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I too am looking for a person interested in a partnered hack

I hope this thread isn't breaking any rules...
This hack starts off as a "The Princess has been kidnapped. So we'll force you to endanger your life in an attempt to rescue her only to, in the end, not be rewarded at all," but you somehow end of saving a town which was soon to be destroyed by... uh... aliens, sure. Anyhow, here is an early video of the intro. Shortly after you do what's seen in the video you'll go to the first world of the game, a cave, where you finally get to play some actual levels. I'm looking for someone to help create these levels. Or actually, I'm looking for someone to help make this hack. Preferably someone who enjoys porting music, because I do not.

If you are interested in working on this hack with me, tell me what you're good and bad at hacking-wise in this thread.

If you have any questions about this, ask me in the thread.

If you aren't interested in helping, increase your post count anyway by posting some encouraging words in this thread or something like that.

Also, if someone has the time and knowledge, claim my request in the requests section... or don't.
How To Design a Good Overworld
I can join (I need to do something else than playing WoW/Looking at my hack..)

Okay, Let's start:

I'm more of a "Chocolate" Hacker. But if you don't want any ExGFX or something I can work with Vanilla elements.

About music, No, I'm not good at porting. xD

Uhh... Basicly, Just tell me what to do and I'll try to do it =D
YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
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I can do everything except Custom Sprites and ASM. :D

Custom Music,ExGFX,xkas,Lunar Magic...

Originally posted by Exor
I hope this thread isn't breaking any rules...

Actually, it kinda is:
Originally posted by SMW Hack discussion rules
2. Don't create threads solely to ask for people to join your team!
If you're going to make a Team Hack thread, be prepared to actually show progress, and possibly have a small team assembled already. (This is strongly advised.) Asking for more members is okay as long as you show proof of progress! Also, on that matter, don't grab people to make your hack for you- you are the leader, so you will be expected to do MORE than the rest of your team.
I can do most things except Port Music. I'm a newbie at .asm but I know enough to make a very basic code.The Game
You just lost.
GFX, Level design, and idea generating are my specialty. And BTW HuFlungDu, this counts as progress. So he's not breaking any rules. BTW, do not ask me to do music porting. I'm not going out of my way to install Perl (which I think is pointless anyway) just so I can use addmusic.
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If you could show samples of work you've done, that would be nice...
But I'll decide in a day or so even if no samples are shown but that will be a bit harder, so please show samples.

Also, progress was made.
The intro level has been redone with new graphics.
And the map of world one is now done.

That means that levels are almost ready to be started.
How To Design a Good Overworld
Whoa,i like the Intro Level.
The First World,is (for me) a little bit short (I mean 4 levels and a pipe...)