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Adventure Land: Darkness Rising - Update (May 22nd) : Bubble Canyon 2.0

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Originally posted by Kobayashi Mario
I don't like either of them. The first one is too dark and contrast-y, and the second one is bland and soft, obscuring detail.

I agree, but I don't see anything wrong with the second image. To me it looks fine. It blends smoothly and is similar in palettes to the BG.
Alright, so I tried to shoot for something inbetween, but with the pallette make-up of the first one, that was kinda hard to do. So here is the result of my fruitions.

(Incase you haven't figured it out yet, the BG sways back and forth)
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Why not use smooth gradiant transitions with the alt+rightclick? (might be ctrl+rightclick I don't remember right off the top of my head)
thats what the second screenshot was in the first round of these...
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Ah well when I said a mix of the 2 in the post up there somewhere I meant color wise not combining the 2 together.
Well, heres how I had it set up.

Pallette 2 Is just a straight gradient, from that yellow to the dark grey.

Pallette 1 iss a 3 color gradient, the other 2 are the same as colors 2 and 3.

So, technically they're the same color.
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Maybe make the grey a bit lighter and give it an orange tint
Whatcha guys think of this vanilla BG?

If I could just learn how to use paralx scrolling, I could get this to be SO epic, its unbelieveable. (Seriously, 2 layers of clouds, 1 is not pictued since it looks bad without moving spereatly from the white ones) then the first pillars moving at different rates too... *SNIFF* combine that with the fact that theres some HDMA... I believe I truly have created a masterpiece of BGS...

But then I'd be getting to egotistical.
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I could do it for you, but it requires levelASM, no matter what. Which you just can't seem to manage.
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?

Also WHOO! less then 2 minutes and already a change to the bg...

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Nice BG you got there. The shadows do help a little to make it seem less "flat". Which FG palette have you decided on, if any yet?


So yeah, I'm not really going to be posting for a while. Not that anyone cares.
I would give the pillars a better palette scheme, and maybe give the background a gradient, as one wall of color isn't interesting at all. Besides that I don't see anything wrong with it, excluding that really long cloud in the SW corner that can apparently bend space-time by enabling and disabling it's layer priority at the same time. #w{=P} (A.K.A: Goes in front of and behind two pillars.)
@LinksPetYoshi: I'm pretty sure the yellow pillars are on the frontmost layer, and the clouds are both in front of and behind the grey pillars.


So yeah, I'm not really going to be posting for a while. Not that anyone cares.
@ LinksPetYoshi

There's a real HDMA generator in the level. (courtesy of mszgedy, hes the best person with pancreatic cancer I've never met, heck, any kindve cancer, seriously he rocks)
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Whoa, that looks awesome!
Yeah, looks really fantastic :D
You can use HDMA effects with generators, too. Which includes parralax scrolling. (?) You probably knew that already though, right? :O

Anyways, it looks really good. #w{=D}

Err, thanks. And there will be more, too. If he could just figure out how to use levelASM. I drilled him on all of the trivialities, and afterwards tried troubleshooting realtime, but his levelASM consistently fails. Can anyone help him? I am at a loss for advice.
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
Thanks :(

Like, Double poll here!

What should this lil' species be called 'ere?

Should I make a different one depending on the world theme?

If not, Sunglasses, No Sunglasses, or a 2 and 2. (Theres one in each switch palace, plus the special world levels)

Do you not like them? Are they too much of a reference to the Powercats of the TSRP series?
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Raboon. I favor the one with no glasses.
What the hell is Pop Tart Cat?
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