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Your Own Clone

Here's an insane question. What if you had a clone, that knows everything you know (including your password from SMWC), has logged in your account and tried to get you banned from SMWC, what would you do to the clone?
I can't believe that I still remember this place.
I get used to it.
I'd kill him.
I would tell Roy and he would unban me :>
And then rape
Your layout has been removed.
falcon pawnch !if he was my clone, he would like smwc, so he wouldn't try and get me banned.
I would tell him not to do that and ask if he wants to be my new brother.

The boring answer comes.
Now I need to change my old avatar. Or not.
Sensible answers:
Change my password
Ask him to stop

Stupid answers:
Hit him with a ban hammer of my own
Evict him from my house and throw him into a volcano
Falcon punch
Send him to Kieran in the mail to take over SMWC for me
Stick a usb keyboard up his ass and do Ctrl+A then Delete
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I would make him my slave so he wouldn't have done it.
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Edit: I forgot to say this earlier, but if you get what I'm referencing, I will love you forever. (Hint: Greece)
Good fucking bye.
Kick 'em out of the house. Yeah, I'm unimaginative.
Ask him his opinion on whether or not it's incest or masturbation.

He'll understand.
I'g go to some website he visits often, log in with his account and try to get him banned from that website.
I cant stand myself or my personality (strange that I hate everything that I am, no?), and since he's me I'd probably kick my ass.
Slap him silly and call him Susan.
Go back in time and try to get MYSELF banned first so he can't do it.
And then selfcest.
Put up a live web feed to show that I have a clone. Get unbanned with it. Change the feed to clonecest webcam.

I see you looking at my sig. You're just jealous.
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"You are a poor idea, even more poorer than Megafonzie. And that is very poor. Think of it like that chart from the other day. Like there is "Shit tier" and worse than that, Mue is "Mue tier". In that, you are the "Mue tier".

Shit tier > Mue tier.
Poor idea > Poorer idea.
Think of what you are doing." Is what I would say to him
Originally posted by mockingod
poorer idea than Megafonzie
you are Mue Tier

+100 respect.
I'd probably trap him in an electric forcefield and convince him to be my partner in SMW hacking. Then, together, we'd create an awesome team hack.
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I'm probably retired tbh
Originally posted by Kiseki
Originally posted by mockingod
poorer idea than Megafonzie
you are Mue Tier

+100 respect.

I know right.