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Yoshi's Mission (Could something be working in my favor for once?)


Well, the big reveal is finally here. For those of you who don't know, I'm creating a prequel to Mario's Epic Adventure. You play as Yoshi. Now let me tell you. What I'm about to show you is the combined effort of custom music, 12 ExGFX files, LOADS of palette editing, a bunch of hex edits, and 25 FUCKING ExANIMATION SLOTS. Yes. 25. I'm DEAD SERIOUS.
Anyways, tl;dr aside, let's show you all of that combined effort. This is what I've been working on non-stop for 3 days:
Originally posted by the video description
This is what I've been working on for the past 3 days. This took me forever.

Anyways, one of the major differences here is there's no Baby Mario! Why not? Well, I'm not telling you, that's why. No spoilers, sorry. Also, there will only be 24 levels in this hack. And that's because I want it to have 6 worlds like Yoshi's Island, and 4 levels to each world like SMB1. But don't worry. The levels will be a lot longer than MEA.

Anyways, tell me what you think. This took me forever.
That. Is. So. AWESOME! I'm gonna watch out for this hack.
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Yeah. It just goes to show you that if you put hours and hours on something that would take 5 minutes to make on more powerful consoles, your hack can be really good. But to be honest, I'm dissatisfied. I wish it could be better. The ExAnimation, anyways. Anyways, let me show you what the guys on #serioushax said.

<Hobz> your smw2 exanimation for the yoshi?
<MarioE> cool
<Jimmy52905> hmm...
<MarioE> I guessed the name
<MarioE> from the screenshot you posted
<MarioE> "YM_0000"
<Jimmy52905> well
<Hobz> molten that looks weird where are his legs and he isnt moving
<TLMB|Ripping> MS, nice job on the ExAnimated Yoshi
<Maxwell> ok
<Jimmy52905> MS
<Jimmy52905> I coded my Yoshi player from scratch
<Jimmy52905> : P
<Maxwell> beautiful
<Hobz> I thought wye made it

I agree with Hobz from his first comment. But the thing is, it can't be better. Because I already used up the whole ExGFX file so I can't fit anything else in it without it being too large, and I already used up all of the Super GFX bypass slots, so it literally can't get ANY better. That's why I gave the grass layer priority. It's so you couldn't see he had no feet.

Edit: That screenshot MarioE was talking about is this. I needed help figuring out why it was happening, and for some reason, MarioEdit posted the pic in his file bin...
(Also, that submap is still a W.I.P.)
Oh, great ideia for a hack
i see you're using Play as yoshi right?
I was making a "secret hack" with this, but you've come first, good.
Hope see more of this.

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I'll be happy to help you with you Status Bar, anything.

Eh nice job, molten. Eh just one tip, maybe add some more detail in the level where you walk around. Seems sorta bland <_<
Mario, wherever you are, HYUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

Old TV shows that I'm not old enough to know what they are aside, your hack looks amazing. Given, I'm a noob to SMW Romhacks, so that's not saying much. Anyway, what happens when you get hit? HP bar? Shrink? Knockback?
To be honest 12 ExGFX slots is not that much, imo, I use around 4 per level sometimes. Anyway I do like what the little cutscence but maybe make the ground move or something.
Now that looks awesome.
The Yoshi exanimation may not fit with the FG, but it still looks cool and seeing a yoshi-only hack is pretty cool too (Jimmy, your yoshi is ugly because it's standing like a human).

But yeah, you could make the grass in the cutscene move, that would look much better.

And that grassy FG in the level in the video looks cool and yet it is simple. The clouds could look a bit better though, why not draw some yourself?

You just earned 100 respect points with this.
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Good god. The 3D Yoshi doesn't really fit in with the style of the game (don't kill me), but it still looks incredibly amazing. I'm definitely playing this when released.

Good fucking bye.
Wow, moltensnow, I am impressed. Mostly at your dedication to actually get the Yoshi ExAnimated, 'cause 25 slots is kind of ridiculous.

I like everything I see in your video. Good title screen (though the blue and red background is a little abstract), pretty awesome cutscenes, and fitting, well-chosen music.

The start of the intro level is looking good as well.
Keep up the good work.
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Yeah. I'll be adding detail.

Turn on annotations
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Yes. I will make the ground move. Considering I have plenty of room left in my FG3 file.

I will definitely draw some cloud GFX.
Also, WHERE'S MAH LE' POINTS? #w{=3}

Well, I just ripped it from YI, so... meh.

Good. I hope you enjoy it, because I'll be making you Let's Moderate it when I make a demo. #w{>=)}
The powerup system is neat, but... Eh, you're probably going to need custom powerups that actually work with Yoshi.
Good fucking bye.
Hey guys. I want your opinions. Should I have an overworld like this:

Or should I have a traditional overworld?

Edit: Poll is now closed.
It's a great-looking hack so far, although the two halves of the "HELP!" balloon aren't synced up properly. I'll be following this one.

The overworld looks fine as it is, but a bit plain. You might want to change the background so it isn't solid black; maybe a parchment texture like in Yoshi's Island would be good.
Wow. A lot of people seem to like custom GFX instead, but whatever. I guess I'll do that. I'll be closing the poll on Friday, though.

Also, Midna. I don't know why the HELP thing does that.

One last thing. If you want to ask me questions about this hack, join #moltensnow on the IRC. (Server is
I'll be on there most of the time. On Monday through Friday, I'll be on starting at around 2:30. That of course depends on how fast the school bus gets me home.
Exanimation seems to get a tad screwy on the title screen and intro for some reason.

Anyways, I REALLY think you should do some hex-editing,asm, ect. ect. To make yoshi have his spikes on the back of his head. You could use the mario tiles in GFX 00 for them. OR, you could use Ladida's 32x32 player GFX, it would look a-lot nicer that way.

However, if you did use the patch, you would also have to do some asm to give yoshi his tongue.

Then again, I really shouldn't be saying this, as I have no idea how to do any of that.
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I'd like to point out that my channel is no longer #randomness. It is now #moltensnow because I wanted rules.
Wow... Moltensnow I'm VERY impressed. It took me 2 years to master half of what those cutscenes were (mostly because I was lazy). I also love the YI style overworld. I see a huge featured hack star coming your way. I better make Moltensnow peak of Mario ZX truly epic now to suite you (since I'm using your name). And the folks at the IRC laughed at me for saying your a legend. I laugh at them now!
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It's probably just me, but there's no way that one cutscene took 25 ExAnimations, I just simply can't believe that. Would you mind posting a picture of all of your ExAnimations, just so I can find out whether or not you were exaggerating. I'm sorry, but I just can't believe that that cutscene has 25 animations without proof.

Besides that everything looks great! However, I would make the grass and clouds move with Yoshi, it will just look more realistic... Also, the Title Screen could have a better gradient, as I kind of sears my eyes a tad too much, but that might just be me...

On the topic of graphics, may I suggest editing Yoshi's GFX when he has a power-up. For example, Cape-Yoshi could be a Yoshi with wings, like his Final Smash in SSBB. The Fire-Yoshi could be a red Yoshi with fire all around him. As for Big-Yoshi, well... he can stay the same. #w{=D} Also, isn't the 3D Yoshi just a ripped Yoshi from, you know, the SM64 Yoshi, the one that commits suicide by jumping into a mountain.

Overall everything is coming along quite smoothly, but most of your stuff could use some finishing touches, or else it may look sloppy, and or done lazily. Which is a trend I've been noticing with most of your work...

Anyway, good luck with whatever you're doing next! #w{=D}
Looks great! Yeah, 25 ExAnimation slots is lot of ExAnimation, but I think it turned out great!
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