin' post layout.

I think I should be beta tseter because I go though the still being moderated hacks and look for cutoff and other things even though I am not a moderator, and seeing all the hacks I've seen I could point out every last error there is. Maybe excluding some bad palettes, just not all bad palettes.

Link to my wiki site (its more than a wiki. ITS GOT A FORUM TOO, *bleep* )

I want to be a beta tester because I haven't done anything else to help. I have tested a few other hacks that I don't recall the names of, nothing as long or high-profile as this. I tend to do a lot of exploring when I play hack, so I'd be thorough, and I'd be unbiased because I have no involvement in the hack thus far.

Just for my above reply...

Darn you, Rabees. You ninji'd me. #w{>=(}

Link to my wiki site (its more than a wiki. ITS GOT A FORUM TOO, *bleep* )
I would like to be a beta tester for this hack.

I'd love to try to work out every last bug in this compilation, from minor graphical bugs to total musical failures. Lately, I've been seeing a number of completed, 'good' hacks that suffer from varying degrees of glitches, and for the most part, I am sickened by this. If this is going to be the hack that represents Super Mario World Central to other communities, I want them to see an amazingly polished hack that really represents what we are capable of. I may not have had any hand in this hack's creation, but I am fully prepared to see it through to the end bug-free as a beta tester.

Also, as a note on how the beta testing process should work, I don't think you should set a very low limit on how many testers should be picked. There could easily be bugs that only occur on a single frame of an optional boss, but that bug could be severe enough to dampen the experience of the hack.

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
I'd love to test this hack (I've actually been waiting for this thread).

I don't really have much beta-testing experience (but I have read a bunch of hack removal logs, and will probably emulate that style of pointing out stuff), but I do know all of the things to look out for, and I usually have quite a bit of free time that I can devote to testing (though that's a little hampered by college starting up now). I've had absolutly no involvement in this hack, so I'd be going in blind. Although I specialize in Kaizo type hacks, I've played (and seen) my fair share of normal hacks, so I can try and point out any potential jerk spots, and I'll try to do different things in each level to see if there are any level breaking opportunities.

If I get the chance to test this great hack, you can bet I'll give 110% to make sure the hack lives up to the expectations! Thanks for reading this, and hopefully I get a spot. :)

Hey you! Yeah you! I'm bored, I have no distractions, I have 2 weeks 'till school, I haven't done anything specialon this website and this is my chance. I've done about 5 Beta tests, and I am Medium Experienced hacker. I feel if I got this spot, I would be just as good as any other beta tester, and I hope I get it.

But seriously...
I think I should be a tester just because I have a lot of experience with Super Mario World, and I'm very good at finding cutoff, glitches, and breaking levels. I also have a bit of experience with lunar magic, and I am doing a level in the ASMT sequel: A2MT.
I have never beta tested before but I think An SMWC Production is a good place to start!

When I saw the trailer, it looked like an excellent hack with Very good level design.

I am very good at hacks, I look for removal reasons when I play a hack, I dont use cheats, savestates, or rewind.

I havent been involved in the hack at all, and I want to help SMWC some how, so I hope I can be a Beta tester #w{=)}

All of my friends say I'm the best French beta tester in the world.

That's all.

I think I'd be a good beta tester because I tend to point out anything that seems wrong - Off palettes, unfitting graphics/music, cutoff, unnatural things (not like floating blocks, but more like floating munchers), glitches (such as entering slopes), breaks, and just level problems (like getting stuck, blind jumps, etc.).

I've also had a lot of experiance with playing different hacks, thanks to the fact that people send me a lot, ranging from well done to utterly horrible.

Unfortunatly, I kind of have to point this out, I'm not the best at judging difficulty. I'll try to complete a level without savestates, but having played through Kaizo without tools makes almost anything easy.

Professional frame-by-frame time wizard. YouTube - Twitter - SMW Glitch List - SMW Randomizer
Please consider me for beta testing!
I think I would be a good beta tester because:

I have seen relatively little of this hack so far
I don't usually abuse savestates, rewind, etc.
I am good at breaking levels
I have had a lot of romhacking experience
I have decent skill (beaten both Kaizo hacks)
I'm the first person to say please (I think)
And I don't expect anything in return

Thank you.

I would love to beta test this hack because I judge hacks A LOT! I look for every bit of cutoff, I look at graphical glitches, typos, and other problems. And I avoid anything wrong when making my own hack. I hate it when people do stupid stuff. I also want to be involved in this hack because I didn't get the chance. I also try to unlock everything there is.
Well, I suppose that there is no shame in requesting a position with beta testing.

