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Sprite palette problem

I tried using sprite paint to change the pallete used by sprite 70 (pokey) And this is how my GFX looked

Okay, that's the wrong pallete

But when I kill it, it has the right palette. So how do I change this?
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A possible solution, download Tweaker, open your rom, scroll down to pokey on the dropdown box then change the palette to the palette that you want it to use.

Just a newbie hacker here, though, so I may be wrong, or have misread the question altogether, just contribootin'.
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I have tried tweaker, literally nothing changed
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Taken from the ROM Map:

13995 - $02:B795 - 1 byte - Sprite tilemap related - pokey's palette/gfx page

I am not sure how this byte is handled however, but it should be something like this:

# = Palette used (gfx page used)

0 = Palette 8 (first page)
1 = Palette 8 (second page)
2 = Palette 9 (first page)
3 = palette 9 (second page)
4 = palette A (first page)
5 = palette A (second page)
6 = palette B (first page)
7 = palette B (second page)
8 = palette C (first page)
9 = palette C (second page)
A = palette D (first page)
B = palette D (second page)
C = Palette E (first page)
D = Palette E (second page)
E = Palette F (first page)
F = Palette F (second page)

You'll need Translhextion from the tools section to edit it.
You can probably find a good Translhextion tutorial in the tutorial subforum or the tutorial section