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What are you watching/reading?
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Did you just watch an episode of a new anime you just have to tell someone about? Read any good manga lately you feel like discussing? Well, this thread's purpose is exactly for that. Talk about anything you're currently watching, whether you recommend it, how epic it was or if you cringed, cried, whatever!

To start things off, I've been watching the new anime High School of the Dead lately. It only comes out every Monday, and so far it's pretty epic. It's basically 50% zombies, 200% ecchi. There's also a manga for it which is like 30 chapters apposed to the 11 episode anime, so I might read that soon. Whenever I'm not watching it I watch Ef, an anime CP recommended me. It's supposed to be sad ... but eh, nothing THAT sad so far.
Originally posted by Blumiere
Whenever I'm not watching it I watch Ef, an anime CP recommended me. It's supposed to be sad ... but eh, nothing THAT sad so far.

Actually learn something about Yuuko's life and prepare for a shit storm of depression.

Anyways, right now I'm watching High School of the Dead along with Blumiere and Buu, and One Piece. I'm about 113 episodes in thus far, and I plan to take a break when the dub finishes off. Which is at episode 195 I believe. Possibly 180.

Right now I'm watching Bleach's anime and reading its manga. So far it's pretty awesome in my opinion. It's about supernatural stuff which always interests me. There's a good plot behind it too. However, in the anime version some stuff get censored from the manga (cutting off an arm in the manga simply becomes a wounded arm in the anime).

I'm in the latest chapter/episode, so yeah. Each week a new chapter gets released around Wednesday/Thursday (unless there's a Japanese holiday or something)

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Highschool of the Boobs indeed is entertaining.

Tonight I'm going to start watching Ef seeing how "popular" it seems to be. Maybe I'm also going to check out Ladies vs Butlers!, from the description (hit it up on Wikipedia or elsewhere), it sounds like it's worth to take a peek at.

As for manga, I'm reading Black Lagoon (seen the anime already but reading it aswell is fun, plus it differs a bit here and there from the anime) right now. Maybe I'm going to start reading Soul Eater after I run out of the BL mangas. The anime is awesome so the manga can only be just as good. By the way, I recommend checking out the Soul Eater anime if you haven't watched it yet, it's easily one of the best ones I have ever seen.

Also this forum needs more activity, like seriously people. Show your otaku side. {B|
I haven't been watching anything lately (Depressing or overly gory anime = No for me, so the anime suggestion thread hasn't been of much help), but the last anime I finished was Macademi Wasshoi, which is basically a parody anime with a few mild NSFW moments here and there (I had no idea, though, since I watched the PG version without knowing it was the PG version). It's a pretty good "light-hearted" anime, but does have a very depressing episode near the end...

But I am reading through the Rozen Maiden manga online, though, and I'm pretty satisfied with it... I wish I would have read it before seeing the anime, though, because all I ever do while reading it is compare the two.

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I've been watching Yugioh 5ds. I watch a few episodes a day, and I actually really like it. It's more serious than you would think, unless you take it out of context. If you do, it's just plain hilarious. The world revolves around card games. Instead of beating someone up, you play card games. There was actually a murder in it, which surprised me.

As for manga, I haven't really read much lately since my standard manga site went down. Kinda sucks, right?
Wait, why am I posting here again?

I've been reading manga by Junji Ito (Uzumaki, Gyo, and The Enigma of Amigara Fault). And now I'm scarred for life.
I never imagined that spirals could be so damn scary.

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Originally posted by Kaizoman666

You're late to the game.

Originally posted by Captain Pissweak
You're late to the game.

Well, yes, but I don't read a lot of manga. I only started reading stuff a few months ago.

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No, what I meant is that everyone on IRC was reading Uzumaki about a year ago. Late September early October.

My favourite chapter was the bonus one. I won't go into detail why, seeing how you didn't say you finished, but it was cool to me.
Oh Uzumaki ... great manga. Mentally scarring shit right there. Chapter 10 or something was my favourite, when they're in the hospital with the mosquito women and the babies that want to go back into the mother's wombs. That was just beyond anything sane.

I should actually read more of Junji Ito's stuff ...
Second season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya is up!

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Originally posted by Blumiere

Are you scared yet?

Are you?
Originally posted by Captain Pissweak
Originally posted by Blumiere

Are you scared yet?

Are you?

I know I am O_O.

Anyways reading the gantz manga for me =D

Originally posted by OGS93
Anyways reading the gantz manga for me =D

Ah, Gantz. Tits, giant buddah statues, mutant birds and celery men. A wonderful manga, random, gorey anime. It wasn't the best, but it's good I guess.

Also judging by your avatar you seem to be a High School of the Dead fan. Thumbs up, bro.

e: Good time to mention I started Bleach. Only the first episode so far during the time which this was typed. Pretty epic so far. Kind of feel sorry for the shinigami who had her spirtual power taken away from her when she only intended for half to leave ... I hope she gets it back because I like her for some reason. :V

god this is going to take ages to watch but i know it's worth it
Originally posted by Blumiere seem to be a High School of the Dead fan. Thumbs up, bro.

Seconded. I finally got around to watching the first two episodes (not to mention this is my first anime too) of it. I'm just going to cut to the chase here and say that this is the best shit I've seen in a VERY long time. Rei may have something to do with this, though...

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Watching Oreimo

Reading The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Reading as in the NOVEL. Because Mangas are terrible.
Been watching Kekkaishi and Sayonara Zetsubuo Sensei for a while. Kekkaishi could I describe it...almost Bleach-esque only with a noticeable lack of offensive weaponry. Two Kekkaishi named Tokine and Yoshimori are given the duty of defending their school grounds every night from the various monsters (ayakashi) that will appear to grow off of the power that once lay there. Except the only technique that can be used is the creation and destruction of kekkai, which are essentially very strong enclosures that can be created and destroyed at will. The basic technique is to simply trap an ayakashi in a barrier and destroy it along with the kekkai, but more advanced and creative things must usually be devised, such as placing a kekkai in mid-air to get yourself up high enough to reach the ayakashi, or creating a kekkai around part of an ayakashi's body and destroying it piece by piece if it's too big to enclose. It has a truly great blend of comedy and story as well.

Sayonara Zetsubuo Sensei, on the other hand, is all comedy, and it ends up being one of the funniest mind screws I've ever seen. Take a person who is constantly on the brink of suicide, make him teacher of a class full of control-freaks, stalkers, immigrants, a hikikomori, a troll (internet kind, obviously), etc. and you get this show. And it is an absolute blast. I just watched episode 10, and among other things, it involved the teacher being hit over the head with a gravestone, the students going on a field trip to preview the upcoming field trip to that exact same place, the teacher in a coma laughing with Charon at the river Styx, etc.

Incidentally, my current avatar is a GIF of the Meru (the troll) when her cellphone lost its signal. The only thing that stopped her was a giant cross; not because of any sort of holy spirit, but because she was knocked out when someone whacked her over the head with it.
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.

Just watched Paprika (if that counts as an anime). Been watching/reading a lot of mind screw lately...
Just look at the English movie poster.

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