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Kitchen Doors

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I grew up watching plenty of sitcoms. Now, not every sitcom is the most realistic portrayal of normal life, but many pose reasonable scenarios: average family, average house, etc. However, recently, I've had an epiphany of a phenomenon in TV shows I can honestly say I've never come across in real-life: kitchen doors.

I'm not referring to doorways. Of course, every kitchen has to have a doorway to enter it. I'm referring to a physical door which you need to open in order to enter the kitchen. Think about it, plenty of older sitcoms have kitchen doors: The Cosby Show, Full House, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, Three's Company, and I Love Lucy (and those last two were apartments!). I can't for the life of me name anyone's home I've been to, house or apartment, which had a kitchen door.

Why are these so prominent in TV shows and not in real-life? My guess is because it gives the characters privacy when needed. Or is it just because I haven't been to enough homes? Is it a cultural or regional thing? Has anyone else ever been to a home with a kitchen door? Please enlighten me.
No, I have never seen a kitchen door. It puzzles me. Maybe it just so that the actors can have time to get ready and such, behind that door, and not be seen,
then they just walk in when the time comes, making it easier to get the timing right.
The kitchen at our house has three exits, one of which is an archlike opening to the television room. The other two have the rectangular frame of a doorway, but I can only remember a door once existing in the path to the side entrance of the house, and we never considered getting a new door in place. I was probably 3 or 4 when the door was removed, not sure if it broke or what.

Every other house I've been to, from what I remember, none of them have kitchen doors either.

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Technically, my kitchen does have a door, it just leads outside rather than somewhere else in the house. Character privacy seems to be a likely bet. I can recall situations on most of the sitcoms I've named where characters went into the privacy of their kitchen to hatch some type of plot.
I have two kitchen doors, though one has a screen (even though it's inside) and the other is sliding. We never use either.

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My old house had a kitchen door. Two, actually. One led to the living room and the other to the back where there was a laundry and such. The dining table was in a space in the living room dedicated to it near the door.

Of course it'd been a decade or something since I've lived in my old house so I might just be making this up subconsciously or something.


Wow, now that I think about it, I haven't ever heard of a kitchen door before, except, yeah, in sitcoms.
My kitchen only has two archways leading out of it.
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I suppose kitchen doors are pretty rare. There isn't a kitchen door in my home, and I can't even remember if I've ever seen one. 8>
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I must admit I've never seen a house that has a kitchen door.

Hell, my kitchen is literally part of the living room.
I used to live in an apartment with a sliding beech kitchen door. It was awesome. There was also a sliding beech benchtop in the kitchen that someone walked into when they were some number of years old. Don't exactly remember who. There was another sliding beech door in the kitchen that lead to the laundry room which was probably 4 cubic metres in space.

In the house I currently live in, there are three entrances to the kitchen/dining room. One leads out to the backyard (and is actually a sliding glass-paned door), one is just a doorway, and the other is one of those doors that have hinges in the middle that allows them to fold up against the side of the doorway.

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I have a kitchen door. Most British houses do. And they lead to another part of the house too. It's not really unusual...
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Originally posted by Captain Pissweak
I must admit I've never seen a house that has a kitchen door.

Hell, my kitchen is literally part of the living room.

Same goes for me :P .
the kitchen in my house has a door leading directly outside, a door leading to a hallway-ish thing, and another door leading to the living room. but i don't really consider them as kitchen doors, but more like doors that lead to the others rooms.
My kitchen has a door to the living room (It's only accessible through the kitchen), a door to a little corridor (which is pretty dark) whitch has a door to the toilet and a door to the entrance and it also has a door that leads directly outside.

So to access the living room you have to enter the front door, go through the entrance hall, through the little corridor and through the kitchen.
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Originally posted by ZMann
I suppose kitchen doors are pretty rare. There isn't a kitchen door in my home, and I can't even remember if I've ever seen one. 8>

Same here.

Also, this thread reminded me of this:
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I've never seen a kitchen door. ever. =o
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Our kitchen has two exits; one with a regular door and the other with this huge-ass sliding door thingy.

It's awesome.
Most house Ive every seen have kitchen doors, not many that havent....
Actually I haven't been to anyone here who does not have a kitchen door. Totally the opposite here. :P

Our house in Hungary though has that archlike doorway.
Originally posted by Kay Faraday
Our kitchen has two exits; one with a regular goal point and the other with this huge-ass key and keyhole.

It's awesome.

This is the first thing I thought of when I read your post.
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