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Beta Testing
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Here are the facts you need to know in order to judge me:

- I got some experience with beta testing, helping Jacob with "Hack" and Sniggerb0bble with "Bowser's Ultimate Labyrint".

- I am in no way involved with SMWCP, the reason may be that I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

- I have a bright eye for graphics, palettes, level design and music.

You can count on me, this is a job I could do credit-less just for pure interest.
I'll help.
Hello, I am a generic member who wants to beta test.
hack playing experience:
-panic in the mushroom kingdom 1
-super mario world beta
-mario is missing 2
-super mario land 4
-mario explores the sewer
I know a good hack when i see one.
I can help by Pointing out cutoff/bad palletes/etc. and i have only seen the overworld with peach's castle.
Nothing else

If you want to chat some interesting people, check out my new forum at:
I'd love to beta test An SMWCentral Production. I've had, i guess, quite a bit involvement in the hack when it comes to making levels (I made two) But otherwise I just looked at the screenshots/video thread a bunch.
When it comes to actual beta-testing, I've never actually done so before. But, when I play a hack, I usually like to try and spot as many errors as possible, and think of suggestions on how to fix them. I'd also have an easy time judging difficulty, as i'd probably be playing the game on my Wii. I guess you could say i'm a relatively skilled player, as well.

Yup. I guess that's all i really have to say.

<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
I love you SNN and you should let me beta test. Give me a chance to prove myself. :3
Hey! The reason I think I should Beta-Test is because, I've seen so much of this hack, in Trailers, in Videos and in much more. I myself have had beta-testers check through my hack, and I have myself been imployed by people so Beta-Test their hacks, but to be honest I have only helped EL santo and his hack Super Mario Lost in Monochrome Land.
I helped find flaws and improvements in his hack, and I'm still helping him out, supporting and encoraging him to keep on going! I helped with almost everything, cutoff, glitches, Gramma and more things of the such. I have to sadly say that I have not been involved with this hack, I never got a chance due to this hack being only for SMWC members, by the time the last place was taken, I had only just found out about it. But I guess that can be good for beta testing. I have no idea about this hack, or any of the levels meaning I can capture the feeling of which the normal, first time player, of the amazing hack. In summary, I think that I will be a good beta-tester who will help find many things in your hack, the amazing, SMWC Production!
The Game
You just lost.
well i want to beta test this because i do. i dont feel like i've been involved in this much because i cant do much custom stuff. but if theres one thing i can do its play. i notice details and as for previos testing ive done HR4's first world, super frog world( my friends hack) and my own.( bowsers allies)

screw narwalls. i am so over them *nervous laugh*

projects: bowsers allies(demo available! just ask.), Lunar legends(not yet started), aa's quest(preqil to, bowsers allies, both containvery small amounts of fail do too lots of work.)
expect great things from me.

I'm a great beta-tester, ask for TheGamer, i can play and i REALLY can see all the cutoffs, bugs, etc.
I should be of the beta-tester.


The 4 Relics

Pokey's Adventure Userbar
Need help with your Hack?
I'll be happy to help you with you Status Bar, anything.

I would like to apply for Beta testing An SMWC Production. I would be very, very happy if I could.

I haven't beta tested anything, but I can spot Errors and Cutoff easily.
Im not the best hack maker in the world, but I have a feeling I might be good at this. So please, let me be a Beta Tester. #w{=)}

They call me Hyper for a reason.
Current Hacks:
Super Oiram World
Super HyperLuigi World
Igiul's Adventure

Even though im quite new id still be a good beta tester (probably)
reasons are followed:
1. I have done qutie a few test of hacks for many people and they have been preety good hacks
2. I kinda got into the whole smw hacking and lets plays and kinda know things about them.
3. Most of the time I play a hack,its blind.
4. because ive been making hacks,when testing somone elses hacks out,
I have learnt new things and things to try and aim for (graphics,music,ASM)
I hope you pick me for being a beta tester and ill do my best!

This is Courptendo!
Signing out!

My Hacks:
-Mario is Sick!

Join me on youtube and the slaughtercast!

i wanna beta test so much that i wish i was a hack moderator

PM Me if you want me to test
Originally posted by S.N.N.
I .. was really unsure of how I wanted to do beta testing. At first, I thought of making users draw a number, and while that would be totally random, it might also mean some less-than-stellar testers might seep in. Instead, we'll do it like this:

Simply post a few sentences or something explaining why you think you'd make a good beta tester for this.

