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Beta Testing
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - An SMWC Production - Beta Testing
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A Super Mario World Central Production. It's been worked on for about a year and a half, right? When the idea first started, I didn't really want to join because I don't like collabs in general. So I never really paid attention to it at all.

However, within the last couple months I've been sneaking a look or two at the forum, and found out how awesome this hack is actually going to be. I really wanted to take part, but it was already almost finished, so I backed out again.

I know this is going to be one of the best hacks I've seen created, and I would like to apply as a beta tester to try to make it better by ironing out all the bugs I come across. Being a hack moderator myself, I can safely say I know what I'm doing, and I tend to search the levels for anything that sticks out at me.

I really hope you take me into consideration as a beta tester.

Well, nothing to lose here.

Well, I've worked with music, and I could do some picking at the instrument selection for some music(espicially if it's old music from the 2008 era) and have been messing with music alot lately. I've watched some let's moderates and taken note of when Kristian you guys forgot to check for midway points or actually remembered to checked for roof glitches on walls or floor glitches in water levels. I also know that sprites are glitched at the top of ZSNES. More-less, I am more familar with even the strangest ports from different or uncommon games than some others. I may not know much about the project, but I did hear a lot about it on the IRC from the people who welcomed me into their levels and homes and cookie jars. I did jump on to this boat a little late, but hey: if the boat sinks, we're all screwed, anyway.

Adam= Stuff you don't want to know.
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Well I've actually just joined the site and started hacking not too long ago but I have read through all the Removal Logs and half of the Removal Log thread. I have a tendency to break games unintentionally while playing and I am always the one to complain about something tiny that many others may miss, though from the Removal Logs I think I may have met my match for being picky. :p

Anyway this is the first I've actually heard and I would be playing it blind. I always take the time to fully explore levels and try to find everything. If I'm not supposed to go somewhere, I'll go there. :D

Thanks for reading and I don't expect to be picked but I've got nothing to lose by posting this.
Well, I've Beta Tested Pokemon and Yoshi Rom hacks. And I'd play it start to finish no matter what. Also I Swear to not use GG

Your layout has been removed.
Although I haven't beta tested many hacks before (probably only EVW and other little hacks), I think I could do a good work with beta testing this huge and important hack. Many people know me from my bug-free level design and good troubleshooting. I'd look into every little detail, and I'd write a full beta testing "survey", if needed. I was very sad, because I couldn't contribute anything to this hack (I was late, and the level signups closed), so beta testing could be something "last" I can do with this hack. And I would do it really gladly!

So...thanks in advance. ^_^
May as well throw my proverbial hat in.

As most of you know already, I've already done a little playtesting despite the fact that it was still a bit early. I haven't beta-tested other hacks before, but I have beta'd a (non-Mario) fangame once, which is when I realized my near-irritating attention to detail & my tendency to explore every little nook & cranny came in real handy. Just like I did with that fangame, I'll keep whatever page of whatever forum of this site open as I play to report whatever I find as soon as possible. Also, I have a considerable amount of free time on my hands, so I could end up finding quite a bit before anyone else does.

Believe it or not, I still exist in some fashion.
Wow, there's a lot of people signing up for this! It's cool to see that people are eager to help with this hack beyond the level design!

Anyways, I feel that I'm quite qualified to beta-test this hack for the following reasons:

1. Among other hacks, I was one of two beta-testers for the featured hack The Artifacts of Marvelous Birds by exit1337, where in the two world demo I found over 70 bugs/glitches, and some things worth mentioning that seemed like things you don't want in an SMWC hack (discoloration, odd ways to beat puzzles that clearly weren't intended, etc). Many of these things were minimal, and either required me to go into places that a casual player would almost never think about going or things that lasted only a few frames (I take pictures for every problem). As well as the other tests I've done I feel that this testing proves that I am great at finding not just the critical problems, but also the little things that can degrade a hack, and that I can do so very throughly and professionally.

2. Other than one/some of my blocks being used (according to the credits), I do not know anything about this hack that could possibly help me, so it would be a "blind" beta-test, which not only makes the testing more like a realistic playthrough, but also means that I won't feel the need to skip parts I've already heard about, which can happen when a beta-tester already knows about parts of the tested material (though that being said, this would be a good statement to support anyone who would be preforming a blind beta-test).

3. I am not only skilled with platforming games but I am also a big perfectionist, so I will instinctively explore every nook and cranny until I'm 100% sure there's nothing left that's hidden, whether it be a hidden exit or amazing alternate ending to a wrong corner tile or an obscure place of minor cutoff.

4. I have, in my spare time, reviewed over 40 hacks on this site, featured and non-featured, with many deatialed reviews and suggestions for future versions (I plan on reaching and maintaining 10% of all of the hacks here).

