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Favorite boss of all time
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Whats your favorite boss of all time? This includes any game obviously.

Mine is Molgera from LoZ: WW

Steam: controversialbread
Favourite boss? that's a hard one..

If I have to choose I'll take: SAFER Sepiroth, 25% cause of the music.
Tjis guy can kick your ass if your not prepared =P

YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
^ Made by Tahixham
This one. Touhou related obviously.

Awesome music, awesome design, etc.
My favourite boss... That's actually rather challenging. I'd say it would have to be something from The Legend of Zelda series, but what exactly I do not know. As Mr.Man said Molgera is a pretty awesome boss, with great music and a lot of fun.

Twilight Princess had some awesome boss battles, if not them being the best part of the game, with Stallord coming to mind.

Onox from Oracle of Seasons was challenging and a lot of fun, particularly at the end.

And finally Puppet Ganon, despite how much I despise it because of the snake form, is one of the best final bosses I have ever fought. Amazing music, combined with a wide variety of necessary attacks and a real challenge. Yeah, probably Puppet Ganon.
I agree with CP and Mr.Man, The Legend of Zelda series has some bad ass bosses. Its hard to just choose one, but I think Puppet Ganon is a top contender.
The correct answer to this is CLEARLY Hiroyasu Kurahashi & Shinya Akiba from Killer7. I mean for the love of god, they're old Japanese men wearing suits with their heads mostly blown off. AND THEY THROW BRAINS AT YOU.
Originally posted by Lucas
This one. Touhou related obviously.

Awesome music, awesome design, etc.

Agreed. I only ever beat her on normal, but she was one of the funnest Touhou bosses I have ever come across, which is surprising since it's custom.
Well I have two favourites.

- Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom:
The last boss is in two sections, the first were you fight a massive karatea spongebob robot which was actully kinda hard. The my favourite bit, you go inside the robot and have to make it around destroying parts of it, while avoiding a certain robot individual.
Also the music was epic.

- NSMB Wii
The last boss, Dont want to spoil it for those who havent played...

EDIT: Finally I can say Ive level'd up and some cheesey jo...Stop Its hammer time!
Thardus from Prime 1 is one of my favourite bosses, I just like his concept a lot.
Gleerok from the Minish Cap is pretty awesome too.
Uhmm... Who else....

Oh right! Albus from OoE of course, the battle and music are both awesome. And, because I have to add a Touhou boss, I guess Mokou, because I like her attacks and she's the only extra boss I have beaten (I actually beat her for the first time just yesterday! Woo!(Not the spellcard :P))

Oh, and Magus should be mentioned too. You know why, I don't need to tell you.
Yeah, Puppet Ganon was good too, SPOILERS: His last part is almost like impossible.

Steam: controversialbread
like lots of people said, legend of zelda bosses are usually fun and challenging. but i've always liked interesting/weird bosses, like tabuu and marx soul.
There are various ones, but Mega Hammer from SMG2 is the only one I can remember now. Yoshi's appearance on that battle was cool.

Legend of Zelda bosses too, but there are many different ones.

Now I need to change my old avatar. Or not.
ganon from a link to the past
My favorite is Kingfin from the Bonefin Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy!
Nebula Grey from MMBN5 (i've only played team Protoman) For the music mainly, but the harder version of him is fun to play.

as for the Legend of Zelda bosses, i got to go with...

a) Goht from Majora's Mask
b) Odolwa from Majora's Mask
c) Majora from...well, it's obvious
d) Gyrogs from Minish cap
e) Ben from Majora's Mask (You shouldn't have done that)

that's the only 5 i can think of that i really liked.
Originally posted by Userofdoom
Come on guys, no love for Giygas? He's like, the most disturbing boss ever :V

Originally posted by Giygas
Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness...

yeah giygas is one of the most disturbing/creepy bosses. i plan on battling him at midnight on Halloween :D
I am gonna have a Silent Hill marathon on Halloween! =D

Silent Hill 1-5 + Shattered Memories.. (yeah, ut's gonna be fun.

YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
^ Made by Tahixham

I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
That picture made me remember of Slime, another boss I like for some reason.

Now I need to change my old avatar. Or not.
Shadow Queen from Paper Mario: TTYD. I don't know why, but I just really like that fight.

There's also, of course, Crystal King from Paper Mario 1. Obvious reason is for the music, but the battle itself is pretty fun as well. I also really like the final Bowser battle in PM for the same reasons.
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