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Yoshi's Mission (Could something be working in my favor for once?)


Originally posted by UmlautBanana
...he is trying to conserve on his posting...


Anyway, at last he inserted HDMA, a nice one too! The FG still need more decoration and variation, for example cloud shadows.

Also, Yoshi is still looking odd.
Yoshi Looks Fine
I'd like to mention I'm doing nothing for C3 with this hack or any hack. So too bad. :\

@Uhrix I'm approaching 2000 posts. And I didn't draw those GFX. They were in the ExGFX section. Same thing with Yoshi.
1-3 is here.
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Regarding the second message box: That feature hasn't been implemented. If someone can code that for me, thanks.

Anyways, I know it's short. But the world 1 castle will be long. I did plan to have a segment where you can use all the shells at once with the disco shell, but I decided against it since all you can do is fly and stomp without spitting out the shell to make fire. Oh and I'll work out that section with the munchers. I'll make it a bit more open. The reason I didn't go through the door was because it has to be 3 tiles high, so yeah. I fixed that already.

Unless someone draws a castle tileset for me, don't expect to see 1-4 soon.
The shell level is a cool idea, but when you get the blue shell you can just fly over the muncher part.
Thats very cool.

You should have a custom shell sprite where if you eat it, something else happens. Otherwise, its very nice looking.
Normally I would disapprove of that level, but considering this is the Tutorial (For Noobs) World, I can't really give as good comments as I can on normal levels...

In terms of the level design itself, it's very linear so far, just going to the right for all eternity...which is boring...

Meh, I have mixed feelings about this hack, I keep expecting something great but keep getting...well, you know...

Anyway, good luck with whatever you're doing next. #w{=|}
Originally posted by LinksPetYoshi
Meh, I have mixed feelings about this hack, I keep expecting something great but keep getting...well, you know...

Oh, don't worry. Great things are to come. I basically have the entire hack in my mind (aside from the level design...), and I believe what I've come up with is incredible.

Believe me, the final product for this hack will be amazing. But hey, maybe I can mix it up a bit in terms of linearity.

I promise this hack will not disappoint! #w{=D}
All right, now that I'm not lazy (for now), let's show you a little something from the very beginning out 1-4:

I haven't finished it. The gradient will be darker, it will look more eerie in the night sky, the stars will have a different palette, and there will be a moon.

But what I REALLY want to say is this:
Some people have complained about my graphics. That is why I'm looking for someone to do my graphics. It's better to have someone that's good at this then someone who can't draw 16-bit for shit. But, if you want this job, you'll have to do a lot of hard things. Because most of my gfx will have to be redrawn. So it is no easy feat, but there are very nice perks:
-A place at the top of the credits for ExGFX, and special thanks
-Constant praise by me in this thread and outside
-A cameo in this hack that has 10 randomized messages and you can choose what you want your messages to say
-Snow points
-Local Moderator status on my forums
-Me love you long time?

So, if you'd like to be a graphics designer for this hack, please PM me and show me a picture of your best graphical work in SMW hacking. All entries are due January 9, 2011.

I wish you luck!
I can draw them if you want, the problems is, i have a hack that don't stop crashing with problems, a castle in castle rush and a sword ExGFX i'm making. But i guess it shouldn't take long if i stop being lazy :P
So i will send you a PM tomorrow.

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Well, TheGamer is the first offerer. Don't let that discourage you guys, the deadline is January 9.

Anyways, I made some drawings of what I want 1-4 to be like. It's just a rough sketch, so I'll need opinions on it.
It may be hard to see...

"INTRUDER ALERT" The word flash means it's flashing.

"What? Who is that?!?" (That's Kamek by the way)

"What?!? A Yoshi?!? How did it get here?!?"

"What are you morons doing? You're not a Dry Bones, so get up!

The first part of the level. A sideways shell is a koopa, a sideways shell with spikes is a Koopatrol. The thing coming out of the pipe is a piranha plant. The thing at the end of the ground is a blue shell. The bubbly stuff is lava. The squares with two vertical lines is a turn block. The square is a cement block. The squares with two diagonal lines are used blocks.
I could make GFX if I have spare time.

You know, guys. I have to have your PM by January 9. Simply saying you want to do it isn't enough.
Forgive me. I'm too busy with some things, and now with the winter contest, it will take some time until i send you the PM.
But wait for it, i will send some graphics as soon as i can =)

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Well, foop2164 was the first to send me the pictures. Here's what he showed (anyone is still free to enter):

Very nice. They're not cutoff, btw I just put the screenshots right next to eachother. Who knows. Maybe someone will come and blow his GFX away. ;)

@TheGamer I understand. But you're already getting in the credits anyway, because you drew the mini version of me for ASMWCP that I used in the hack.

@Anyone who enters the contest
If you enter, you're getting into some serious shit. Because you'll have to redraw most of the hack's graphics, and there are currently 44 ExGFX files in the ExGraphics folder.
Well, TheGamer sent me the pictures. Here's what he showed (anyone is still free to enter):

Looks good. I'm thinking about having more than one person do the redrawing since it's a big job, and then having only one make all the subsequent graphics, but I'm not sure.
Ok. It is decided. TheGamer and foop2164 will redraw the ExGFX, but foop will be the person to draw all subsequent ExGFX. I liked both, but for the sake of consistency, we can only have one. If there's ever a lot of help needed, TheGamer can help if he wants. :)
This looks really good!
I will play it when you bring a demo out..if you do.
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Well, looks like foop can't do it. That is why TheGamer will now be declared winner.

Also, I would like to note that I think I'll switch over to the Yoshi's Island complete soundtrack for majority of the songs. I'm listening to the songs right now and having an eargasm. Besides, I think samples increase the song quality. Do you guys think it would be a good idea to do so?
It couldn't hurt. Just make sure you use the samples consistently. Hearing the coin sound effect done with the SMW samples in one level and the YI samples in another is sort of jarring.