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Chocolate Level Design 2010 - Submissions

Link Thread Closed


SO! You think I didn't know about this contest?! You think I'd miss out on this? are wrong!!! Prepare yourself, I got karate skills!!!

Jk...Anyways, my level has actually been done for about a month now, but I didn't want to submit it since I'd think someone would copy me. My level isn't anything special, you just collect 5 Yoshi coins and that's about it. I should've improved the level but I've been lazy about it. >.>

Oh, and read the readme. It has important things you should know.

And here it is!! Abraham Lincoln in a jumpsuit!

Vanguard Ashita

Don't mind the name, the name has nothing to do with the level in any way, shape, or form. I just wanted to make it as random as I could without being inappropriate. xP

I've been SO quiet about this contest, I never posted in the discussion thread, I never posted progress, I never even talked about it. NEVER

Anyways, have fun! If you find any bugs, please report them to me before the deadline. If you find any after the deadline, don't report them to me. Thanks.
Is there enough time to submit an update? If so, here's an updated version of Road Runner's Wacky Adventure:

Click here

Fixed tiny cutoff in last area and updated credits.
Fixed version of Mirage Palace:

Mirage Palace
Alright, time to finally post my level.

Mario's Day

Have fun playing.
Small update to RivalNightmare's and my entry:


Note: The dying and p-switch music (which aren't custom, by the way) crashes when playing on bsnes. I suggest you use ZSNES or Snes9x.
Ok, here's my level...
God, I know this won't end well, but...

Expedition of the Night Preview
Honestly, I don't think I quite put all of my effort into this entry. But trust me, even if the full version isn't released during C3, it will kick this versions ass.
...That's basically all I have to say. *sigh*
I have a really bad feeling about this. Like I'm going to regret this later.
EDIT: Expedition of the Night Preview Fixed
Just a quick fix of my level exits.
Here's my entry. It's called MS PAIN.

Can Mario survive this strange land full of secrets? Or will the yellow trickster get the better of him...

EDIT: Just a note to the judges, there is a very minor graphics-related issue with some emulators' display settings. As in, there are some tiles with text written on them. They are supposed to blend in with the background until triggered. However, in some emulators their color is slightly brighter than the background. This would not happen on a normal SNES or certain emulators with specific settings (I used snesx with no trouble), so I just wanted to get that point across before the level is judged.
Here is the IPS patch of my level. I worked on it before, but I finished it today.

Lespna1's Level
Please look at the discussion thread becuase it does not work in SNES, but I tested it in ZSNES 1.42, and it worked fine. I do not know about other emulators though.
Right click on the hyperlink and choose Save Target As.

I am currently making a ZIP file for my hack. I will update this when the ZIP is made.

This is me and TLMB's entry.
Please use an accurate emulator for this, zsnes will not work.


Link Thread Closed