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Is there a tut anyhwere on how to add mist/fog?

If so, could I get a link please! :)
Ghost Tileset + Tileset Specific Layer 3.

QUESTION: Is there a tut anywhere on how to add mist/fog?

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That should've been one of the first things you ever learned with Lunar Magic!!! >_<

Click on the poison mushroom and switch to the "Ghost House 1" or "Ghost House 2" tileset. Then click on the blue box with little fish inside, locate the drop-down box that says, "Layer 3 Options", and select "Tileset Specific". Not that hard.

Now, I have seen a few hacks that were able to put fog in other tilesets, but that's beyond my realm of experience. :(

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Tileset has nothing to do with the GFX loaded.

Three words:
Super GFX Bypass