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Yoshi's Mission (Could something be working in my favor for once?)


Also, heres and idea I did once. I used different banks unrelated to the songs and it didnt turn out was fantastic! Example: Instrument from a Zelda game and I use a Castlevania song its better than original IMO. Well IMO its good, but remember this: "YOUR HACK, YOUR CHOICE". #w{=D}
Ok. I've inserted songs with samples. It took a little over an hour, but it was worth it because the soundtrack sounds so much better. But there's one thing I don't understand.

People say that custom music doesn't work with BSNES. Well, I've played hacks with both N-SPC and now samples, and I haven't had a single problem with it. So why do people say custom music doesn't work?
Some custom music doesn't work on bSNES, not all of it. If a custom song has an echo value that's too high, it'll cause a real SNES cartridge to crash. bSNES is designed to emulate the actual system as closely as possible, you see...

Edit: Level up.
Well, guys. It's been a while. Unfortunately, this graphic redrawing is taking a long time which is why I have't updated this hack in so long.

However, I am happy to report that TheGamer has drawn a custom background! :D It looks incredible. But, I've decided not to show you it because up until now, I've pretty much shown you guys everything I've done, and I feel I shouldn't. It spoils too much and makes playing the game uninteresting since you already know everything in the game. That's why I'm not showing the new background until demo 1 comes out (the C3 demo was demo alpha (more on demos later)).

Regarding the switch to HFD's AddMusic, since by the time this hack is finished I won't have a choice, this hack will be BSNES compatible.

Now comes the main point of my post. Organization. I haven't been organizing much, which is why this hack hasn't gotten very far. So I'm proposing a system. First off, I want you all to tell me what kinds of worlds I should have. I'd rather get your opinions on things than make an order that every other hack and Mario game ever use. So, let's brainstorm here. Just post ideas of the worlds this hack should have and then I'll start allowing voting on them. Go!

World 1: Tutorial World
World 2: ?
World 3: ?
World 4: ?
World 5: ?
World 6: ?

Now, let's talk about demos. Everyone likes demos, so I want to have frequent demos. I've worked out a system:
-Demo Alpha (Released 2010 Fall C3)
-Demo Beta (Released to beta testers only)
-Demo 1
-Demo 2 Beta (Released to beta testers only)
-Demo 2
-Demo 3 Beta (Released to beta testers only)
-Demo 3
-Demo 4 Beta (Released to beta testers only)
-Demo 4
-Demo 5 Beta (Released to beta testers only)
-Demo 5
-Full version Beta (Released to beta testers only)
-Full version

Ok. All that is cleared up.
W2 - Water
W3 - Jungle
W4 - Strange
W5 - Sky
W6 - *insert final boss name here* World

Is this a good one?
Be different! :D
Have the final world first and then lead into the otherworlds and back to the final!

A random idea I just thourght of on the spot... Pobebly a bad choice since you will have to redesign a bit of your hack to fit, but suggestions are suggestions...
Like in Paper Mario 64? Thats a pretty great idea! Damn right it was random...

EDIT: 600th POST! AND at 6:00 PM! OMFGLOL..
World 2: Valley

World 3: Mountain

World 4: Cave

World 5: Ice/Sky

World 6: Space
Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by Ooroo
W2 - Water
W3 - Jungle
W4 - Strange
W5 - Sky
W6 - *insert final boss name here* World

I like the Jungle idea. But the rest are REALLY overdone.

Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
World 2: Valley

World 3: Mountain

World 4: Cave

World 5: Ice/Sky

World 6: Space

A valley? Interesting... But can you explain how it would work out? Explain and I'll add it to the list of suggested ideas (see below).

Space? Sounds interesting, but I was saving that for something else (refer to my 1000th post).

Come on, guys. Try not to use worlds in MEA. In fact, here's a list of things NOT to suggest.

When suggesting a world, do think about music. Remember, I'm using the YI soundtrack and a few other songs. I don't have a composer, either.

Current list of suggested ideas:
-Computer (windows in particular)

Couldnt think anymore at this point.
During my first playthrough of Yoshi's Island, the music & general atmosphere of the castles felt a little like something out of a Dr. Seuss nightmare. You could create something weird and abstract like that.

