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Nuevo Mario World [11/27 - New video and updates!]


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Demo 1.00:


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Heya all!

Well, you most likely won't remember my existence since I wasn't active at all and posted only to ask a few noobish questions a very long time ago - two years to be more precise. I made a thread about this hack at that time too with the same name for C3 (if you remember it you must have excellent memory). Said thread had bad grammar and screenshots of a mediocre hack. Well, after 2 years of major boredom I decided to remake my hack (which basically makes this my second hack), so I want to show what I have so far here.

In comparison to the hack I mentioned this is a major improvement. NMW will be choconilla in its majority but after the first world I'll try to focus more on custom graphics. There is no fancy ASM, custom bosses or any of those shenanigans, for now, so my main focus is level design. So far I'm about to finish the first world so I'll release a demo soon enough if you're interested in this.

Excuse plot:
Yoshi invited Mario to eat some burritos so he went on an airship to the Dragon Islands to accomplish his goal. In Yoshi's 'Burrito Shack' there is a message explaining he'll need 7 eggs to make the burritos. GASP. Mario went to find some.

Yeah when I think of an actual plot I'll try to put it but I'll stick with this one for now. :/

Anyway the reason you entered this thread in the first place: SCREENIES!

Title screen. Only Mario will be playable.


First level yay. Not much. A simple level (simple due to first world syndrome) with layer 3 water.


Mini-bonus room + first custom thing in the hack!

Caps are intended. The MYSTERIOUS voice will give general tips, explain new features and help solve puzzles. What? I wanted an excuse for the info boxes. :v

Second level. Introduction to Monty Mole spam and bounce note blocks.

Slide yay.

Third level. Introduction to Piranha Plants, Yoshi (not in screenshots) and Hammer Bros. The level has a montanious theme too.

Do you think the transition is smooth enough? Anyway here we have SMB3's SMAS underground. I didn't feel like playing with the palletes for this one.

Those bats...

I just saw 4 waterfalls! Oh lawd what could this mean!

Fourth level. A Donkey Kong Country bg (that will make sense with the overworld) and linework makes its annoying intro in the hack.

And the first castle! Introduction to Twhomps... and wall jumping? :0 + First custom music.

And for the second part of the castle we go to its roof! I'm not exactly satisfied with the pallete but oh well.

This will be a running gag in all the castles; there will only be one Yoshi coin in the actual level that requires a bit of work to get and just before the boss the other 4 coins.

Good ol' Iggy.

Well that's it. Some input would be greatly apreciated. Oh, I also need some beta-testers in order to know if I missed something if anyone's interested.
i play videogames
Wow looks great! I love the palettes and the title screen. But in the fourth level the lines are kind of hard to see, but other than that I like it. I would love to be a beta tester.
Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - Demo 3
This hack looks AWESOME. My only issue is that I think the pre-rendered DKC and cartoony SMW graphics really clash in the fourth level. It's just that going from a cartoony world to a pre-rendered realistic one seems odd to me.
Holy asdf wonderful. I'd love to beta test too, and as has been said the line guides are pretty hard to see against the clashy DKC background. Other than that, incredible.
Can you think up of a better title? _______ Mario World and Super ______ World titles give off more of a nooby feeling then it actually makes you wanna play the hack.

Also, as stated before, the DKC BG is very clashy with the rest of the hack.
Good fucking bye.
woah...there was like no way...
family guy memes aside, this hack looks very nice. The use of SMW GFX is great as the custom pallettes make thme look even better. Nice Work.
Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
Can you think up of a better title? _______ Mario World and Super ______ World titles give off more of a nooby feeling then it actually makes you wanna play the hack.

Not really. I'm aware it's incredibly unoriginal but since I'm remaking my old hack I would like to stick with it.

And about the 4th level clashing with everything else; I pretty much agree and I had that in my mind for a while. .-. Well I'll try to create a vanilla-looking canyon and see if it works, if not I'll add a more simple one.

Anyway thanks for the input!
i play videogames
Wasn't expecting this. Awesome.

Nice curves, ups and downs as well as overall design. My complaint is that the water is pretty bland. Add some extra islands or icebergs or something.

Level Design
Looks solid from what I can tell. Doesn't look like theirs a boring part in there at all. Nice variety, too.

The palettes in this hack are top-notch. All different colours with different shades and they're all pleasant to look at.
It's cool that you're mixing in some custom graphics as well.

