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Super Mario Odyssey - MSU1 Teaser


NOTE: This demo requires bsnes 0.68 for music playback. It should will work fine in other emulators, you just won't hear any music. Also, please read the notes below before you complain about the length/incompleteness of the demo. It took a long time just to get this far, thanks to real life getting in the way.

Extract the entire folder and run it like a ROM. Do not open the .sfc file inside the folder or you won't get any music.

Without further ado, copied from my thread on byuu's board:

Originally posted by BMF54123 (30 MB)

Here it is, the first teaser of Super Mario Odyssey, now with MSU1 soundtrack goodness. Just extract the "smo_msu1.sfc" folder in its entirety somewhere and load it in bsnes.

A few notes:
- Save files are not implemented yet. All four doors take you to World 1-1.
- The intro is incomplete.
- World 1-1 is incomplete.
- There is a small pause between the intro and main loop of a couple of tracks. Can't really do anything about it until byuu implements WAV loop points.
- Debugging features are still enabled. Hold L and press A twice to enable free movement mode, or Up+Select to change powerups.
- The code is horrible. Please don't look. :(

Future demo releases will likely include MP3 files rather than WAV files. There are quick and easy MP3-to-WAV converters available for pretty much every OS. For Windows users, I'll probably just include LAME and a batch file to simplify the process.

Enjoy, and please let me know if you encounter any horrible bugs. :)
I'll have to check this out right now :D
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Hooray, a reply! Now I can add screenshots!

Is it just me, or has the Edit feature been broken for a long time? It always tells me "the forums are currently unavailable". Sigh. -_-
Rofl, i remember this hack a long time ago, it was Awesome! I should go play it again
Yeah, the edit feature's broken for now.

Let me say now that I've played it: that was quite a ride. I expected the average crappy, obviously-extremely-beta thing. Boy was I wrong.

The first thing that greeted me was the music. No idea how you did that, but it was amazing. And the title, reused from the original made me happy.

Second, the save feature: Super Mario Land 2 Nostalgia. And really, the work put into it: awesome.

Then the little cutscene. It really added epicness to the hack, it felt like a movie XD

Then the level itself. Great custom graphics, I know you handdrew them, good job on that. The design was good, I am fond of colorshoed goombas, so bonus points there, and the layer 3 BG looks cool(really feels like pine tree forested mountains).

When the level "changes"(such as when you die), the black Sonic-esque black "curtain" looks awesome, great touch. Will there be no overworld( in that case D:), but the feature makes up for it.

All in all, the little ASM and graphical details really made it shine. Nice, I'm looking forward to this more than the original now ;)
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Curse you Spud for making me really, really wanting to play something I can't.

... Well, then again, there's a Windows right in the same room I'm in and my brother's nowhere in sight... Hmm...
Good fucking bye.
Did you draw the graphics yourself? They give off a wicked cartoony/cheery vibe = )
I plan on making the vast majority of the graphics myself, yes. I think there are too many hacks nowadays that rely entirely on art ripped from other games. While it looks nice, it just feels kinda cheap to me. :\

The only graphics here that were taken from other sources are the planet Earth (Google Images) and the waterfalls (based largely on those in the Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout prototype). Everything else is either from the original SMW or drawn by hand.

GoldenSonic: what OS do you use? bsnes is available for a few different OSes, including Linux and MacOS. You might have to compile it yourself, though there are probably older precompiled binaries floating around somewhere. 0.60 is the minimum version needed to play MSU1 music.
I meant I have a problem finding a program that opens .rar files (and works, I stumbled across one once but it didn't seem to work for me), I know there's bsnes for Mac. :/
Good fucking bye.
What can I say, BMF? This little teaser proves your hacking skills can endure the tests of time. Despite this being a bite-sized appetizer of the main dish to come (forgive me for the horrible metaphor), I was thoroughly impressed with the versatility shown. Some hacks shine in one area, but severely lack in others (e.g. Brutal Mario), but this SMO relaunch seems to be shaping up to be an all-around awesome hack, with impressive technical advances, great custom graphics, and strong level design. When I first played the original SMO eight years ago (I'm goldenyoshi2000/Golden Yoshi from Acmlm's, if you happen to remember that name), it certainly amazed me, as there weren't any hacks like it. I'm definitely getting the same feeling with this new version. Keep it up, and I hope this one makes it to the finish line.
I am very very..... ;_; Very very.

All nonsense aside, I really am impressed at this. It literally feels like a fangame. I am hoping it can be playable outside of BSnes by the time it would be finished. ZSNES is my 'home' so to speak. I guess I am weird about emulators.