I would like to be a beta tester for your project An Super Mario World Central Production.

Originally posted by S.N.N.
Include things such as your past experiences with testing hacks

To be honest, I've never really tested out other peoples' hacks. But when I make my own hack I try to do as thorough of a job testing it as humanly possible. A good example would be my Chocolate Contest '09 level, with which I had to test multiple variants of the same level. Each room was drawn tile by tile, so I had to check for even the smallest graphical inconsistancies, including the background graphics, as well as some tile behaviors. I also spent a good amount of time checking for sequence breaks. In the end there were no glitches or graphical errors whatsoever.

Originally posted by S.N.N.
how much involvement you've had with THIS hack

My résumé.

Originally posted by S.N.N.
and whatever else you think I'd need to know to choose you as a beta tester.

You are my favorite SMWC admin.

I'd really like to have some role in ASMWCP, and this seems like my last shot. I'd do my best to be as thorough as possible.
Betatesting TSRPR for FPI was one of the most fun SMW-related things I've ever done. I saw an opportunity not to play the game earlier than the official release, but to offer sincere comments and advice on every aspect of the game in order to make it as clean and prepped for launch as possible. Naturally, this meant I had to write a lot about things that I consider annoyingly difficult to describe, like why parts of a certain palette felt strange, why I thought the architecture and design of a level were pleasing or engaging, or even why a particular jump bothered me. So, at first it was a daunting task; I was afraid I wouldn't really do a good job, especially since it would be my first beta test. However, the more I worked at it, the more I realized it wasn't much different than, say, writing an essay for a literature class. I played each level more than once and took note of specific things whenever I paused the game to help organize my thoughts, and before I knew it I was writing extremely long messages to FPI detailing exactly what I thought of each level.

At one point I became worried I was saying too much, as FPI told me Lunar Magic was deleting his levels over the smaller changes I was suggesting and that I didn't have to make the evaluations so in-depth. Still, I couldn't help myself; I had become so passionate about the process that I hardly made any changes, if at all, to my methods, even if FPI wouldn't change anything. I thought he should know everything regardless of whether he would use the information. I don't think he minded, either, since he always sent back messages commenting on the comments I originally made. So we had a continuous back-and-forth as I beta-tested, and in the end, the experience was as rewarding as creating Rise to the Challenge.

If you select me as a beta tester, I will give this project the same dedication and passion I gave TSRPR. I will tell you everything that comes to mind in as organized a fashion as I am able. Also, thanks to my compulsion to see SMW projects through to the end once begun, you can and should expect me to betatest and communicate with unyielding regularity so that the project can conclude in a timely manner.

I also think it prudent to mention that I have no involvement with this hack whatsoever, and that all I've seen of it is the trailer posted on SMWCentral's main page. In fact, I haven't been active on this site for a while now, but my gratitude for what the site gave me has only grown. Before SMWCentral and Lunar Magic, the only outlet I had for level design was making content for Lode Runner and Jetpack long after people lost interest and the popular level-sharing sites became something more akin to well-preserved but nonetheless abandoned tombs. Here, I feel there is a real sense of interaction and a wealth of resources, not to mention a thriving and enduring community. An SMWCentral Production represents that community, that opportunity for me to express my ideas through level design, and so I have to admit that it would also be somewhat symbolic for me to betatest it in that I'm giving back to a place that has already provided so much for me.

Sorry for the long-winded application- this definitely is NOT "a few sentences or something"- but I really would be honored to betatest this. Thanks for your time.

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I request to be a beta tester of SMWCP. Reasons:

I have beta tested a hack before, and while beta testing that hack I have seen even the smallest of errors like cutoff, wrong corner tiles, perspective errors, bad palletes, unfair things, slowdown and more! (Plus, the hack is accepted here!) I go through all the pathways, the secrets, all forms of Mario in a level and other things like glitches of the secret exits on the overworld and other glitches in non levels. (If I say "non levels", I mean the overworld, the bonus game, Mario's house and toad town.)