The title screen is nice. Too bad you didn't make a new status bar.

DKC background clashes horribly. That's all I saw.

Great work so far. Lots of interesting gimmicks, awesome palettes, and much more. Keep it up.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Thanks Kristian! I'll take all your suggestions into account.

Anyway replaced 1-4's bg.

Tried to create one myself but it looked horrible. I used Icegoom's bg with a different pallete. Since I wanted a 'canyon' look background I was kinda limited in options. Looks much better imo.
i play videogames
Looks nice. So how many levels have you made yet?
Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - Demo 3
Oh, wow, that background is niiice.
Demo 1.00 has been released! For the ips go here:

This demo includes 6 levels and 7 exits. Any comments/criticism is apreciated.
i play videogames
Originally posted by HolyDragonLX

Mario is skitzophrenic!

Anyway, the Donkey Coung BG doesn't mix very well with the line guide color. Dunno if it can be helped. Just a widdle Postcount++ nitpick.
Hey, HolyDragon. I've been watching this hack for some time and here's what I have to say.

First of all, this hack is one of the best hacks graphically I've ever seen. The palettes are excellent and you did a great job picking out what graphics to use.

As for the gameplay, it was fine, and the levels were good and played out nicely.

However, no hack is perfect and here are some things you could change:

There's some cutoff underneath all the red plants in this cave.

Eh, more of a personal opinion, but I don't like how this entire tower is one piece. I think castle blocks would've worked better here.

Want to know why, in the original SMW, all the midway points were buried in the ground? The bottom corners created some cutoff. There should something on the site to fix that, though. I think it's a graphics file.

I don't know if you can fix this, but when I get hit with a hammer while Yoshi is trying to eat the Hammer Bro, Yoshi let's go of him and he sinks into the ground.

Of all the palettes in the game, this one is my least favorite. I think it's too bright for a night level.

Other than that though, the hack is shaping up nicely. I'll keep an eye out for this one.
Edit: My postcount went up by 1!
@GoldPooka: Heh, I honestly never noticed the cutoff of the midway points. Thanks for pointing that out! And for the pallete of the night sky level, it's supposed to be a continuation for the the no-Yoshi level intro for mushroom levels.

Started world 2, it'll be forest themed, but before that a plain level so screenies:

Banzai Bill spam.

map16 fun yay

Aaaand introduction to capes. Unfortunately I disabled cape flight to avoid level breaking but wall-jumping kind of makes up for it.

I still need to add more decorations and position enemies better.

Since this is a 'midway' level from world 1 to world 2 I'll name it 'Route 101' ala Pokémon. For world 2 to world 3 it'll be Route 201 and so on.
i play videogames
Jesus christ! Looking at the title of this hack, for some reason gave me the vibes that it was going to be some horrible crappy kaizo cutoff nonsense, but when I saw the screenshots I shit bricks. Everything looks quite fantastic and if you'd be kind enough to tell me, what is the background in the title screen called (if it's on the site)?

My YouTube Channel
update yay

Made new pallete for Route 101, not much has changed otherwise.

I also began world 2 not too long ago. I've made two new levels, but I'm hiding one to avoid SPOILERZ.

World 2-1:

This level's gimmick is constantly changing between a haunted part and a happy part in order to solve simple puzzles. In the haunted part everything gets reversed, including the ground, and lighter ground can be walked-through, which is the main way to finish the level. This level was my biggest source of headache so far but the result was totally worth it.

Also overworld update:

Ignore the 'flatness' of the water. I'll solve it soon enough... Probably.

Originally posted by Neosz
Everything looks quite fantastic and if you'd be kind enough to tell me, what is the background in the title screen called (if it's on the site)?

Eh, sorry for the delay, but if you still want to use it: Pokémon HeartGold\SoulSilver: Intro -
i play videogames
Great OW HolyDragonLX. the level palettes and design is also pretty amazing. great work.

Like /Everlude
Follow @Ludus.Art

Thanks The Gamer!

Well, progress is fairly good so far. I may release a demo with world 2 completed in two weeks if time allows it.

I decided to return to world 1-2 and give it an update since I wasn't really satisfied with it:

<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>

Also yay first video
i play videogames
1-2 looks great! Perfect amount of montys, not too little, not too much. On the OW though, a few of the tiles where the pond meets the land look bad. Try to fix that, otherwise I have no complaints!
Hacking again after months of downtime!
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