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Pokey's Adventure (first level)

After the patch that changes Mario to Pokey, I'm going to make a hack with Pokey as the main character. I wanted to post a video of the first level here, but it still takes a while to upload. So you can download a picture of the first level here: Click!
And a little sreenshot:

This time, I want to make a really good hack, so please tell me everything that you liked or didn't like! Do you think the palettes are good? (I made the foreground a bit darker so it can be seen better) Are there enough or too many enemies? At what about the level design?
I will post a video later in this thread, maybe you can tell me any graphical glitches or other things then.

For the level, the entire image won't load. Don't use .bmp. >_<
I just changed it. It's now a .zip file with a .png image.

levels 2 small i can't see it
Your layout has been removed.
It look extremely,incredibly and unbelievably awesome. But I think this level is quite boring and you should make it more puzzle. Also you should use more custom script.

There are four kinds of koopa. They are green, red, blue and yellow Koopa. All of you must give credit to me as I released such extremely, unbelievably and incredibly useful information.
I like the idea of Pokey on Mario's place, I find that original.