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Adventure Land: Darkness Rising - Update (May 22nd) : Bubble Canyon 2.0

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Post 100 of this thread! So anyways guys, I've been kinda drawing blanks on ideas for the castle. So heres a preview of what I have done in the first level of world 2: Thwomp temple Ruins

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What I REALLY like though, is the fact that the castle blocks look so freaking awesome with this pallette. Seriously, it looks really realistic.


Beta test of World 1 is coming SOON! Get ready!
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I don't really like how the walljump blocks look, it kinda doesn't fit with the redrawn graphics.
And that ball 'n chain part looks pretty cool although it may be a bit hard.
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I have to agree with ellipsis there about the walljump blocks they just don't look right or fit in to the hack very well but the castle does look really good so far.
Originally posted by ...
I don't really like how the walljump blocks look, it kinda doesn't fit with the redrawn graphics.
And that ball 'n chain part looks pretty cool although it may be a bit hard.

I agree. However, the vanilla BG in the castle looks great! Well done with that!
Nice job with both the GFX and the castle, Death/Flare-blade26. Besides the wall-jump blocks (which everyone has already mentioned), I really couldn't find anything wrong with that segment of the level.

Ah, so it seems you've finally come to what I call a "blanking point" (hahahahahaha*shot*). But in all seriousness, it's sad to see you've started running out of ideas, that's why my hack isn't doing so well, (must...get...idea...) and I knew it was coming eventually. Just stick with it, and try to experiment with what Thwomps can do. Maybe you can design some type of cut-scene in which Mario falls into a trap (like those stupid Bowser doors in Paper Mario), or something.

Originally posted by Deathblade26
To be honest, I really dont see my hack as THAT great...

I think your hack is fantastic just simply because I'm a horrible hacker, I'm just really bad. So when I see hacks with realistic Ball 'N' Chains and sideways Thwomps, and awesome palettes, and, and, and, well you get the point. It just puts me in awe when compared to my hack. :\

Anyways, good luck with whatever you're doing next! #w{=D}
Alright, so I fixed the wall jump blocks. They look MUCH better now.

By the way, I'm not neccasarily running out of ideas, OOOOOHH NO! I have plenty, just not for the castle.
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Telling us how awesome they look now doesn't do us any good, show us a pic of them.
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the blocky design in some areas weirds me out a bit, but meh 0.o

Just something off topic.. where'd you get momentum spike ball -I've been seeing them used a lot in other recent hacks, and was kinda curious.
It's a fairly new sprite by Alcaro so it makes sense that it doesn't appear in old hacks.
Just ctrl F for "[Sprite] Ball 'n' Chain Pendulum (v1.1)" in the sprites section.
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No, don't use that one, it's a bit old.
Use the Pendulum Pack, it's version 1.2.
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Originally posted by Alcaro
No, don't use that one, it's a bit old.
Use the Pendulum Pack, it's version 1.2.

Sounds even better IMO. Not sure whether to use them in my hack yet...
hm. I was using v1.1

Time to upgrade! (pic of the new block will come as soon as I make enough more progress in the level with them)
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Look's Amazing, I Like The Idea Of That Tiny Thromp With The Spin Jump!

Looking Foward To Beta Testing This!
New! Yoshi block and redrawn walljump block!

YI eggplant thing is used to fight some bosses.
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Can't wait to see more.
I still dislike the wall jump blocks I think it's just the purple/pink color of them they just clash with everything else.
Those walljump block colors indeed don't really match the surroundings. Can't you make them soft-green/gray/something?
Of course you should fight fire with fire, you should fight everything with fire.

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An idea for the walljump block is to make your levels FG look slighty different, maybe add a rocky kind of decoration to it so it looks like it can be walljumped from. Looks good the other stuff. :D
That sounds good eggplant man, however I cant really do that. It'd take up too much space in the GFX files. As for the pallette, it only looks like that because of the BG there. (the blocks wont be used in that place)
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Forgot to say that I recomend to redrawn a bit the eggplant.
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