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There's a program for creating sound files and i was wondering if that could be used for making SMW music
No. You can not use it to make SMW music. You can make SMW music by editing a midi file, converting it with TinyMM so that you create an .mml file, and then edit the .mml file and such.

I don't know much about porting. But here's basically what you've gotta do.
Actually, Audacity does have two good SMW music uses.
  • If you are using the SPC engine, then you can use Audacity in conjunction with WAV samples you find to reduce sample size, retune the sample to a different key, and approximate loop points, then insert the sample with Sample while this method doesn't exactly make the music for you, it can definitely enhance your music if done wisely. To actually make the music, you have to do what DannyB said and snag a music tutorial, or you can apply these samples to existing ports.

    Generally though, using a sample ripped from an SPC using Sample Utility is much easier to get working well. If the WAV sample you want in SMW doesn't need to be looped, then Audacity isn't as tedious to utilize.

  • If you are using MSU1, you can export an audio clip as a WAV and trim it to your needs, and use it as-is. This post is relevant to your interests if you want MSU1. You'll need xkas and bSNES. I'm sure downloading the SMO demo would give you some insight as to how to set it up; I haven't used it myself yet.

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Yeah...I and at least one other person have asked how to loop .wav samples, and as far as I know, we never got an answer. I'd also like to learn how to retune samples using Audacity and reduce sample size. How much would the sound quality degrade if I used split700 to get the samples out of an SPC in .brr form and then used snesbrr or brr2wav to convert the resulting .brr samples to .wav format? Being able to do all that would at least make it easier to use Carol's MORE.bin (more samples and no tuning problems).


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Originally posted by mariomaker6
There's a program for creating sound files and i was wondering if that could be used for making SMW music

Well, you can create an MIDI music in astudio and convert it with TinyMM.

If you're new to porting, I would suggest using a MIDI in tinymm as stated here before. I've used Audacity to port a couple of times with .wav samples recorded from MIDIs or existing sounds because it's easier for me to tune them that way.
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