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Favorite Season

What really is your favorite season? Like, why? Is it because of the temperature, or the feeling... It would be kind of interesting to know about.

My favorite season: Autumn (AKA Fall)
Well, because orange is my favorite color, and it's nice to have them scattered all over the floor to make some stuff out of. And I kinda like how it's a little chilly but it's still warm, where you don't sweat alot or freeze.
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Fall is my favorite too. I love to see the leaves falling from the trees and going to the floor, and it's beautiful when they are all together, as you said.

And it starts in a week. Whoo.
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Ah... my favorite season. I believe it is Winter.

Why? Well, I love it because it is cool. I am allowed to wear my leather jacket to school and keep it on as long as I want. Yeah, oh, and as a bonus... there is a 2 week break from school!
I too would go with Fall. Very comfortable temperature, not too hot or cold. The leaves changing colors is really nice, too. Used to be a big fan of Winter, but not anymore. I loved snow as a kid, as it was fun to play in and caused school cancellation, but as an adult, shoveling and driving in it is a pain in the ass.
Sorry, no seasons here.

But i like cold, so it's either fall or winter.
i just lurk sometimes
Winter, followed by summer. Winter comes first because I find the cold to be much more bearable than the heat. For the most part I really don't like spring or fall much; the temperature's never consistent, and if you have to leave early in the morning, it means that you'll be dragging a jacket around after the first three hours of the morning that you needed it.
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Hockey season *shot*
If I had to choose, it would be winter. Being able to ski is nice, as is having snow of any sort.
But then again I'm more the type of person who enjoys whatever season I'm in at the moment so I don't know for sure.


Autumn is my favorite season all-around. There may be a tropical storm early in the fall, maybe some snow late in the fall, but it's usually cool and breezy throughout, often cloudy, occasionally rainy, occasionally sunny. Foliage is beautiful. Mosquitoes start to go away and it's not so hot and humid, so it's more fun to be outside. I also like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and football.

Just look above you...
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Winter. Winter all the way. I <3 the cold.

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Summer. My birthday is the day after summer starts, I don't have school, and I play baseball like everyday.
I've always personally loved late autumn/early winter. I live in an area where it is almost always uncomfortably hot, especially in the summer. During that time of the year it actually feels quite comfortable and cool. Besides the cool weather though, winter isn't all that special since we don't get snow here. >: (Besides holidays of course.)
I like winter, the mood is just great (so long as i dont need to wake up at like 5 and shovel snow). It may be cold but way better than being too hot.

Summer because beaches and whatnot.
Autumn is all-around ugly in Australia unlike seemingly everywhere else on Earth, Spring would be cool if not for bees and wasps and whatnot fucking everywhere, Summer makes me want to die, so Winter wins by default.

As long as we're not having a torrential downpour like we had during the last one.
Spring is good except for it rains a lot here at that time. I do like summer weather when the temperatures aren't too extreme. I like fall since that's when the new Pokemon games usually come out and I like the holidays like Thanksgiving. The only good thing about winter is Christmas and sometimes snow. I'd says they're all equal for me.#w{x(}
Spring and Summer barnone.

Aside from the hot weather where I live, Spring and Summer are absolutely beautiful to me. Vibrant, lush, colorful and full of life. I drove through the state of Colorado in mid July (Northern hemisphere Summer), absolutely amazing.

Winter to me is so bland, dead, depressing and cold, I don't do well in cold weather growing up in southern California. Nature is a very stunning and beautiful feature of the planet. :>
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summer, i much prefer being hot then cold, and there doesn't seem to be much a spring/autumn here, so it wins.
I prefer hot summers over cold summers because I hate to wear socks/long pants/a pullover. But that is pretty hard to do if you can't sit in your room without getting a cold.

And girls wear too much in winters.
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