I have played Super Mario World many times and even once, I pointed out all the errors. I like the creativity on hacks like this hack, the top 5 featured hacks and other hacks that are filled of creativity. I play save-stateless on all hacks I beta tested (I only beta tested and finished beta testing one hack) to point out the difficulty of levels, like for example: Really hard beginner levels and easy late levels.

I am descriptive, as well as even judging the hack in general. (If I say "judging", I mean something like this: --S Rank-- --A Rank-- --D Rank-- etc. Like I said before, I explore the ENTIRE hack, looking for errors left and right. I have played the featured hacks, so I have an idea of good level design. Not JUST level design, but as well as overworld design, music design (just for this hack... ...maybe.) etc. I don't like unfitting music on levels so I point that out. (But that isn't TOO important... ...Or is it?)

Unfortunately, I have seen some parts of SMWCP and even I HAVE A LEVEL IN THIS HACK!!! Despite that, I STILL point out MY errors and i'll try to forget all the levels that I seen (Excluding my level) so it can be blindish so I can beta test a little better. (But the only 3 levels I still know (I knew 19 other levels but forgot them because of my dumb brother) are my level and the first and second levels)

I am not the best SMW player in the universe obviously, as I think i'm average or just a bit above average (or maybe i'm an Expert, I just don't know too well). I use ZSNES v1.51 for beta testing, but if the hack works only on SNES9x or ZSNES v1.42, I will use those emulators instead(just say it in PM). I have a nice chunck of time to do the hack's beta testing (if I get picked to be a beta tester) as school work won't stop me from beta testing this hack. (Unless if I get overworked over my schoolwork, i'll probably give up and i'll say that I gave up beta testing this hack.)

If I get chosen to be a beta tester, I SHALL do my best and maybe i'll try to push my limits (off the cliff) if I have to. This was my request to be a beta tester.

Also, good luck to the rest of the members who are trying to get the seat of SMWCP beta testing.

Sorry for this being too long as this is NOT "a few sentences" but like I said before, i'll do my very best if I get chosen to be a beta tester of SMWCP.

YOUR layout has been removed.

I do non-kaizo beta tests!
Check my profile for more details.

A Mario and Luigi Story: The Universe's Star Demo 2:
Status: Dead until I regain interest. Link to hack thread.

Hey. You know, I think I would be a great beta-tester, because I find it easy to spot those very small nitpicks others forget about. I'm guaranteed not to get the job, but you don't know if you never ask. I'm also an experienced Super Mario Bros, 2, 3, World, YI player and I think that this will be no hassle to do WITHOUT SAVESTATES! I think that many of the people who asked to be a beta tester are savestate users, and I guarantee to play as it was intended to be played (as far as I know.) So I won't get picked, but why not ask.

Hey, I'm Riot. I used to use this website a lot but it has been quite a while since I've been a part of it. Help me out with any of the changes; it'd be much appreciated.
I would love to be a beta tester, mostly because if anything needs changed, I could easily point it out along the way. Please consider having me as a tester!

Hello! I'm not so active in this website bacause some schoolar reasons, but I can be a good beta tester. I don't play hacks just for fun, I really play to see positive and negative points of the hack. I'm constantly playing, judging (only im my mind^^) and approving the hacks, but I'd never post a single review (this is my mistake). Now, I got more free time to play and , finally, participate in this forum. I hope this hack make a big success, and would be a honor to test it.
Thanks. ^^
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Glitch hunter, RAM eater, pseudo-TASer.
Scripts, documentations, and misc: SMW stuff on Github, YI stuff on Github, The Flintstones stuff on Github
Stuff and me: YouTube, Twitter
I guess I'd like to be a beta tester so I can finally so something productive for the site. And I do enjoy messing around in levels, so I could find a thing or two. (insert more generic bragging about my amazing skills here.)
I call I beta test

Why I should be a beta-tester?
I didn't help with this hack yet, and I would like to do SOMETHING.
I'm pretty picky, so i'll point out even the smallest little errors,
or even improvements. I'm also an advanced Player, so I know a lot of glitches we don't wanna see in this hack, so that would make it easier for me to find little errors. And I thinkm I also have a good feeling for difficulty. I also have enough of time to test,
so that won't be an issue. And finally: You can trust me, if you guys want me not to give the hack to anyone, I won't give the hack to anyone.

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