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Yoshi's Mission (Could something be working in my favor for once?)


Originally posted by UMA
1. The texture of the Map thing looks fucked up, with all those flipped tiles.
2. The left side of the map thing is a big black line
3. The images are bland.
4. This is unoriginal, i mean, OVER 9000 hacks are using this map style.

1. I've already said that.
2. I ripped it straight from Yoshi's Island, so, yeah.
3. There's not much I can do about that because the space in the images is so small, there's nothing that will fit that's not asdfg.
4. Would you mind naming those over 9,000 hacks for me?

Most of your stuff is opinion, or I already mentioned it myself. Although, I just realized the map things in YI are on the very edge of the screen, so I'll do something about that.

(Gah, I couldn't figure out how I could say this whole post without sounding like a whiny jackass.)

you can fill an entire submap with random tiles being all different so no room shouldnt be a point.
also for 2, not an excuse, theres a thing called assembling correctly and drawing.
Originally posted by UMA
4. This is unoriginal, i mean, OVER 9000 hacks are using this map style.


I've only seen like one hack with a similar overworld style. (A Block's Life) If you actually know of 8,999+ other hacks with that, feel free to point them out.
Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
Originally posted by UMA
4. This is unoriginal, i mean, OVER 9000 hacks are using this map style.


I've only seen like one hack with a similar overworld style. (A Block's Life) If you actually know of 8,999+ other hacks with that, feel free to point them out.

Same As Above "
well atleast draw some little bg in the images like YI does
It's an okay map, could be a bit better and more flushed-out like the original YI did. I wouldn't go as far as UMA and say that it completely and absolutely sucks, but it could be better. For example, the gray on the map outline doesn't match the gray in the BG, as the map's gray is a bit brighter and stands out more. I realize that SMW doesn't have the best map system, (as it did come before YI, which was the only Nintendo game with an awesome map in a platformer at it's time) but at least try to touch it up with some details, maybe use Terra Stripe to edit the GFX, and it would probably look much better. (That's what Terra Stripe does, right? Edit Layer 3 GFX. I honestly haven't used it in forever, so I've forgotten...)

Oh yeah, and the little level tiles you made, like the shell and Kamek for example, they look awesome. #w{=)}

(Also, GoldenSonic15, there have been a LOT of hacks that have used this map style, but A Block's Life is the only one of those hacks that hasn't been canceled/frozen...I think.)

Anyway, good luck with whatever you're doing next! #w{=D}
First off, let me say something. I'm not trying to flame any of you. I TAKE criticism, but if you complain about it and act like a jackass no matter what I say, then please just leave. This hack doesn't even have 1 level done, and you apparently think that what I do is final. Well, it's not. There's this thing called a rough draft. USE IT!

Now that THAT's out of the way, let me say something about why there are no levels complete. The reason for this is Yoshi Village is taking forever to make. Like, I've literally been working on Yoshi Village since I revealed this hack. But let me say, Yoshi Village is nearing completion. All that's left is the fat Yoshi character's dialog and the Yoshi Kid hut. The Yoshi Kid hut won't take long because I can use actual NPCs for them, instead of making them cutscenes. And when I'm done with Yoshi Village, you'll finally get more of the story after that "Yoshi heard a cry for help" thing I've been making you all hang on to.

Now, it's time for answers.

Because there's TOTALLY enough room left in the submap ExGFX for that.

Yeah, that's what I was aiming for. #w{=D}

Yes. So far, assembling a map like this is total hell and it'd be nice if people not yell at me. It just takes some time is all.
I thought Terra Stripe could only reassemble the tiles. Then again, I haven't been using it that long, so I'll explore it.
Yeah. Thank God LM 1.8 came out, or they would be bland without the gradient. I might change Kamek to a silhouette (holy crap I spelled that right), though. Just to make it more mysterious. What do you think?
I think you're right. ABL is the only hack I've seen with that map system. But I think ABL pulled it off a lot better than I did, so I'm going to work harder to achieve something like that.

