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Super Mario Bros. X [NOTE: NOT MY CREATION]

Hi, everyone. This is is the greatest fangame ever created IMO.

A Mario clone, it has 50 default levels and you can get more all over the internet made by people.

That's right, this game includes a level editor that includes basically everything from the Super Mario Bros. series, allowing you to create your own levels. It also has the capacity for custom graphics.

If I haven't gotten you interested yet, you're a bot.


By the way, don't expect any new versions. The creator, Redigit, got fed up with the community and killed both the forums and the game's development. (see later post)

I DID NOT create this!I just love this game. All credit goes to Redigit & Nintendo.
SMBX sure is an awesome fangame. I didn't knew Redigit left. That's sad. Oh well I'm downloading the newest version now.
Indeed cool, just slow on my computer.

...and so that's why the fourms are gone. I can see why though, as almost everyone hating on the admins/mods all the time, idiots, etc.
Indeed cool, just soundless with my setup.
Er, actually, according to, development of SMBX has resumed, and we can expect an Ice Flower soon! Stay tuned.
This is kinda awesome, actually.

I'll look forward to updates!
YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
^ Made by Tahixham
Yeah, out of all the mario game makers, this is by far the best one out of them all. It's nice to know updates are back by the way.
Why did Redigit have to leave? He was the best.
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