5. As you can probably tell by this lengthy application, I am very through and detailed when it comes to describing things, so I can promise that there won't be a thing that I say in the beta-testing summary(ies) that you won't be able to find and/or understand from my testing.

Sorry if I crushed any innocent people with that wall of text there, but I had a lot to say :^)

PS: I primarilly use ZSNES 1.51, but I am able to use other version of ZSNES/Snes9x as well as any other emulators that are needed to be used for testing.


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I figured I should come in here and give some advice to people:

First off, don't post simple one sentence posts asking for permission and giving some generic reasoning (like being able to spot cutoff).

With that said, the second thing is to add individuality. When we were looking for hack moderators, I saw umpteenbillion posts showing how the poster noticed glitches, cutoff, and other common errors. Yet how many users posted something unique about themselves, making them shine over the rest? Not many at all.

Finally, Make your post legible, with proper grammar, spacing for different points. and possibly turning off your layout.

Now then: Good luck to all!
Hey Everyone!
I think I would make a pretty good beta tester because I love Mario!

I'm gonna go out on a limb and actually be honest here, I've never officially beta tested any hack. Ever.
But hell, maybe it's better that way, sometimes it's more important to have a less experienced .. well not player, cos I've played many a hack, but someone who's going to go into the game and look for how it plays, rather than know every possible problem that could occur and just mindlessly scan for them. That said, I can still obviously point out graphical errors such as cut-off and bad pallettes and gameplay areas such as areas to get stuck and sprite despawning and major slowdown.

I've got plenty of time over the next few weeks, no schoolwork or massive life issues to take up my time.

I'm not the best Mario player in the world, I'm ... probably about average to be honest, so I can judge the difficulty from the point of view of a person not insanely good at everything, and also not from a complete noobs point of view. If you wanna see my gameplay style and ability, then I have a few LP videos up on youtube. The usernames bleaghhhtasm. I'm not gonna post a direct link for the sake of not being a blatant advertiser. If I'm anywhere in the running then that can be a place to check if you need a way to decide.

My involvement and knowledge of this hack is pretty much summed up by this forum, other than browsing the screenshot thread a bit, i know almost nothing, I've never downloaded a base rom to check it out, and I know absolutely nothing about any of the bosses, except for one big shell thing I think I saw on Youtube. not even 100% sure it was from this hack.

I also have one more ace up my sleeve, I suck at puzzles, i'll admit it, I really do. So you'll be able to gain input on the puzzle parts of the hack from somebody who doesn't really like them, to check if they're still fun and completeable.

Thanks for considering my request guys.

*Ahem ... I H0P3 I WEEN!

Bleaghhh used Wall of Text and Politeness
It's Super Effective?
I love those who try to enlist by essentially saying "yeah I didn't do nothing because I thought the hack would fail but now that it's going to be a success I want my name in the credit"

Way to be subtle guys!
I didn't sign up for any development because I didn't think my level design skills were up to snuff for it yet. I wanted to get involved but I didn't consider myself to be a high enough skill level yet. So obviously, my involvement in this hack is 0%. I've been waiting for beta tester slots to open up for a while, specifically so I can play my part. Hopefully when/if SMWCP makes it to the sequel, I'll be confident enough to participate in the actual level design.

I can't remember all the hacks I've beta tested (It's been literally years since I've done any beta testing) but I remember Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom and Super Mario Infinity one and two off the top of my head. Some hacks by Ice Man, I think too, I don't remember the names. I know how to do it and all, but I'm pretty old school... I still use Lunar Magic 1.63 for my hack and everything. I don't know if there's any higher version common bugs I should be aware of or what.

Plus, I'm busy with college now. I mean, I'll probably have the time to do it, but it might end up slipping my mind, and I could get behind... just figured I'd mention something against my case.
I would like to beta test this hack so that you guys don't end up looking dumb. Though I'm normally silent around here, I've playtested nearly every single hack that's come through the front page for over 2 years. I've broken bits and pieces of nearly all of them. I know all of the glitches and exploits (I will test your levels with speed hacking as well) and will push all your 'unbreakable' puzzles to the absolute limit. Basically, it boils down to this; if you want your hack to be released with exploits and bugs still present, don't have me beta test.

...otherwise, I will find all of them and report 'em back for your debugging pleasure. I'm very good at SMW (best time from a clean game to credits is 10 mins, 42 secs on the console) and can guarantee complete testing of your hack in a very small time frame. I can also make small reports for each level after I play through them. If anything fishy comes up, you will be given a full status report on how to reproduce the bugs I find. Last but not least, I can give a small commentary on the levels too; if something's boring, cool, yadda yadda.

