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Pintless Hack Submitions

Link Thread Closed
Submit Your Pointless Hack

A Real Vanilla Hack!

I'm in your post, editing your text.
Why would you make a submission thread for them if they're poinless? And who would want to play them in the first place?#w{:s}
Just For Laughs!

Like STUPIDLY Easy Hacks Hacks That Lead To Level 0 In The Title!
When You Start Up And First Level!
What is the point of a pointless hack, exactly?

Also, you couldn't at least be bothered to SPELL THE TITLE correctly. I know you don't understand how capitalization works, but come on now...
Sorry, but I would rather play a well-designed and funny joke hack than something pointless. Unfortunately, polished joke hacks are so rare these days. . . .
Unless you can make a hack like Chaos CompleXX I'd rather not play spam hacks
Your layout has been removed.
This is a horrible idea.
Why would I play pintless hacks? I like hacks with a lot of liquid measurement.

This seems like it would just be a bunch of spam hacks, and those aren't very fun.
8 Trials Await (2010) lol|
Mmm,this tread must be closed I think.
The only pointless thing I like is the one which cames out of my body every morning,after a coffee and a cigarette.Just because it makes me feeling better.
Or you can say playing videogames is pointless too.
After that,a pointless hack is pointless,point.

This thread doesn't really have much of a point - or should I say, a pint.

Link Thread Closed