Before this hack had gotten big once again, I had attempted to make this hack more organized myself. I had created a list of the levels that were not completed and those that were not submitted; however, it never got sent to the past leaders of this project. Other than that, I had no official affiliation or job done with this hack. Shortly after the deadline had been reached for levels, I wished to be able to do a level myself, but it never really worked out in the end. So, I guess I could say that I have had no full association with this hack or its team.

As a hack moderator, I do my best to find errors in a hack. Through my experiences beforehand and after taking position, I've formed a firm definition of what defines a bad level and what also defines a good level. It's rather easy for me to find mistakes in hacks, and my job with moderating has only enhanced my radius of vision when dealing with such things. I've had a vast array of peculiar problems in hacks, so nothing is too surprising nowadays.

That's just about all I can really say regarding my talents and experience with this hack. Since this hack was at an inert stage of its existence, I've been wanting to see the best results possible from this hack. Whether I be a beta tester or not, I do hope that every flaw in this hack will be refined to the point that no one will want to stop playing this hack; I wish for this hack to be of the quality for many users and players to describe it as the best hack out there.

So yeah. I attempted to keep this relatively short and to the point. Thanks for taking the minute to look over this, and we'll see what happens.
I've seen levels in this hack and I see a few breaks
I'll beta test it and pm a few breaks in the levels, some glitches I find, and stuff like that.
I highly doubt there would be any cut off, bad pallets, or anything else like that that people find extremely important to find.
Since I think there's asm in the hack, there is usually lots of glitches in asm, so I'll try my hardest to find stuff like that.
I read most of the requests to beta test and laughed my ass off at how generic they are

I'll just throw together a tas of it and see what I can find, mkay? I'll send you a .smv or something.

Could've sworm I submitted this like 5 minutes ago -.-

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second youtube channel: FamicomTAS
I would be excited to test this hack! Let me give a few reasons why selecting me would be wise.

I have been playing SMW for twenty years now, and hacks of it for about three years. My experience with the game, and its derivations, is profound. It is my "bread and butter". I have been testing betas and full releases at SMWC, volunteering myself since I joined this community in 2008, and by request over the past few months. In fact, one look at my post count betrays that that's really all I do on SMWC! I lurk the forums regularly, but only to learn about new releases and to read updates on works-in-progress.

The messages I have received since I made myself available for requests a few months ago may be few, but my tests were painstaking, and my reports were extensive and thorough. I include screenshots, describe all problems in detail, give suggestions for fixes where I think they might be appropriate, and I always, always proofread and paragraph. I have received positive feedback from each one of my requests, as well as offers for more testing opportunities for later releases.

As for my involvement with this production, I have had none whatsoever! I did start a thread in the forums asking about what potential beta testers ought to know about it, but that was the extent of it. If you want someone with no preconceptions about what this production will be, I will be that one.

Thank you for your consideration.

you know that it's me that typed this because of my signature right here
I believe I would make a great beta tester for this hack because I tend to nitpick and go out of the way to break levels. I've only reviewed a handful of other hacks, and the reviews all show that I can be very critical. In addition, I also like to check for difficulty in a hack. I tend to like challenging levels, but in earlier levels, I guage them to see how their difficulty compares to later levels. Finally, I would like to participate in SMWC's first collaborative hack because I know I haven't done much ever since I joined and I would like to do something.

Edit: My postcount went up by 1!
I think I would make a good beta tester because I can spot just about anything. Off difficulty, cutoff, incorect setup for an object, etc. However, I can't spot any ASM problems, but that's about it.

Also, I haven't really participated, although I've seen alot of the stuff when I wasn't registerd here, so I've seen quite a few levels.
Those are the reasons I'd probably make a good beta tester (I've never beta tesed before).:)
I'd like to beta test because I am very attentive, and could easily notice things like cutoff; or easily exploitable glitches, because I love trying to find anyway I can to break a level; and I have a good amount of free time at the moment, allowing me plenty of time to walk through levels and try to find anything that can take away from the quality.
In my time, I have amassed a knowledge of glitches that most people here have never heard of. This makes me able to have a keen eye to any potential breaks. Combine this with the fact that I am extremely picky about little details, and I make a great beta-tester.

I play save-stateless whenever I beta-test, and I am very good at judging whether a difficulty curve is where it should be or not.

Unfortunately, I have not worked on this project much at all, but I want to be a part of it. Working on something like this that is a part of one of my favorite sites compensates for the fact that I cannot design for crap and thus could not contribute a level.


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