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elevator level

what are the setting in need for a vertical level where lava stays still at the bottom of the screen, but layer 2 falls ( so if mario doesn't keep jumping on the falling layer 2 stuff he'll fall into the lava ). the settings i need are layer 1 ( FG ) vertical scrolling, layer 2 scrolling rate, and also is it possible to have both subscreens or just one ?
Layer 1 stays still with these levels. Layer 2 is the one that's falling. You need to use the "Layer 2 Falls" generator in order to get that effect. Level Mode 08 seems to work the best with this setup. I haven't gotten it to work with both subscreens though, so I don't think you can do that with Layer 2.

Also, be sure to put the screen exit at the screen where Mario is and not where the exit pipe/door is. It'll give you a warning message, but it thinks that Mario's trying to get up to the exit, and not that the exit is coming down to Mario.

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thanks, but what do i put for the layer 2 scrolling rate ?
hmm, i tried that but i get animated garbage instead of layer 2 and layer 1 is kinda hidden by it. what should layer 1 scrolling be ?
No Vertical & No Vertical or Horizontal seem to work the same. Is there any way you could show a picture of this animated garbage?

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in ML it's like this :

but in-game, like this :
'Enable GFX Bypass' and mess with the settings.The Game
You just lost.
that is already enabled, it looks fine is, some settings so that isn't the problem.
Try making mario start on an even numbered screen, and if he is on the right side make sure the fg bg initial position settings are 00 and 00, on the left make sure theyre c0 and c0
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