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Do you tend to hide the forums or IRC from your parents when they stroll by? Even when it's not inappropriate, you just like to keep to yourself? Turn down your music when with company? I personally feel like I'm living a double-life or something. If you have a computer in your room this thread is kinda moot to you, unless your parents constantly check on you.

No. My parents know exactly what I'm doing therefore there's no need to hide it.

If my parents come in the room where my pc is (mostly for laundry), I always turn down the volume if I'm listening music and if I'm on skype I stop talking and either mute my sound or put it softer.
I don't close the IRC or forum tough, unless there is a sensitive or odd topic going on.

My parents wouldn't probably mind tough, but I still do it for some reason.



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Once my mom told me: "One of these days, I'm going to find out what you're chatting!"

Obviously kidding, but lol.
Well, when I am supposed to be doing homework and shit, I hide my SMWC tab when my mom suspects something. I also hide it when my mom strolls into the room, and I am on my Wiki page. Because everyone knows that giving out personal information on the internet is bad. But nobody gives a shit and does it anyways. Oh, and also when someone swears and my mom comes into the room, I also hide it. My mom isnt a big fan of swearing.
The computer I use is in my living room, so it's kind of hard for my family not to see everything I'm doing. I had to turn off layouts because they were getting tired of seeing all the anime girls in them, but they're fine with pretty much everything else.

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They've seen me on the site, they don't question what it is. They usually just say something generic like "what are these things kids do on the internet these days really" and forget I was ever on the site.

Of course the IRC is kind of different since that's real time chatting. My dad asked who "these" people were and I said they were my friends and we were experimenting with something other than Windows Live.

Worked quite well. :)

Otherwise, they never really see what I'm doing or take notice/give a damn. Like, right now my mum is laying on her bed talking to some family friends. She can see me I'm pretty sure but eh.

(it's cool having a laptop though. extremely easy to look at light doses of porn when people are in the room (it was like one time and I didn't know what to look at :V)).
I usually have my headphones on when I listen to music.. just cause really. And my parents never seem to care what I do so, no need to hide it. (Even though with a laptop it's kinda hard to not hide it.)
No need to keep it a secret when you live alone.

When I lived with my parents and browsed this site, they didn't care either. Then again, they never really saw me doing it either, so eh.
The only thing my mom asks every now and then is:

"So, who are the people you talk to on skype, where do they live, how old are they, what happened to (persons name)?"
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

I never need to hide SMWC or anything. Surprisingly, my parents don't mind at all that I ROM hack.Free counters!
Not only do I not hide it from my parents, I tell them about some of the funnier moments I've had with you guys.
I also tell/show them what I'm working on when they come downstairs and I have Lunar Magic open.

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When I do stuff on the computer, and my parents come in, I usually turn off the speakers because I wouldn't hear then what are they speaking. I don't really need to hide anything (unless it's some kind of...dirty thing.. :p ) - or even better, I like talking about the forums, the IRC, I usually can't show them, because my parents think this is kinda boring. I think the whole Internet is pretty exciting, and I love talking about the guys I'm chatting with, the forum events, the contests, etc...I'm pretty proud that I can chat with people all around the world, it's not really a common action here (none of my classmates or friends do it as often as me). My parents are glad that I rather do this and not smoke/drink alcohol every week/chase bitchy girls all day long, like others in my age. But still, they aren't interested in these things at all, so when I start to talk about an Internet-thing, they usually say: "okay, okay, enough, we don't even understand what are you talking about", or something like this. :P
But another side of this topic: if I had to, I'd hide the forums and IRC from (most of) my classmates. They would start to mock and say childish things like: "woow, the big Mario-fan! You're just hanging around with your little Mario-lover friends!", and I hate hearing these. So better if I avoid these sentences and never come up with the topic of Mario/forums/chat.

edit after I saw Kristian's post: pretty much the same case here, I also showed my hack for my parents (I showed them many parts of The Big Boo's Legion 2), they say it's interesting and how can I be so clever, but after that, they aren't so interested for that. They don't even know an epic and serious romhack are in the works in my little room...:P
Originally posted by Kristian
I also tell/show them what I'm working on when they come downstairs and I have Lunar Magic open.

I often show my mom the level I'm currently making in my YI hack. She's usually interested, considering Eggvine (the YI editing program) has no graphics, just boxes.Free counters!
I hide everything of this for my parents, don't know why. I've been thinking of showing them my hack (A block's life) just to see their reaction. They've always given me praise for my drawings, so the hack should be somewhat interesting to them.

Its funny how I hide this and not the fact that I watch porn... yea, I actually told them in a very ironic discussion we had once. My mom was a bit shocked, but my dad was like "been there done that".
when my mum's about to come into my room, i usually mute the volume, and either click on the "go to desktop" button on the bottom-right corner in windows 7, or if i'm on certain sites, i click the panic button ( a google chrome add-on ). but i sometimes show her levels i made in lunar magic, she doesn't know the roms are illegal and stuff.
I've told my parents about SMWC once or twice, but I'm not sure they understand the concept of it. Even if they did, they probably couldn't care less - all that's important to them is that I don't spend all day in from of the computer (which I do anyway >_>).

I really should have kept it a secret to my schoolmates though. In their eyes, I'm apparently just some Super Mario geek.


I only have to hide the IRC from my mum, since she has something against real-time conversation with strangers. Otherwise she's fine with everything.

Also my dad has never seen anything since he doesn't walk into my room every ten minutes but I doubt he'd give a fuck.
my mum is really proud of me that i hack smw O_o
Originally posted by Chikane
The only thing my mom asks every now and then is:

"So, who are the people you talk to on skype, where do they live, how old are they, what happened to (persons name)?"

Tell her I died. LOL.


Eh, my parents don't mind me being on this site... however, when an NSFW thread or something like that comes up, I have a tendency to hide my being on it... or switch to a different tab and wait for any observers to just... dissapear.
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