Other possible ideas -
An 'Egyptian' archeological dig
A Floating Continent (Using the Earth and Air elements contrasts with the standard Fire and Ice elements you love).
Adrift Pirate Ship
Twisted Museum (If you played Final Fantasy VI, think of the Jidoor Art House. If not, imagine navigating a maze where art = doors).

Just some random ideas I had. They seem fun and I might use them later on if you don't.

Like, not just 'oh hey look it's urban but regular platforming.' If you can find, like- okay, here's a wish of mine, to see a level which takes place in a dance club/rave party kinda place. Some sorta techno-y song and strobe lights with nice Palette Exanimation and stuff. That would be amazing.

And also you could have generic city levels but whatever.
Oh, wow. Now you guys are coming up with some good ideas! I'm excluding any suggestions that may be part of a future idea or not specific enough.

Current list of suggested ideas:
-An Egyptian archeological dig
-A Floating Continent (Using the Earth and Air elements)
-Adrift Pirate Ship
-Twisted Museum (If you played Final Fantasy VI, think of the Jidoor Art House. If not, imagine navigating a maze where art = doors).

I like them. But that twisted museum thing sounds like the Bebe's Kids SNES game.

Since those are all the ideas I'll probably get, I want to start voting.

Edit: Damn. Ninja'd right after I made the poll. Sorry, Enker.
Meh, I've maybe got one more idea: What about future and past? You could use pipes to make some puzzles, and you could make it look like you travel between the present, the future and the past. Don't know if you would like it though.

I mean, um. I voted for Chalk, but if I could vote twice I'd also vote for Computer.
Thats amazing. You did really good on the title screen and the yoshi looks like its from an N64 game XD nice work.
Originally posted by Enker

I mean, um. I voted for Chalk, but if I could vote twice I'd also vote for Computer.

Wut. I voted for the Adrift Pirate Ship. It has the lead =D
Alright, after a bit of voting from #serioushax, the worlds have been selected. All worlds that didn't receive a vote will not be in the hack.

Poll results:
Jungle - 0 votes
Chalk - 1 vote
Computer - 0 votes
Haunted - 1 vote
Volcano - 0 votes
Archeological dig - 0 votes
A Floating Continent - 2 votes
Adrift Pirate Ship - 3 votes
Twisted Museum - 2 votes

So. I've decided the world order, too.
World 1: Tutorial World
World 2: Adrift Pirate Ship
World 3: Haunted World
World 4: Twisted Museum
World 5: Chalk
World 6: Floating Continent

And heck, just to give you guys something to hold you over until I can resume work on this, let me tell you the progression of each world.

After the battle in world 1, Kamek tosses Yoshi out into the sea in an attempt to get rid of him. Yoshi sees a ship sailing toward him, so he cries for help. They help him, and welcome him aboard the crew. He tells them to drop him off at the next piece of land they see. Yoshi is warned about the danger that lies ahead of him since the very next island they see is haunted. He ignores this warning and goes to this "haunted" land. He goes through a creepy forest only to find a haunted mansion. After a ferocious battle with King Boo, a boo comes and tells Yoshi about a museum that appears to be completely normal to the unsuspecting. Yoshi finds said mansion and goes through a large maze. He finds a class on a field trip in the museum and hitches a ride on the school bus to the school. Yoshi has to blend in, and the only green place for him to do so is the chalkboard. The teacher erases the chalk board thinking Yoshi was a drawing, and he winds up in a mysterious chalk zone (this part will be heavily inspired by Chalk Zone). After school, one kid has to write "I will not doodle on the chalk board" 100 times. He sees Yoshi on the board and it reminds of him of old video games, so he draws levels on the chalk board. He then decides to go all out and draw an island floating in mid-air. Yoshi gets to it, and the teacher walks in the room. The student quickly erases the board, putting Yoshi on an actual floating continent.

And the rest, shall remain a mystery until a later time.
Epic. Plain Epic :D very nice job on the plot.
Great original ideas for worlds!