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[My First Hack] Any Feedback is Appreciated! :)
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - [My First Hack] Any Feedback is Appreciated! :)
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So I've recently become interested in SMW Hacking and found this site a while ago. I've only been doing this a few days and rather than submit my First Hack, which let's face it, probably won't be too good I thought I'd post a WiP thread. If this is in the wrong section please forgive me. :)

I've been reading all the removal logs so I can try and avoid bad habits and I hope with the help of the members I can actually become half-decent at this. :D

You can download the current .ips here.

NAME: King Boo's Revenge

Mario blacked out mysteriously only to wake up in a mysterious forest. He must find a way to escape and figure out what is going on.

As you can tell from the title it will have something to do with King Boo. I'm hoping to get each boss to be a Big Boo, but with something different. For example, King Boo may wear a crown, have Royal Guards, etc. Then there may be a.... ummm... Elder Boo, and you get the idea.

First Submap (World 1) has all levels laid out and just needs some touching up with sprites and whatnot.

Level 1 is 100% finished minus some tweaking.
Level 2 is 0% finished, as is the rest of the hack.


I've removed those rails as the Big Boo clips behind them, anyone tell me how can I fix this?

Looks good for a first hack, no cut off or anything else bad like that, blatant level edits are yet to be determined as I cant tell by the screen shots.

(Just incase you dont know, press ctrl+del when making a new lvl)

Your layout has been removed.
Im not a "higher class" or "Badge master" kind of guy, but this will seem like a pretty good hack.

May be too soon but. . . May I help???

PM me if so. [insert mini face spam here]

King Boo's Revenge

Good job so far! But the overworld looks like an edit of the Forest of

Wow, for a first hack, this is looking great. The palette matches the name of the Dark Forest level nicely.

About the Big Boo going behind the rails. It's probably because of Layer Priority being enabled on those tiles. If you go in the 16x16 Tile Map Editor (Question Block icon), click on any of the rail tiles and click "Edit 16x16 attributes." In the drop-down box where it says "Layer Priority Enabled" change that to Disabled. Click OK and right click on a empty tile on a MAP16 page. Use the up and down arrow keys to change pages. Repeat this for the remaining rail tiles. Finally select these new tiles from the "Add Objects Window" in the Direct MAP16 access.
Looks nice! SOOOO Much better than my first hack! Can't wait to play it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
My Youtube Channel(I do walkthroughs):
The Wonder World Chronicles Part 1: The Adventure Begins
Gamma Build(V 0.3) [Private Bug Test]

Layout by zKiP
Wow thanks for all that. I fixed some problems in the first level.

Thanks to MarioFan22 for the Big Boo fix.
Also I made the patch left behind when you eat berries to match the tree

I managed to add some Yellow Switch Blocks to the Boo section so you can avoid a death if the P-Switch runs out. Took me forever to get them in.

What's with the Edit Post not working?

I'm going to start on level 2 and should have it finished soon, so long as there's absolutely no problems at all! :)
You might want to make the coins 3 or 4 tiles long because if your good at jumping, you might be able to get into the pipe without the p-switch.

The edit post does'nt work because the fourms are open now and they still have bugs.

I must say that for a first hack, this is very good. I can't find anything wrong with those pics. Keep up the great work, and welcome to SMWC!
I like how this is coming along.

I can't really tell by the pictures, but are you using the original forest palettes or are they darkened?

8 Trials Await (2010) lol|
I tried to get into the pipe and indeed I could. Thanks for that SPW.

The forest palettes are darkened.
This looks great for a first hack and really shows how first hacks can be good. Your level design and pallette choices are cool. B)
This is really your first hack? If you didn't say anything I don't think anyone would be able to guess that. This looks quite promising!

One thing I want to ask though: Are you planning on adding custom music/blocks/etc? Just asking out of curiousity. :^)


View my YouTube channel here!
View my website here!
Gee thanks for the replies and yes this is the first hack I've attempted after getting LM. Level 2 is nearly done just gotta fix some Layer Priority stuff and a Sprite or 2.

I tried to venture out a bit with DARK FOREST 2 (Level 2).

I added some custom block and tried some YY-CHR.

And to answer I8Strudel, I've had a look at custom music and I'll have to dedicate a lot of time into learning that so I may add some off the site or ask someone to create some. I actually had a go at a small sound clip but it sounded not quite as it should.

I'm planning on a new enemy every level or 2 in Boo Form, either with Custom Sprites (which I have absolutely no idea how to make, but I can add 'em if anyone wants to make some :)) or ExGFX and simply re-skinning existing sprites.

Anyway on to the screens of Level 2.

Start of level.

Boo Coin I made.

Banzai Boo in Progress.

Custom One-Way Blocks

Levels End.

Also I forgot to get the pipe above me in the final shot. It can be accessed without the Yellow Switch but requires some jumping skills.

My thoughts on the YSP is that it is there to aid you so I try not to make too many areas or collectibles dependent on having the Switches.

For example the in the last shot the Boo Coin is easily collected by having the Switch, but a P-Switch also allows collection and one is needed shortly beforehand. This however risks death as it may run out.
Oooh, I really like the custom stuff you've done there.
Level design looks great, the Boo Coin looks nice, Banzai Boo looks interesting and I really like the One Way Block graphics. #w{=3}
I has a problem! I'm working on level 3 but can't get this one block to work.

I was using the regular BlockTool for the One Way blocks in level 2.
I downloaded "[BTSD] Race against death block" and realised I needed BTSD so I got that.

I inserted the block with BTSD, everything working fine except the One-way blocks stopped working.

I went back and inserted everything with BTSD and now the One-Way blocks are working again but the Teleport block isn't! Argh. >:(
I really have no idea why we actually host the normal BlockTool.
Looks like you will have to port everything over to a new ROM, cause I don't think you can revert BlockTool so easily.

Your layout has been removed.
Never use BTSD & BT on the same rom, it will screw things up and make you port over to a new rom (Basically take everything from the corrupted/hacked rom over to a new clean rom). Also, if you're going to still use BT then i can convert BTSD blocks to BT really easy.
I change my layout every 4-5 months
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - [My First Hack] Any Feedback is Appreciated! :)

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