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Chocolate Level Design 2010 - Discussion

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Your patch was actually broken, xjC0n. So it'll be more like a "no place" at all.
I got nobody else to blame for the quality of my work but myself.
Ah well, time to get ready for nexy year..
Ahead of time.
I've played through some of the other entries, and I will be surprised if I actually place dead last.
Oh. :/

Well then haha. Guess I'll have time to learn how to patch properly until next year. :)
Just wondering, but has anyone played my level? I know I had a weird glitch w/the pallete when I inserted Bowser, and I also had a problem w/the giant stomping kooopa in all of the graphic sets so I could not use it. I used Romi's Sprite Tool (version 1.40) so I don't know what was wrong.
I hope my level design, length of the level, and the end boss will make up for it.
Also, I played one level that had an energy meter, but everytime I jumped on an enemy, I got hit, and the level seemed really short.

Out of the hacks I've played so far (Only played about 15) I would say that Grishnax's and reghrhre's levels are tops. I played LunarDrake's, and the graphics and gameplay was excellent, but I found the last boss to be too difficult.
I hope raocow will be doing a playthrough of these levels. I'd like to see what he thinks of mine.

And as for my character, I didn't have time to come up with a backstory.
I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
results incoming momentarily.
Link Thread Closed