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Adventure Land: Darkness Rising - Update (May 22nd) : Bubble Canyon 2.0

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Oh cool, third phase. I find it kinda funny that you're working on the second-to-last boss when you're only on World 1. :P
Good fucking bye.
Dang, that third phase looks awesome. Though, it would be nice to see Dark Star escaping to the right at some point in the third phase. That way, it makes sense that he's already over there when you reach him in that phase.

I haven't stopped paying attention to this hack, and I'm still looking forward to the day it is finished. :)
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
Looks Pretty Awesome, Man! Still Waiting For That Beta To Be Sent...
The progress of this hack will be slowing down due to the following reasons; Parents divorced, ASMWCP2, addicted to Minecraft.

Thank you for reading this important message.
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Originally posted by flareblade26
addicted to Minecraft.

Good fucking bye.
I hate Minecraft

Wat. I be looking for to something new.
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

I'm at my dads house at the moment anyways, so I can't work on it for the next week.
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I've decided to create a twitter account to make this easier to access and update you all on small stuff too pointless to post in this thread! Also don't worry, an update SHOULD be coming soonish... (Sunday/Monday)

Just search Flareblade26 on twitter to find me.
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I like that Dark Star so keep it, it looks too hard for me though!

Alcaro edit: Unreadable post = edited post

Alright, so with c3 around the corner and me nearing the end of my next demo, I realized something.

I only have 3 beta testers, 1 of which is banned and another I haven't heard from in awhile. :V

So, I need more beta testers!!!
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Sorry I haven't posted in forever (but that is mainly due to the fact that this thread hasn't updated in forever), but I must admit that you're doing a very good job with the Dark Star, and I especially like the Sacred Grounds-esque run-like-crazy sequence. Although, it kind of seems too easy, but I digress...

In terms of beta-testing, C3 certainly is right around the corner (it feels like we had the Mosts a week ago...time flies in this place...), so sorry I can't beta test though, I'm not really into SMW Hacking anymore...

Anyway, good luck with whatever it is you're doing next. #w{=D}
That's right folks! The C3 demo is ready! :D
Vids coming soon! (I will either delete this post if no one has responded, or... make a new one I guess?)

Edit: so, youtube is being a bitch and not letting me upload. bah. Anyways, I still need beta testers if I want to get this accepted at c3!
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Okay beta tester I'll be!Please let give
If you want a Beta Tester, just PM me.
Also, your hack have a lot of potential.

Maybe I'll follow you in Twitter.
C3 thread!
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I am a big fan of his hack, and I created a hack with some graphics based on their own. Continue your work because I'm here waiting for the final version.
Incidentally, I saw that in your previous releases levels you used to have that now no longer does. For those excluded their jobs? They were so nice, and quite liked the Thwomp Temple, but it seems now he is gone D:

Google Translator D:
#yolo what the f * c k !
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀a a a a a a a a a a
It's a secret shhh
It's Bubble Canyon's turn for the World 1 Re-Vamp project, but since it has received the most positive feed-back for a level I have made yet, I just decided to polish it, then add another section. Without further ado...

click for vid

It truly is a miracle that this got out when it did. With the whole divorce and Minecraft addiction stuff, it is amazing that this got out when it did.

I have already Re-Vamped Fort Fuzzy (I think it was the first Re-Vamp I did) so, the castle is next. Almost done with this folks, look forward to BRANDSPANKIN'NEW LEVELS!

Thanks for everyones continues support and putting up with me in these slooow updates, but I'm sticking through with this to the end guys! 8+ months of work WILL NOT go to waste!

In other news, the demo didn't pass but I fixed up the stuff and trying again, so cross your fingers!
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Um. You accidently submitted Demo 1.
Good fucking bye.
WOW! Bubble Canyon 2.0 was very nice. But I think we should fix the part where you have to play the shell in the ON / OFF switch so you do not hit right away!

Google Translate T.T
#yolo what the f * c k !
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀a a a a a a a a a a
It's a secret shhh
I Have A Problem With Bubble Canyon, Its The Color Palletes Of The Ground, The Grass IS Fine. But Not The Dirt! It Looks Weird.
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