But I love how you placed music that sounds like it hardly uses ANY SMW music sounds. It just makes me....

very very...
Originally posted by Luca
I am hoping it can be playable outside of BSnes by the time it would be finished.

From what other people are saying, that'll probably only happen if they make massive upgrades to Zsnes/Snes9x sound emulation. (It apparently is playable otherwise, other emulators apparently aren't powerful enough to support the music)

... I really, really want to hear what the game at least sounds like. D:
Good fucking bye.
It's not a matter of being "powerful enough" to support the music; all you're doing is playing back a WAV file (though some level of synchronization is involved). It's a matter of convincing the two dev teams that it's worth implementing, and then actually getting them to do it. :|

However, if this hack ends up getting a bunch of people to try out bsnes, that's fine by me (and byuu). ;)

AamirM was kind enough to record a little "TAS" of the demo in its entirety. He plans to upload it to YouTube soon, but in the meantime, you can download an AVI here.

I can't get the game to play (bsnes doesn't seem to like my computer), but I watched the video, and...that music is actually in the game?? Ha! Very cool!

Also, I really like your trees and how they overlap like that. I'm going to hand draw some based on what you did there. Your graphics are inspiring.
BMF, this is some very nice work that you've displayed here. I loved the cut-scenes, and the gfx that you made. They really are inspiring like some have said. What absolutely won me over was the transition from the title screen to the file select, and the support of WAV file music. At first, I thought that this was a really well done fan game, but after letting curiosity get the best of me, i decided to see if the hack was open-able in lunar magic, and sure enough, it was! (No disrespect to you I was just curious and wanted to try it) Please keep up the awesome work. I look forward to seeing more.
Just tried it out and here's some thoughts:

+nice to see custom graphics that actually mesh well with the original SMW GFX. Looks great.
+level design was solid, no boring bits or plain uninteresting sections.
+the neat extras like the new transition and save select were very well done
+choice of music fits theme of the level very well

I was suprised to see my pos P4 machine run the latest bsnes at 60FPS in compatibility mode too, I figured I'd need my C2D notebook for this but it played just fine.

Anyway I like what I see so far, goodluck with the rest.
Yes, the MSU1 programming interface is only eight registers, six of which are simple address values. It would be trivial to add it to any SNES emulator, as all you need to be able to do is output sound and read from a file. It's less than 4KB of code in bsnes.

Unfortunately, the ZSNES and Snes9X devs seem wholly uninterested in any advancements I come up with (UPS, MSU1, XML mapping, serial support, enhanced cheats+database, etc.)

Hopefully awesome hacks such as this will encourage them to add the support. But if not, someone else will have to fork the code to do it.

Lastly, ikari_01's flash cart is coming along, which has native MSU1 audio support. So you could always wait for that and run this on the real thing :D
WOAH! This teaser is freaking awesome! I was really surprised to hear the actual Paper Mario 2 music in an SMW hack. I had no idea bSNES supported WAV files. ZSNES surely needs to have this feature too.

Now, onto the level design. From what I've seen so far, the level is looking very nice and the music fits it perfectly. Can't wait to see more of this hack! #w{=D}
While the technical aspects about this game were defenitly great it also makes me sad playing this, because now I know for sure that the original Super Mario Odyssey is dead. The game I fell in love with will probably never be finished. While this game will most likely turn out great, it just doesn't have the same nostalgia feeling to it like the original version. What I loved most about this game was that it combined SMW with a completely new experience. It was like reexperiencing my childhood. This version, however, so far looks like a game that could as well have been done in any modern programming language using modern machines.

Now don't get me wrong. As I said this is looking great so far. It's just that I personally will stick to the style of the original version. ;)
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
I was a bit reluctant to let the old SMO die, but honestly it's for the best. I wasn't nearly as good a hacker back then as I am now, and the sheer number of unfinished, broken, or just plain dumb code hacks, combined with the disappearance of my old notes, ensured I'd spend the next few years fixing stuff instead of working on the game proper. Internally, the game was an unholy mess, one I no longer knew how to deal with after nearly three years of inactivity. On top of all that, the upgrade to LM 1.71 broke even more things, and I really wanted to use the editor's amazing new features (especially the expanded graphics and Map16 space). In the end, the pros of starting over--armed with a fresh ROM, new tools, and the freedom to do things right the second time around--greatly outweighed the cons.

If it makes you feel any better, I'll probably end up recycling a lot of stuff from the old SMO. I've already salvaged the title screen and the original cave graphics, as you can see in the demo. :)