Alright, I believe that wraps up the questions and comments.
Originally posted by moltensnow

Didn't you mean LinksPetYoshi? anyway, i liked how the hack is going. i am waiting for more.

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Originally posted by TheGamer
Originally posted by moltensnow

Didn't you mean LinksPetYoshi?

Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out.
Well, guys. I think you've waited long enough. Before we get started here, I'd like to remind you that this is a ROUGH BETA! This is is no way the final version of Yoshi Village. And just so I don't get any stupid questions, turn on annotations. They'll answer MOST of your questions. Anyways, tl;dr aside, here you go.
<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>
For a Rough Draft of the village, I'd say it's coming along well, but I'd add a couple of extra huts for the villagers, along with the villagers themselves. As we all know villages aren't populated by just three-or-so people. (Unless it's a post-apocalyptic future type of village.) I know it will take more screens, but out of 511 screens, I'm positive you can use some for cut-scenes. :\ The story is good, but it reminds me waaaaay to much of the Yoshi Island DS storyline, with all the Star Children and what-not...

Also, stop with the smkdan jokes, they stopped being funny a long time ago, now they're just annoying. At least, that's my opinion on the matter...

Anyway, overall it's coming along nicely, but take my suggestions into consideration. I know it's a rough draft, but it never hurts to give suggestions!

Good luck with whatever you're doing next! #w{=D}

EDIT: ...Don't...say...ANYTHING about my post-count...*grumble*this thread out of all of*grumble*
Guys, I made a userbar for this hack.

Here's the code:

<a href=""><img border="0" src="">
for the anti status bar, FC the tilemaps out using level ASM
I figure you guys have waited long enough. I'm going to show you what will become the Yoshi kid hut. DON'T COMMENT ON THE BLAND BG. I'M STILL WORKING ON IT!

Blocks and the alphabet.

A little playhouse!

Yoshi eggs! How cute!
You'll find out what the Yoshi kids say when the first demo comes out. #w{=D}

What do you think? Do you like how it's shaping along?
Thats actually pretty cool. I like how this hack is shaping up.
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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (∞) What a cute little nursery... Uh...I mean...*cough* *cough *cough* Anyways, the Yoshi Kid Hut looks like it's coming along quite nicely, I'd add more detail to the FG though, and add more tiles instead of just some blocks and a house, add a slide or a sandbox, or other stuff kids like to play with. Be more creative, you know, go wild. I would tell you to edit your BG, but you already mentioned that...

Overall, it's good for a basic design, but it needs more detail and creativity...

Good luck with whatever you're doing next! #w{=D}
From now on, I'll be posting updates of Yoshi Village in this post. Think of it as also a To-do list. If I put a percentage, that means I've at least started it, but it's not complete.

Assemble huts - 75%
Work out villager dialog - 50%
Make grand elder dialog
Create more toys for Yoshi kids - 25%
Add delivery room for Yoshi eggs
Expand Yoshi Village
Work out better hut GFX - 10%

So, not a whole lot done. Jeez. I was hoping to get demo 1 out by C3, but at this rate, it won't be done until... NEXT C3. I'd better work hard. And this is just the first level...
Take your time, don't try to rush. The good hacks don't always have to have a release at C3, y'know.
Good fucking bye.
Well, I did what you said. I created a slide AND a sandbox!

The magical slide! (Should I make it taller? And yes, it has layer priority.)

The lovely sandbox.

Well, you're right. Maybe the final version can come out on a C3. But for now, I'll worry about how good this hack is.

Also, regarding my graphics. I am a cartoonist. I don't like drawing realistic things. I mean, just look at my avatar. That is a character I draw all the time. Cartoon-style is MY style.
The kids house is nice. Though there are some bugs in the video.

0:10 Place the Start position more to the left, I can see the screen shift.
"Hey there buddy" no comma.
"Well good luck" no comma.
You really need to learn how to use commas and such.

0:25 fix the status bar palette.
"Hi buddy" no comma.

1:18 "Helllo young one" no comma

2:24 Not just any book though
baby that wore a red hat

3:20 No period. Just a comma.