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Hex edit help.

Originally posted by Old thread that no one would help me with

Stupid cant edit crap. GAH.

So see the last thread hex editing search for the main question. (that was answered)

So, I changed what I wanted to, but now whenever I touch a note block or ON/OFF block (Hex edits were to change the tile maps of the 'hit' sprite) the game freezes! This even happens to the copy of my hack that I made before I made the hex edits! (I deleted the original and renamed it the same as the original, if that makes a difference)

Come on people, I need help fixing this! Sure, No one even cares about the hack but I spent a LONG time on it!
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Renaming it wouldn't make a difference, but if it still glitches even with a version before the Hex edit, then it's clearly not the edit's fault. Was it just the tilemaps of note blocks and ON/OFF switches or all of the blocks? Also, by touch, do you mean wherever Mario touches the block or only when he hits it?

Here's what I can think of right now:

1. Was the old version saved as an IPS patch? If so, it may be your "clean" ROM.

2. Did you switch the version of LM you were using for the hack mid-development? I've noticed that making a level with one version of LM can cause another version to crash whenever I try to open the ROM in that level, so maybe other complications can form as well.

I can't find the other thread you're talking about, so I'm not sure if all of the info is here, but I can't really tell too much from the info in this thread. Also, does this hack happen to be the one that you had problems with the fireball break block I made? Lastly, are there any other patches/Hex edits you've made?

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