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Writing in another Language

How good are you writing in another language?

I don't write well, my english is primitive, but at least it can be undestanded by other users here.

My English is perfect, my French is OK.

Also, don't you mean writing in the title?Free counters!
having lived in France almost all my life, i'm completely bilingual, so i write in French just as well as i do in English.
I write perfectly well in English. I also can write a bit in German, but it's mostly basic phrases that I know though.
I can write somewhat decently in Spanish after taking it in high school. Speaking and interpreting others- that's a whole different story.

I am pretty sure 99% of us "english as our only/first language" people do NOT write "perfect" english

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
My first language is Norwegian, which I can write near-perfectly.
Second language is English(duh), which also is near- perfect.
Third language... Spanish. Which I suck at.
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My first language is dutch, I have no problems writing in dutch.
Another language I know is english, which I sometimes have problems writing in (as you can see, my grammar isn't always that great).

I can also read and write in 1337.


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I'm German, my English is bad :D
I'm just 15 years old and yeah, english learning in school. :D

Being a native German, I can write perfectly in that language.

When it comes to English, I'm decent enough at it, in my opinion. At least I can say that no one seems to have trouble understanding me which is a good sign.

Through my parents, I learned Hungarian. Though only colloquial, mind you. I *can* write in Hungarian, but I tend to make quite a few mistakes.

French... actually scrap that. Those four years of French in school barely taught me anything. Neither do I have any interest in it whatsoever. French sucks, period.

And I always like to brag around with my next to non-existent knowledge of Japanese which consists of being able to write and read Hiragana and Katakana. And a little bit of vocabulary.

Oh, ain't I an admirable person?
Me knows how to wrote English,

Et Latinam scribere possum.

I see you looking at my sig. You're just jealous.
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I would like to think that I write English with perfect grammar.

La chose que je trouve le plus difficile en écrivant en français est probablement le gendre des nons. Aussi, il y a les différences entre le français Parisien--dont je sais le plus--et le français Québecois.
I'd say my English isn't really good but people usually understand me and I think that's good enough.

Und dann ist da noch Deutsch.
Ich würde mal sagen mein Deutsch ist ziemlich perfekt und so.
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English: I allways type fast so I usualy make a lot of typos without even noticing.

Español: Siempre escribo rapido, asi que muchas veces hago errores sin darme cuenta.

Français: Comme j'écris trop vite je fais souvent des fautes de frappe sans me rendre compte.

(note: I just wrote the same sentence in english spanish and french.)
My main language is Portuguese. Not meant to sound narcissistic, but I consider myself a semi-perfect writer in such language. It is actually pretty common here in Brazil to see people making grammar mistakes everywhere, not only because Potuguese is one of the most complex latin-derived languages in the world, but also because people don't tend to read so much around here. Though I myself don't have the habit to read for fun either, I think I pretty much am gifted when it comes to writing and stuff. :P

As for English, however, I would say it is far from being perfect. Though I consider myself a decent writer in this language, I sometimes get the feeling my English can sound rather... formal at times. Though this is not much of a big deal, I kind of wish my writing here in the forums sounded more informal.
In Spanish, my native language, perfect.
In English, pretty good.
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My first language, Kurdish(sorani variant), is actually not that well <_<

Second language, Norwegian, is barely below the norwegian standard =/

Third language, English, is above average, and probably my best language =D

Fourth language, German, is hard when it comes to the typing, but I manage =P

I also used to know arabic when I was younger, but have forgotten it over the times D=
Broozer, your English is fine and was well suited to writing removal logs. I was surprised when I learned your age. . .most native speakers I know could not write English nearly as well as you at your age.
I can write in Dutch (although I make grammar errors sometimes) and English. I can only interpret and talk in Turkish (worse than Dutch though), but if I attempted to write in Turkish I'm sure people would laugh for a few minutes straight, then shoot themselves in the skull due to the insane amount of spelling errors. It's ironic that my main language is Turkish and I suck at it.

If only I lived in a place where people used English...
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Originally posted by BloodyToothBrush

I am pretty sure 99% of us "english as our only/first language" people do NOT write "perfect" english

Actually BloodyToothBrush, I AM CHILEAN, so my first language is spanish,and by the moment we don't have a 2nd language.

I know english because the games and text in that language.
(and a bit from the english subget)