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Some Adventure (Fixed) by Jolpengammler

NAME: Some Adventure (Fixed)
AUTHOR: Jolpengammler
Yeah Here is my First hack again.

Difficulty: Medium - Hard


As a general rule of thumb, most first hacks really aren't that good. This one doesn't appear to be an exception.

First, a short tip: Please do not build entire levels out of cement blocks. It just looks ugly, boring, and lazy.

See that odd white shape above the hack title? This post explains how to get rid of it. Since you aren't even using the main overworld, fixing it shouldn't be a problem.

The sky changes colour once the file select menu appears. And while I'm on the topic of colours: that really isn't a good ground palette for any level not completely monochrome.

Oh god. This has got to be one of the worst (non-intentional) bad palettes I have ever seen... And what's the point of that moon? If you want Mario to start with eight lives instead of five for whatever reason, there is a perfectly good hex edit you can use.

And then the first level starts out with a 1-up right at the start, effectively rendering the life counter pointless for the end of the game.

Bad FG initial positioning for the midway entrance.

And here we have my fellow hack mod The Kins' favourite removal reason: the silent Bullet Bill!

Now this just looks awkward. Either apply the Piranha Fix patch and move the Piranha Plant up a tile, or don't use the sprite at all.

Why in the world did you make this bush tile act like a Muncher?

This is why you don't place coins on top of ? blocks.

What happened to the rest of the letters? Did you delete them, and if so, why?

You seem to have somewhat of a fondness for making Mario start out a few tiles above the ground when he enters a level. This happens in quite a few levels, not just this one, but taking screenshots of all of them seems somewhat redundant.

And here's another tile that most definitely should not be acting like a muncher.

Given that moons are fairly sizeable rewards, you shouldn't place them out in the open like that. Again, this level is not the only place you did this.

Now here's an interesting little glitch. If I allow the flying platform to run into Mario from above... teleports him a few tiles to the right, causing the background tilemap to not update properly.

You shouldn't place coins over note blocks either, since they also cause the coin to be replaced by an invisible solid block when you hit them.

FG initial position is off again, this time by quite a bit; it takes almost a second for the camera to scroll up to Mario.

Cutoffness around the cannon. And to be honest, having it go in front of the ground like this doesn't really make that much sense; you'd think that Mario would be able to walk behind it, and that it wouldn't be able to hit him with its bullets.

Both these locations suffered from slowdown.

You shouldn't allow Yoshi to enter levels that use the Castle spriteset, since the Dry Bones and Yoshi's tongue use the same tileset. Oh, and there's another very easily obtainable 3-up moon.

Bad sprite memory settings made one quarter of the Ball n' Chain disappear.

All of these Thwimps processing at once cause slowdown.

So I need to follow the arrow?

wait what


Yeah, there's pretty much no way you are going to be able to make that fall if you don't know that you have to go to the left from the start, probably from already having died there once. Not very fair at all.

And then there's this. As one of the tips at the top of the page says: don't place floors on the very bottom row of a horizontal level, since the player can't see them.

Ducking and spamming the jump key is so much fun! Except it isn't. And I had to leave my Yoshi behind in order to get in here :sad:

Mario walking into the wall like this after getting the goal coin just looks stupid. Perhaps you could put a door leading to a room with the goal there instead?

The rope tileset doesn't have proper corners, so you can't use the default objects for them. Either draw your own corners (the good way) or replace them by blocks (the lazy way).

Is that a moon I spy down there? Why yes, I believe it is.

Don't make Mario able to get exactly one screen below one of these springboards in a horizontal level, or he will warp to it. Stupid lazy programmers, not bothering to the high byte of Mario's position >:<

Silent Bills: Now in slowdown-inducing numbers!

1. Whatever you might say, that is not a good lava palette. As in it is very bad and needs to be changed right now.

2. Mario just collected an invisible mushroom. Fix your sprite memory settings.

3. moon

And now the enemies are turning invisible as well.

I'm sorry, but this is really not a good level. If you're going to make a level based around riding the big grass platform, make it a bit more exciting; just riding it while jumping over the occasional muncher/Bullet Bill and sometimes running through an empty cement block corridor just isn't interesting enough. Oh, and get rid of the "you chose the wrong path lol now you're dead" spots.

And to finish up this trainwreck of a level, the poor Chuck at the right lost most of his body parts; again, due to the sprite memory not being set correctly.

Recognise this? Good. Then you also remember how to fix it.

This many Chucks is not healthy for the emulator's ability to keep a steady FPS rate.

What's with you and horrible lava palettes? Seriously, replacing random colours with blue doesn't make the lava look good.

The only way I could find to get the raft you can't see in the screenshot to appear was to commit suicide and reenter the level from the midway point.

Pipe palette. Please fix.

Using invisible coin blocks as traps got old a long time ago.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that there was quite a lot of slowdown when this screenshot was taken.

And then the hack ends with what is possibly its most uninteresting level. Seriously, n screens (where n is a non-zero positive number) of enemies on bridges is not, I repeat: not good level design. I find that a good rule of thumb is that a level should be at least somewhat interesting even if you were to remove all enemies from it; it is quite clear that this is not the case for this one.

Submitting your first hack is, as mentioned innumerable times by me and other hack mods, perhaps not the greatest idea, as it will most likely not hold up to this site's quality standards. If you really want to get this accepted, read the Hack Submission Guidelines and make sure your hack follows them. Getting some beta testers that are familiar with the site's standards is never a bad idea either.
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