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Bloop!'s team hack

There is the title^
Jobs are listed below. Also, when updated, title will have a *

Leader - Bloop!

ExGFX - Lavos/SMWedit/SHowboo (full)

Sprites - Lavos/SMWedit (full)

Level disign - Showboo/Pikaguy900/
Z hacker/MiniMonster/mwc/______/CondorTalon (need 1)

GFX - Bluemoon/Z hacker/______/Showboo (need 1)

OW design - CondorTalon/Z hacker (need 1)

Blocks - SMWedit/Sparx/Showboo (full)

Music - bored2tears/freakishblob/Super Tails/Delamru (full)

Beta test - Sparx/Internoob (full)

Ideas - Bloop! (i guess...)

You can sign up now, but we need to figure out a storyline first.

If you want to do soething not listed tell me and I'll make it happen

(thanks for the smiley Green Luigi)

NOTE*** the customs are optional.

(further details later)


And here is a vid for Lumber Feilds (YI:1)...

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SMWedit made the BG, isnt he awesome?

EDIT: Story!!!

After the events of any mario game, doesn't really matter, bowser is thrown in prison. The mushroom kingdom begins to relax. However, the mushroom king starts to show his age, and becomes corrupt and senile. He loses most of his sanity, but he cannot be replaced until he dies. The justice system then goes corrupt, with murderers being let loose and anybody considered a threat to him is assassinated. The king decides that killing mario will cause uproar, so he accuses him of raping peach and he is sent to prison. Not much later, peach is accused of homocide and sentenced with the death penalty. Before she can be sentenced, she mysteriously disappears. Mario escapes from prison, and must once again seek bowsers help to stay alive. He escapes prison with bowser, and begins searching for peach. With the help of luigi, he eventually finds her in hiding somewhere in the mountains. Mario returns to toad town to find the place in ruins, and he must overthrow the toad king to keep alive.

Now the area plot...

World 1: Toad town
Mario begins his search for the princess by looking around toad town, and finding information of her whereabouts, with the help of bowser and luigi
The first level in it will be Toad Town Prison, where mario has to free bowser and escape himself. The boss will be the cheif of police (possibly cheif chilly, use the bully sprite)
World 2: Goomba Woods
Mario, after learning of the goombas' involvement in the whole ordeal, seeks out the goomba king, and further information. The castle will be the goomba king's (or goomboss') castle. The boss will be the goomba king.
World 3: Derrangement Desert
Mario was told in the last world to go to Mt. Bananavision (or whatever you want to call it), a mountain somewhere in the Stoney mountains (again, a temporary name) To reach there, he must traverse a desert. No idea what the boss would be, maybe a team of mummified pokeys. The castle would be some sort of a temple, pyramid or ruins.
World 4: The stony Mountains
Mario searches for Mt. bananavision, getting help from the locals. No idea what the boss or castle would be, parts of the mountains should be icy though. I guess the castle could be Mt. Bananavision, and you would have to climb to the top and fight a boss there. Maybe a lakitu team, or a lakitu with hp.
World 5: Stony airport/the airship
Mario learns of a lockdown in toad town, and that everybody is shut inside. He stows away on a millitary airship heading towards toad town.
Boss would be the captain
World 6: Fort Toadstool
The airship lands, but mario discovers it landed right inside a military base, and mario must escape without being caught.
more later

Bloop! is still working on it, and the names are substitutes, they are not official.

K, he pm'ed me the rest of it...

World 7: Toad Town II
Mario returns to toad town, and must break in to the palace and defeat the king.
I guess i could help, if you want any EXGFX from my hacks screens just let me know. sorry forgot the EX
thank u all for useing my joke button! to those who couldnt take the joke, grow a funny bone.

  • Well, I'll check them out and then tell you.

    EDIT: I dont see very many GFX but the ExGFX yes.

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    I would like to do custom gfx [exgfx] and I may insert music. And level design.
    Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
    I could help with level design, but if that gets full, I doubt there's anything else I could do. (The only graphics I'm even remotely good at are rips made by drawing things I see in pics and stuff by hand...and that's not much.) Good luck on your hack, BTW.
    <Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
    I'll do music here, same like in buu-huu's hack.
    Just back here to browse a bit.
    level disign

  • DOH! I guess I can let you do that (I'm giving up my position for ya')

    Ok, your added!

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  • Your welcome! And I'm adding beta test posission.

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    Eh, I can help you come up with a story. PM me to here it.
    Just back here to browse a bit.
    I'll do ExGFX (BG rips) and blocks.

    I can also do sprites, but it seems as that slot is full and I can't help with that.
    p.s. I am the one who makes those rotating sprites from YI

  • I guess I can make another slot for sprites, nothing will get done with 1 person, ok I'll add you. There you go, your in.

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    I'll go for beta testing and blocks. I can insert them and can make custom blocks =P

  • K, your added.

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    I can make overworlds...
    How To Design a Good Overworld

  • K, I'll add you. You have been added

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    Can we use GFX from the ExGFX section if you are a GFX worker.

    If I ever become a GFX worker i'll most likely be too lazy to make the GFX.

  • Well, in the exgfx section it wouldnt be gfx, it would be EXgfx, and if you work with exgfx, yes, you can use some from the exgfx section.

    EDIT: Think this story would work?

    And the monkeys could be one of the custom sprites!!!

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    Why is there just one slot for music and four for graphics?
    Your layout has been removed.