Nah, I don't have a high post count at all. I don't use the forums regularly or any of that jazz. I'm not some ASM genius or an original SMW song composer. I am, however, one hell of a SNES gamer. I've heard of this project for quite some time now... since the beta testing has opened up, I'll do you all a favor and dig out the bugs for you to squash ;)

Ready to have your hack fixed?

Okay I've seen the trailer to this and it's just cool-ness-ing-ly great. As other people have said it looks epic.

Well I have created two major featured hacks which people either love or hate. So the mixed opinions and criticism I've read have basically shaped me into a hacking opinionator. Now I am creating a hack that took everyone's advice and mushing all the information together. I know what people want, look for and find amazingly fantastic.

To be honest I didn't have any involvement in the making of the hack, however I would like to contribute by beta testing and giving feedback.

My Youtube Channel. 90,000+ subscribers!

My Steam Profile

Why I would like to be a beta tester:
- I know most glitches in smw and would be able to point them out in any level.
- It would be completely blind, I have not been involved in this hack at all.
- I'm very good at finding graphical issues, perspective errors and any other problems with the gfx.
Yeah, that's it.

Fawful says farewell to all your fink-rat faces forever!


I have had no involvement with the production of A SMWCentral Production. However, I have made my own hack, in which I've playtested the levels over and over. But I have yet to beta test another person's work.

I feel I make a good beta tester, because I like to get my work done, just like in my real-life job. I can also get through the process quickly, doing a first test, then I could spend the rest of my time beta testing again to check for things I missed.

If I am a beta tester, I will voice out my thoughts on the levels; Was it fun? Did it look good? Did the custom music fit the level or situation? Was the ASM programmed well? On top of that, I have not yet seen entire levels, but only small parts. I feel having someone who isn't very familiar with the game to beta test is more efficient, as they have the mind of a fan.

And lastly, I want to say that I know what makes a good game. I don't just say a game is bad from just the title screen. I play it before I say something is good or bad.

I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
Well... I want to be betatester. I haven't taken part in SMWCP, because I joined after level signups, and I have experience beta-testing some level made by Techokami :). Also I like to mess around with cape :D (of course to break stages ;)).

If you want, I will test your stages for bugs. Just PM me those ;). Don't expect Youtube video, since I have too weak connection to send any videos. (this only apply to hacks which could be sent to hacks section, I'm NOT accept Kaizo nor very very very crappy hacks)
I would like to be a beta tester because I have not taken part in SMWCP, and I'm careful not to use tools when testing levels.

Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
I don't have an extreme amount of time a day, mainly because of school.

But, I have experiences of Beta Testing, I can spot bad palettes, Cut-off, and perspective errors, of course.
I can (if I want, which I have to for beta Testing) Write down everything, in an UNderstandable way, I usualy don't Typo, Sometimes when I'm lazy, I really don't care. (And I always check <.<)

I'm not really good to write describe things I can do, so I'll let you choose/PM me for further info.

..Oh Yeah, I will play the game savestate less, Atleast, try.

YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
^ Made by Tahixham
Stupid no post editing. Here is a quote from the testers for hire thread.

Originally posted by My post in testers for hire
Originally posted by me
Hello there [insert name here], you are getting this message because I have beta tested your hack, "[Hack name here]". This message is to ask, how good I have done beta testing your hack. Rate me on a scale of 1-10, and give reasons why. Thank you for your reply.

Originally posted by Kimimaru
I believe you did an excellent job in beta testing my hack. You were not hesitant to criticize parts of my hack, and you posted screenshots of errors that I had in my hack. You also told me ways to fix some of the errors, and you actually pointed out some Overworld problems that I didn't realize before! I give your effort a 10/10. Thanks for being a great beta tester! My hack has actually been published onto the website!

Originally posted by Lunar Rico
Well I liked your services and you have helped me a lot. I give you a 10/10 for your services. I would reccomend you anytime.

Originally posted by flareblade26
8, as you did a pretty good job and covered alot of things, even stuff that I never noticed! You lost the 2 points because you pointed out some pointless stuff that could easily be figure-outalbe (if thats a word)

Gimme hacks to beta test, I garuntee that you will have a lot of bugs fixed.
Just dont make them over 20 levels long, as I said in my last post.

Rather then being an expert mario player like most people on this site are, I'm more casual at it. Therefor I think I can give a fair viewpoint on how hard the game is in comparison to SMW and other mario games. I have also had quite a few people comment me for my good eyes for visuals, be it palette or graphics, therefor, I think that even in that aspect I could give good feedback.

As for past beta testing experiences, I don't have a lot of experience testing SMW hacks, but I do know quite a bit about bugs and possible exploits. I also have quite a bit of history as a beta tester, just not for SMW.

[insert layout here]
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