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Beta Testing
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I would love to beta test this. Whilist I'm not the best at creating levels and such, I love to just sit and play games. Testing this hack would be a great honor for me. I'll try and look at what makes the game fun and see where it could in my opinion use some work.

I'm Best Video Gamer, and I'd like to see if I can beta-test this hack.

Although I haven't submitted anything to SMWCP, I had wanted to make a few levels (except the signups closed on me), so this is how I can be involved. I may not have as much beta-testing experience as some other applicants here, but I did beta-test a hack called Articula. As for knowledge of the actual hack, I've only seen a few vids here and there... (it's interesting to see a hack with many styles.)

When I beta-test or play a hack like a beta-tester, I noticed that I have a good eye for cutoff and general glitches. I also sometimes think in my head if a room has any 'problems' such as stuck-forever spots. In general, I'm one of the more nitpickier testers here.

While reading through this thread, I noticed quite a few 'big names' in beta-testing, and while I'm certain that I can't always stack up to them, I'd certainly try (and do) my best if I do get selected, letting you guys know if I see the slightest thing.

You hear dice being thrown...
My SMW ROMhack: Super Market Roll Drums is active once again!
Second 2014 C3 Demo Here ([thread] [demo])
Lunatic Lolo, an Adventures of Lolo 2 hack: 20/54 Levels ([C3 thread] [demo])
I'm Artsy3, and I would be honored to be a beta-tester of this hack.

I was unable to contribute directly to SMWCP, so I don't know how that would factor in. I DO however, have experience in beta-testing and pointing out errors. I usually play through the hack, trying to get through 100%, and see if problems come up. If the do, I either post screenshots of the errors in threads, or PM the hack creator with the issues.

I have done this test and error checking on hacks such as The Seven Golden Mushrooms,H&S The Crater,Jerry's Packing Puzzle, and many others. I'd gladly do the process for this hack as well, if I get chosen.

While I may not be as well known or renowned as some of the other users of this site, I am always trying to play people's requested hacks, and even hacks in moderation, so that I can help them make it better. I can assure I will try to work my "Mario hack moderation magic" (as I call my method) to point out and explain errors, so that I can do my part in raising this collaboration hack to the precipice of perfection.

(No current projects, lost them all.....)

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Excuse me!
I'd like to beta test and im amazing and have no involvement in the hack. Thank you so much for not hearing me the first time and as your punishment i need to sound like the most important person in the credits.

Really. Limepie, I think that this thread will be closed, and then the deciders will be reading through this whole thread. So I dont think that there is a need to post twice with basically the same reason to be a beta tester as you had before.
I would definitly would like to be a beta test for this project. I think that it would be a great way to contribute to and get used to, since I'm (somewhat) new here. (Just don't pass me as a "Random n00b", ok?) Plus I try to find everything there is In a level and sometimes end up finding glithes in the progress. (Even in major hacks like SMW Hacking 101 and SMW 2+3) Plus I didn't get to work on this hack because I found out about it too late and I still want to have something to do with it. Lastly, I think it could give me something to do in my free time since I have nothing else to do and it might even teach me stuff about hacking I didn't know. Also, please don't ignore me just because I'm low rank. (as of Summer 2010)
I've been hacking for quite a while but don't use the forums much.

Thank you for Reading (or not) my long, boring, not well-written rant!

Why don't I say that one number? I don't have time for him!
I would love to Beta Test this game. I havent played a well made hack in Forever.

Steam: controversialbread
I want to be beta tester. Reason?
-I have been a beta tester for several hacks in the forums SMW Hacking in Portuguese
-Use the Lunar Magic does a lot of time
-I have an advanced knowledge in SMW Hacking, and the basic ASM.
-I love SMW Hacks
I would like to beta test because although I've had no experience in beta testing, may not have time to do it, and may not know what to look out for, I still think I should be somehow be including in this momentous project.
I have no idea what to change my layout it to...
You know me. You know how I've beta tested before, took like dozens of screenshots doing so to show stuff, and have gotten a couple hacks unreleased because of my valiant efforts. Is there anything else to really say? ;)
I would be a great beta tester for this ROM hack because I search every little detail in games. Whether it means falling down a pit to find any glitches or secrets, I shall do it. Whatever it takes to make sure that this hack is tested to it's full extent and making sure anything that could go wrong won't!
Originally posted by asdf
You know me. You know how I've beta tested before, took like dozens of screenshots doing so to show stuff, and have gotten a couple hacks unreleased because of my valiant efforts. Is there anything else to really say? ;)

If it affects the choice of beta testers at all, I'd like to throw my support behind asdf and offer an example of a hack he got temporarily unreleased.
How long does it take you to give me the hack. I told you I wanted to beta test.

Originally posted by limepie20
How long does it take you to give me the hack. I told you I wanted to beta test.


1. You're not destined to be a beta tester for this just because you posted,

2. I doubt they're sending out the beta tests yet anyways, and

3. You don't even have very good reasons in the first place.

(... Methinks I'm getting a bit too obsessed with lists)

Good fucking bye.
I'm not a beta tester?
thread sucks

Originally posted by limepie20
I'm not a beta tester?
thread sucks

I didn't say you aren't one, I said you aren't one yet.

even though i doubt you will be


Oh, I don't want to beta test. Really, me beta testing would probably massively delay the hack considering how slowly I normally play games.

Good fucking bye.
Wait. I've got an idea. If you let me beta test I'll lp it and it'll become more famous. That sounds like a good compromise. I'll just patiently wait for your decision.

While I would not like to do any beta testing myself, I believe BIGDADDYJOHNSON27 deserves a position.

Who's with me?
Well, at first I thought, "I'm already a hack moderator, maybe I should give some other users the chance to beta test."
It's been, like, a week, and now I'm thinking more along the lines of "This game needs to be beta tested really well, as it's representing our community." <- Which is why I'm posting.

As for involvement, I've made one level, checked the graphics thread a bit and seen a few other things, but, overall, I haven't been all that involved thus far. I guessed that's another reason I'd like to help.

I'll also say that I'm quite experienced with testing hacks. I've moderated 50+ hacks and a lot of them have been pretty big removal logs, with me pointing out a lot of smaller details. Not only that, but I've also beta test some "big name" hacks, such as Final Destination, Bonni's Quest, and Lynnes' Contest Level.

As a side note: I'm totally OCD, which makes it so I almost have to check out every level throughly, or else I'd be agitated.

Now, of course, I'd feel bad (really bad) if you picked me over someone else who hasn't gotten a chance to make a name for themselves beta tester-wise, but I'd still really like to be more a part of this.


@RC - Yes.
@limepie - It's pretty obvious you're trolling. I would stop before you get in trouble. :|

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limepie20 keep the terrible posting back at the talkhaus please. Thanks.

Also, I'll be leaving this open for another few days, so if anyone still has any interest in trying for a testing spot, make your post.
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